Operation: Smiting the Self-Righteous (UK and RR)

  • 10 Downing Street
    21 January 2012
    3:00 a.m.

    Nick Clegg called a meeting of his Cabinet members to discuss the recent developments in the south-eastern portion of the region. He had a look of concern on his face, but underneath that look was a very steely resolve.

    "It has come to my attention that our Duxburian allies have formally declared war upon the imperial dictatorship that is Dromund Kaas. This is a very serious situation, and it is of the utmost importance that we make sure we weigh each option. I've been on the phone with the Rhine Ruhr government, and we've been discussing entrance into this conflict, which would also include the governments of the Duxburian Union, Angleter, and GTA.

    "It is in my personal opinion that we enter the war for the sake of not only honouring our treaties but in the common sense of looking at how it comes across if we don't act. We would look like we do not support the democratic ideals that the European Union and British government stand for that have come under assault by Dromund Kaas. Mr. Davey, Mr. Harvey...you are in the best positions to advise me; or in this case, prove me wrong. What are your suggestions?" said the Prime Minister slowly and cautiously. His words were weighted in drama and tension. It seemed as though he had received very little sleep.

    "Will it get Royal Assent will be the first thing. The Lion and Lioness are out of the country still, so will it be a constitutional blunder if we were to go to war without them in the country?" asked Mr. Davey, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

    "I asked the very same question; I managed to wire them a telegram while they were waiting in Corelia about the potential for a military strike or war while they were away, and they said not to worry. We will send agents to Corelia and request that they stay put for a while. There is talk of a Duxburian missile strike on Dromund Kaas, potentially nuclear." Mr. Harvey spoke up.

    "Sir, you are absolutely justified in ideology for this war. I think making it a battle about democracy will be the most effective. It is also in Europe's best interests that this very dangerous nation be put in its place. If we were to enter with the Rhine government, we would be a part of a 5 nation allied strike upon such a powerful military. It is possible that this could be a very quick war; it could also be highly drawn out."

    Prime Minister Clegg looked at the Cabinet before turning to the Lord Privy Seal, Mr. Alexander.

    "You must approve this move the minute it passes Parliament. We have no time to lose. I will let the Rhine government know that they can meet us at the RAF Odiham in Hampshire before travelling to our headquarters in the conflict zone."

  • Fredrick Jeffery puts down the phone

    "Alright gentlemen that was Prime Minister Nick Clegg of The United Kingdom. He has notified me that the Duxburian, and the nation Gun Toting Animals have declared war against The Imperial Oversector of Dromund Kaas. A proposed coalition containing Angleter, Duxburian Union, Gun Toting Animals, The United Kingdom, and finally us, has been suggested. I believe entering this conflict along the side of our ally The United Kingdom is in the best interest of Rhine Ruhr.

    I as well as our representative in the EU, Dominik Frank, have been very vocal about our dislike and distrust in Dromund Kaas. This rouge nation is a danger to others in the region as well as a threat to democracy itself. Dromund has entered our union with hostility and imperialistic intentions; they must be stopped. This nation has threatened and ejected foreign diplomats not to mention detaining the Premier Commissioner against her will. These Imperial cowards even had the gall to beat and interrogate her."

    _Jeffery now looks to his cabinet signaling them to speak their minds.

    Minister of Foreign Affairs Ray Rowbottom is the first to speak_

    "I say war. This is a defensive preemptive strike against the greatest threat to our region. Rhine Ruhr is now a voice in this region and other nations look to us for guidance. For us to join this coalition will notify the rest of the region that Rhine is not just talk. We are willing to back up our words and that we are determined to protect our freedom. "

    Minister of Defense Dwain Ward speaks next

    "I say war. I say war on the notion that we enter this coalition with a limited force. We cannot afford to send our entire military to fight a war that may not be too popular among the people. You promised the people that you would not police the world with our young men."

    Jeffery Stands Up

    "I have not forgotten my promise. I have created a defensive force for our nation and I intend on defending it. Minister Ward, how soon can we prepare a fleet to fly to Hampshire?"

    "We can have half our air force there by sun up. I recommend that we do not send more than that. I also recommend not sending more than 1 AWACS as well as tankers."

    "Alright gentlemen, we are now in war mode. I will address the nation as well as Congress in the morning. Goodnight men, and good luck."

  • Palace of Westminster
    House of Commons
    21 January 2012
    12:00 p.m.

    The House of Commons was unruly, mostly upset that they were dragged back to work on a Saturday. The Prime Minister asked the Privy Council to call this special session of Parliament.

    "The House will begin its special session. Prime Minister Clegg will present his special announcement," said the Speaker.

    "Ladies and gentlemen,

    It is with much consideration about the people that this House represents that we bring about the proposal to go to war with Dromund Kaas. It is of the utmost importance that we stand in defence of democracy. It is not often that Britain chooses to go to war, but with the allied forces that are currently employing strategies, it is a risk that I am willing to take, and I feel that this Government will support.

    War is not a joke, but in the face of a threat to democratic values, it is very easy for me to state my case for war. I know that Parliament will approve of this action."

    The House of Commons brought the motion to go to war to vote.

    The voting took place, and in a 450 - 200 vote, Britain was now at war with Dromund Kaas.

  • Hampshire Air Force Base
    09 February 2012
    5:35 a.m.

    Minister of Defense Dwain Ward

    "Alright everyone, the Duxburian Union has made an EMP strike against Dromund Kaas. This looks to be the most appropriate time to begin sending our Air Units from here in Hampshire to Remington Air Field in the GTA. Generals, how will we be making this happen?"

    General Palladino

    "It is best to send our men towards the war-zone in phases. First we should send our bombers, escorted by our fighters. Then we shall send our tanker with our attack helicopters. Then finally we send the AWACS with the fighter bombers. The whole process should take around a week having our units arrive in full strength on February the 16th."

    Dwain Ward stands

    "So, there are no objections then? Alright, we shall carry out General Palladino's plan. We too will be sending General Palladino with our forces as our main General in the battle-zone. You shall be our eyes and ears on the battlefield and in charge of coordinating with our allies in GTA."

    "Thank you sir, its an honor to be given such a prestigious role in this war effort. The list of the units that will be sent to GTA is as follows:

    10 Fighter Units
    05 Fighter-Bomber Units
    10 Attack Helicopter Units
    01 AWACS
    01 Tanker
    05 Bomber Units

    Ward and Palladino salute one another and sit down.

    "Alright men we are officially active in this war. Send word to Rhine Ruhr that they should put our reserves on alert. They needn't to worry, but it is always nice to be prepared. They shall only be made active if defense of Rhine Ruhr becomes necessary."

  • Hampshire Royal Air Force Base
    and 10 Downing Street
    9 February 2012
    8:30 a.m.

    Lord Trenchard stood outside at Hampshire, ready to lead the Royal Air Force to the zone where the conflict was taking place. They and the Rhine Ruhr air fleet would make their way to the Remington Air Field in Gun-Toting Animals. The sun had risen, but the sky was a marred grey, as if it seemed to know that these men and women would go out and risk their lives to support a greater cause.

    "Sir," asked one of the squadron leaders. "It appears that we are all set; do we proceed with the Rhine air fleets to Remington?"

    "We must wait for the order from Air Chief Marshal. They will be done with the Prime Minister's briefing and we will go from there," replied Lord Trenchard. He had no sooner finished his statement before he was handed a phone by one of his aides.

    "Trenchard," said a voice.

    "Sir Dalton," Lord Trenchard replied.

    "The Prime Minister and the King have approved of the move. You may proceed when ready. Get to Remington and await further orders," said Sir Stephen Dalton, the Chief of the Air Staff.

    "Yes, sir!"

    Lord Trenchard motioned to the men and women waiting to get to their places.

    "You've got five minutes before we start taking off. Remember your assignments in the air. This could still get dangerous as we fly there. Once at Remington, we will be okay. The Prime Minister has authorized the Royal Navy to establish secure shipping between us and GTA."

    The pilots all whooped with excitement as they took off one by one into the granite skies.

    'God speed to us all,' thought Lord Trenchard.

    **Royal Air Force

    30 Fighter Units
    20 Fighter-Bomber Units
    8 Tankers Units
    4 Bomber Units
    10 Attack Helicopter Units
    2 AWACS Units**

  • Remington Air Force Base
    10 March 2012
    10:25 p.m.

    General Palladino walks out of the war room

    Okay men, It is rumored that DK may have have ships out in the middle of the Caspian Sea. They are said to be between 50 and 100 kilometers to the west of the Imperial Oversector's coast. It is suspected that these ships are equidistant from both DK's and GDR's borders. Our mission: decommission these ships. We will be coordinating our attack with the Fleet of the free people of GTA (GTA navy).

    Send an AWACS to these coordinates.
    Palladino hands the officer a slip of paper
    Have them do a one hundred mile sweep in all directions. Have his intercom set to the War Room channel."

    Undisclosed Position in The Caspian Sea
    10 March 2012
    11:56 p.m.

    "RR AWAC to Remington, AWAC to Remmington. I have spotted the ships in question. There are collected at the coordinates [omitted]. I have six signatures heading southeast in the forms of a destroyer, two frigates, and three corvettes."

    General Palladino:
    "How fast are these vessels traveling?"

    "They appear to merely be cruising at six kilometers an hour."

    "Alright corporal are you prepared to stay in the area while our forces mobilize toward your position?"

    "yes sir"

    General Palladino now signals over a GTA official

    "We found the Dromund Kaas ships and have the coordinates of said location. Have your ships sent to [omitted] and wait for our airstrike before preceding to attack."

    Palladino flies out of the War room.

    "Send three bomber units and a fighter-bomber unit to the target coordinates. Wait for my word to strike."

    The Caspian Sea
    11 March 2012
    3:05 a.m.

    "Sir, the bombers are now in the area and have spotted the enemy vessels."

    Palladino grabs the comm and yells:

    "Weapons free gentlemen!"

    ((The rest of this operation will be in the view of the GTA forces. Look in the forum "Operation Hard Lesson".))

  • Ignore

  • Remington Air Force Base
    11 March 2012
    1:25 a.m.

    The squadrons had since landed in Remington AFB, and were awaiting an order from Downing Street and the local Coalition forces.

    "We must await our orders before we can successfully aid the coalition," said the Lord Trenchard. "The Prime Minister has explicitly told us to make sure that all options would be weighed carefully before we act."

  • **Remington Air Force Base
    26 March 2012
    4:37 p.m. **

    General Palladino hangs up the phone

    "Colonel Papajeorgio, I have a mission for you and your men. You will be heading out tomorrow morning over hostile territory in search for missing Aurean aid workers. At 600 hours I want your men to be in the skies. The means that you have to carry this mission out with is the AWACS and five Ravens (attack helicopters). The Ravens will be fitted to hold more passengers in case of a rescue mission, so the passenger gun has been removed. Your men will sweep the sector that contained the aid worker's last known location. In the case of a discovery, a rescue mission shall be mounted immediately. If further forces are needed, they can become available at a later time. If there is no sign of life, we will not risk the lives of our men to gather corpses. Dismissed."

    Colonel Papajeorgio relays the orders to his men

    Aurean Camp Delta
    Dromund Kaas
    27 March 2012
    7:49 a.m.

    The radio in the mission room rings with static

    "Colonel, we have discovered a group of survivors hiding within a treeline five miles west of Aurean Camp Delta. The retrieval mission has commenced; the surrounding area is eerily quiet with no sign of hostile forces. Initial guesstimates point the amount of survivors found to be twenty-four. Will present more information once I touch the ground."

    After a few moments of minor commentary, another report comes in

    "Our initial reports were off, there are only twenty-one survivors. With them they have five deceased. Of the twenty-one, five of them are wounded, two of them severely. We have located Camp Manager Laertius Redellus who is alive, but riddled with minor injuries.

    Survivors claim that Camp Delta was the scene of an absolute massacre, and that there are no further survivors from Camp Delta. Already we are hearing of the heroic acts committed by the Camp Manager. Many of these humanitarians are giving him the credit for their survival. We have now collected all the survivors and the five deceased; we are en rout to base. "

  • Remington Air Force Base
    28 May 2012
    7:30 p.m.

    _Rhinian activity in Dromund Kaas has been suspended. The withdrawal process will soon begin. _

  • Rhine's Air Force Units:

    10 Fighter Units
    05 Fighter-Bomber Units
    10 Attack Helicopter Units
    01 AWACS
    01 Tanker
    05 Bomber Units"

    Will exit GTA and make way back to Rhine Ruhr beginning on June 1st. The Fighter, AWACS, and Tanker units will head strait from GTA to RR. The Fighter-Bomber, Attack Helicopter, and Bomber Units will stop at Hampshire Royal Air Force Base in the UK, and then make the trip from there to Rhine Ruhr the following morning. All units will be back in Rhine's sovereign borders by June 3, 2012.

  • The British involvement in the Dromund Kaas conflict will come to an end June 1st. With the Rhinian units, all British dedicated units to the conflict will return home following the same path.

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