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    Name: Żejt tal-korp nazzjonali (National Body of oil/Ente nazionale idrocarburi)
    Headquarters: Mod tal-pjan 44, 45, 46, BL94561, Blossomjd

    CEO: Government
    Founder: Enrjic Matt?i

    Revenue: 99.48 billion ?
    Profit: 6.318 billion ?
    Share prices:
    Share volume:

    Products: Oil and natural gas exploration, production, refining and marketing, electricity generation, oil and gas engineering and construction
    -100% Kryuland's government

    Employees: 79,940
    Website: http://www.ŻKN.com/en_KR/home.html

    History: Despite initial postwar plans to break up Agip, administrator Enrjic Matt?i converted it to a state monopoly, renamed ŻKN. The name derives from the initials of the company's original full title Żejt tal-korp nazzjonali (National Body of oil). It was also known as United Refineries at around this time on the odd occasion. The Kryulandian Government authorized its establishment on February 10, 1953 in order to implement a national energy strategy based on the concentration of all the activities in the energy sector into one group. ŻKN was to supply energy to Kryuland and contribute to the country's industrial development.

    The head of ŻKN, Enrjic Matt?i, a center left politician, had developed cooperation with communist countries, and the import of oil from the Soviet Union became an important part of ŻKN's operations. At the same time, ŻKN was involved in a series of high profile political corruption scandals.

    In the 1960s, ŻKN was to build an oil refinery on Canvey Island, Essex, England, although this never went into construction due to heavy protests.

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