European Highway Council Appoitments

  • With the establishment of the European Highway Council I would 4 Councillors to be in the Council.

    Under appointments I will be looking into Councilors applications to find the 4 most suitable Councilors for the EHC.

    I advise that councillors who submitted applications needs to be active withen the EHC.

    I do advise Councillors to sign up.


    And explain why you should be chosen to be on the comittee citing any relavent experience:

  • Name: Dominik Frank

    Nation: Rhine Ruhr

    I wrote the bill that led to the creation of the EHC.

  • Name: Alfons Rosen
    Nation: Republic of Pyrrium

    I am a budding nation wishing to have a more active role in my community.

  • Admin

    Name: Acwellan Devoy
    Nation: Duxburian Union

    I represent a country with an extensive highway system, with major routes as massive as 19 lanes in each direction. Over a billion commuters and tourists use the Duxburian highway system daily.

  • Dominik Frank will be replaced by Jaxson Marshall in this Council.

    "Lets get started!"

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