Speech on Inquistan Unity

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    Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

    If I may first say how delighted I am to be back in these chambers even if sometimes it feels worse than that 6x6 cell I was in! I was moved to hear how many of you supported me through my unnecessary detention and subsequent resting after the ordeal. I am back and feel stronger than ever. It seems that Dromund Kaas have left the union so it is no longer necessary to dwell on such things. As far as I am concerned this incident is now in a storage facility.

    But I have reason of great joy to be addressing you upon my return. I am overjoyed to see the reuniting of the Inquistan states. In times of great trouble hope always shines form a lantern in the corner of the room. Inquista is our lantern. Families are reunited and a separated people can live as one. Very soon we will have a new nation in our council and it will be a proud moment for this union to witness.

    Alexander you must be so moved by the actions of your people and to see this day must be of great joy and celebration.

    Premier Commissioner
    Countessa Maleeka Liszckoszi

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