Party Manifesto

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    I. Introduction
    The Party of European Socialists and Democrats (short S&D) is a europarty, that unifies all center-left, pro-European national parties. We believe in ?realistic social-democracy? and in European integration.

    II. Party beliefs

    • Realistic social-democracy as a path to Socialism: we want employees to work in good working conditions, while being paid an honest wage. We do not want employees to be forced to take risks, because employers want to make more profits. We think that capitalism must be refounded, to guarantee equality and social rights and to prevent abuses and threats to Democracy from multinational companies and the financial sector.

    • Democracy: that?s one of the cornerstones of the European Union. It?s very precious and it?s worth a lot. We should be aware of what it means and defend it at any time.

    -Environment: we agree that the environment should be protected. The environment may not suffer because of the greed of some persons. We?re also convinced that the it should be open and accessible for everyone, as much as possible.

    • _Healthcare: _it should be accessible for everyone. Everyone has the right to have health insurance. We do support an European wide health care system, as believe the more nations participate, the less risk every single nation runs. We support a European wide organ exchange program. It?s very important for a good result of an organ transplantation, the donor and the receiver matches as good as possible. If such a match isn?t found within one nation, that organ should be given to someone else in another nation. However, we do not support ?organ trade?, for money or any other profit.

    • _Education: _We think everyone, no matter where he/she?s born, no matter his/her sexual preference, no matter his/her financial capability, should be given the opportunity to study. Educated people give a nation a future. They are the cornerstones of a nation?s future. We also believe that foreign experience is very important, that?s why we encourage student exchange programs. We are also of opinion that the European Union should encourage these programs.

    • Research: We believe that every University should be given the right to research what they want, such as stem cell treatments.

    • Social policies: we believe that every man, woman and child is equal. They have all equal rights. Therefore, we support measures to strengthen the position of women and measures taken to protect children. We also support the right for abortion in the first weeks of pregnancy and beyond, if the mother and/or the child are in danger. We think everyone has the right to end his life properly when the quality of life is in danger and therefore, we support the right for euthanasia in certain cases. Euthanasia should be approved by doctors and should be preceded by information about the advantages and disadvantages. We also believe that marriages between people of the two sexes should be legal. As already said, the S&D supports social equality and human and economic rights for everyone. No one may ever be harmed because of his race, sexual preference, political belief, etc.

    • _Economics: _ We believe that the government must keep an eye on the economy, as we are of opinion that profits may not be made to the prejudice of the employees and must be shared and redistributed with the whole society. As already said, we support a minimum wage and good working conditions. We think that a European Central Bank should be established, to support the Eurozone member states, that we support as well. We believe that the ECB should be allowed to support poorer nations. We are realistic enough to understand that sacrifices must be done, but we think that everyone has to suffer directly proportional to everyone's income and property. The strongest shoulders should carry the heaviest charges. From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.

    • Transportation: We support a basic public transportation, accessible and payable for everyone. We think that?s a way to reduce pollution and to provide basic transport facilities for everyone.

    • Foreign Affairs: The European Union has the duty to spread the basic principles of its constitution around the world. We have to play an important role in the world again. We also have to encourage nations to join our unique project.

    • Defense and Peacekeeping: The S&D believes in the power of talking, diplomacy and negotiations. Peace is a precious thing and must be protected at any time. If the peaceful doesn?t help to protect the interests of the European Union, we support economic sanctions. They have to be applied very carefully and every case must be dealt with individually. To restore peace, we also have the European Defense Forces, supported by the S&D. We believe that they can be useful, as our last opportunity to restore and defend peace in the European Union.

    • Integration: The S&D supports European integration as much as possible. Our motto is ?individually if possibly, together if necessary?, without being scared to do it together.

    III. Organization of the party
    The party is led by the Party President. After every commission election, that Party President must be re-elected. The Party President has a running mate, for the office of Vice-President. Both have to negotiate with the S&D-parties, as well as with other europarties. Before every commission election, primary elections will be held to elect the S&D-candidate for the Commission. That candidate can be the Party President or Vice-President, but in that case, he/she can?t be re-elected again after the commission elections. If a Party President loses support, a by-election should be done.

    The party consists of several national parties. Parties in power have one Councillor, who represent his/her nation in the European Council. The task of the President and Vice-President is to unify these S&D-Councillors as much as possible and to deliberate with them. However, no Councillor of the S&D may ever be forced to follow the party line. Councillors may not be forced by the party to vote against their beliefs or nation?s interests. Of course, if one single Councillor always vote against this party manifesto or against the party?s beliefs, question will arise about its loyalty.

    The S&D fraction in the European Councill currently consists of the Councillors of The Kingdom of Austrur, The Federal Republic of GroBdeutsches Reich, the Federal Republic of Catalunya i Balears, the Spanish Republic of Northern Caesarea, the Constitutional Monarchy of Kryuland and The Democratic Republic of Occoron.

    Acting Party President: Marie Rivas, Northern Caesarea

    IV. Goal of the party
    Our goal is not to become the most powerful or largest Europarty. Our goal is to unify all European nations, heads of state and citizens to work together for this unique project. We want to give every single citizen the best future and life he can get.

    One for All, All for the S&D!

    Written by Councillor Laila Zapatero, Occoron
    With ideas of Party President Larj Montar, Kryuland
    Edited by Malak Kayrooz , Northern Caesarea

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