Markup: Article II, Section 3: Voting Clause

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    Original text:

    _3. Validating a proposal, as regulated by Article VI (below,) requires a fifty five percent (55%) majority of the attending council members, rounded up or down to the closest full number.

    4. Voting: For 72 hours after the amendments phase ends, Councillors may vote for the final and whole form of the proposal as presented before them, including all of its amendments. They may not propose any more amendments, vote for specific amendments, or otherwise break down the proposal in any form. Each vote is public, meaning it must be announced by the Councillor of each country as it is being cast._

    Proposed change to:

    (Voting Phase)
    3. Councillors then vote on the proposal for 72 hours. The proposal is to be voted on in its whole form and may not be changed during the voting phase. Each vote must be announced in public and is permanent once cast. Proposals requiring a simple majority to pass must garner n% approval of those present. Proposals requiring a super majority to pass must garner n% approval of those present.

    ^The definitions of simple and super majorities are set here and apply across other instances of the terms in other clauses. We are not actually setting what the real numbers are yet, for that has been decided to be presented for debate in the full Council.

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    The proposal is approved, 5-0.

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