European Track Cycling Championships

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    We are proud to invite Europe to the Eider Forest for the European Track Cycling Championships! In the forest region of the state of Taloshia lies the National Corelian Velodrome opened last year. SO come on Europe jump in the saddle!

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    To register please indicate your chosen rider/s for each event. Any rider can enter more than one event within their respective gender divison.


    Director Sportif:

    Individual Pursuit:
    Individual Sprint:
    Team Pursuit (4 Riders):
    Team Sprint (3 riders):
    Madison (2 Riders):

    Individual Pursuit:
    Individual Sprint:
    Team Pursuit (4 Riders):
    Team Sprint (3 riders):
    Madison (Riders):

    Team Sponsor:

  • Rhine Ruhr will be entering with corporate sponsor Rhine Railways. We are still holding tryouts for our team, but we will release our roster once it is completed.

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    is anyone going to enter? hehe

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    ((Inquista will entre a team sometime tomorrow or Thursday.))

  • Nation: The Democratic Republic of Occoron
    Director Sportif: CORPANCHO Andres

    Individual Pursuit: HAEDO H?ctor
    Individual Sprint: ARTACHO Gustavo
    Team Pursuit (4 Riders): MESSINEO Leandro; ACOSTA Juan Jos?; SERPA Raphael; SEVELINNO Miguel
    Team Sprint (3 riders): GOMEZ Javier; BREPPE Roberto; LOPEZ Alberto (sprinter--lead-out)
    Keirin: VALVERDE Alberto
    Madison (2 Riders): CONTADOR Alejandro; PICASSO Salvador
    Points: ?

    Individual Pursuit: DALI Renilda
    Individual Sprint: MELLER Raquel
    Team Pursuit (4 Riders): LIMA Adriana; FERNANDEZ Christina; BELLUSCIO Romina; SEGURA Andres
    Team Sprint (3 riders): FERNANDEZ Almudena; SASTRE Ines; SILVIA Eugenia
    Keirin: SASTRE Keiko
    Madison (Riders): FUJIMORI Carla
    Points: ?

    Team Sponsor: Banco Santander

  • Nation: Northern Caesarea
    Director Sportif: Nicol?s Varela

    Individual Pursuit: Guillem Johnson
    Individual Sprint: Gerard Gonz?lez
    Team Pursuit (4 Riders): Aiden Escudero, Thomas Vidal, Jan Caron, Martin Petrov.
    Team Sprint (3 riders): Leon Domenech, Vincent Carmona, Matteo Turcotte.
    Keirin: Ismael Popa
    Madison (2 Riders): ?tienne Brown, Matthew Ortiz
    Points: Asier Caballero

    Individual Pursuit: Ava Tamarit
    Individual Sprint: In?s Gonz?lez
    Team Pursuit (4 Riders): Carla Luque, No?mie V?zquez, Beatriz Weber, Sonia Rey.
    Team Sprint (3 riders): Sonia Cant?, Abril S?nchez, ?lodie Bueno.
    Keirin: Clara Lavoie
    Madison (Riders): Sof?a Rivera, Simona Caballero.
    Points: ?ngela Sanz

    Team Sponsor: Aeropostal

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    closing date for this is sunday the 11th of march! so get moving!

  • Men
    Individual Pursuit:Greer Van Nifterick
    Individual Sprint:Ed Van Buggenum
    Team Pursuit (4 Riders):Fulke Zeelen, Beppe Moore, Allyn Pellegrino, Ryley Abatescianni
    Team Sprint (3 riders):Alf Stephens, Sefton G?rtner, Cristiano Merlo
    Keirin:Ewart Silvestri
    Madison (2 Riders):Trey Hendrikx, Vico Gabler
    Points: Wilkie Reinders

    Individual Pursuit:Traci Carlisle
    Individual Sprint:Shevaun Bonheur
    Team Pursuit (4 Riders):Flo Dries, Rosa Samson, Lalia Como, Cedar Admiraal
    Team Sprint (3 riders):Barbara Coolen, Lucinda Steele, Macie Van Assen
    Keirin:Giorgia Dirkse
    Madison (Riders):Addyson Rais, Dot Profeta
    Points:Gemma Hudson

    Team Sponsor:Rhine Railways

  • Nation: The Constitutional Monarchy of Kryuland
    Director Sportif: Faradej Marcho

    Individual Pursuit: LARJ Rapp
    Individual Sprint: WERT Franco
    Team Pursuit (4 Riders): TERLIZZI Giacomo; QUARJ Foj; PORTAL Michael; ZAHEER Rouman
    Team Sprint (3 riders): PARTI Lauro; MJICH Sofh; PORAT Kri
    Keirin: BENVENUTI Ermanno
    Madison (2 Riders): BORG Antonio; BLOU Marn
    Points: FARADEI Graham

    Individual Pursuit: ERM Poula
    Individual Sprint: WERT Larj
    Team Pursuit (4 Riders): ZAHEER Lauj; TARDELLI Maria; GRIFFITH Mutty; POLANI Giacoma
    Team Sprint (3 riders): MARCOPPI Euhenjia; FURJO Carla; MARCOPPI Julia
    Keirin: SARDELLI Maria-Laura
    Madison (Riders): FURJ Furia; MARCANDELLI Sonjia
    Points: FARMIC Astrid

    Team Sponsor: Ferrero JSC

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    The competition will begin tomorrow with 4 events:

    Women's Team Pursuit
    Men's Team Sprint
    Men's Keirin
    Women's Points

    This comes as the Os Corelian National team are revealed for the competition.

    Nation: Os Corelia
    Director Sportif: Dr Krim Kaniela

    Individual Pursuit:Jimi Kalezny
    Individual Sprint: Joiova Iommandakiloskia
    Team Pursuit (4 Riders):Liliad Uskovaeda, Khirad Kammensent,Jimi Kalezny, Leinne Krestoqicz
    Team Sprint (3 riders):Joiova Iommandakiloskia, Kaliiya Gomanyat, Xantos Areli
    Keirin: Joiova Iommandakiloskia
    Madison (2 Riders): Liliad Uskovaeda, Khirad Kammensent
    Points: Khirad Kammensent

    Individual Pursuit: Mis?an Khiszotek
    Individual Sprint: Ana Kohl
    Team Pursuit (4 Riders): Mis?an Khiszotek, Joosi Olderberg, Kontr?a Valstessa, Maleeka Onkolio
    Team Sprint (3 riders): Ana Kohl, Reeta Garfado, Millbecker Haduus
    Keirin: Ana Kohl
    Madison (Riders): Joosi Olderberg, Kontr?a Valstessa
    Points: Jistrilia Gintano

    Team Sponsor:

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    Official Results from Day One

    OOC: All Scores are generated at random by xkoranate

    Women's Team Pursuit

    1 Os Corelia 3:17.309
    2 Rhine Ruhr 3:21.968
    3 Kryuland 3:23.603
    4 Northern Caesarea 3:25.533
    ? Occoron DSQ

    Men's Team Sprint

    1 Rhine Ruhr 3:16.954
    2 Os Corelia 3:21.667
    3 Occoron 3:22.463
    4 Kryuland 3:27.377
    5 Northern Caesarea 3:27.637

    Men's Keirin

    1 Ermanno Benvenuti (Kryuland)
    2 Ewart Silvestri (Rhine Ruhr)
    3 Ismael Popa (Northern Caesarea)
    4 Alberto Valverde (Occoron)
    5 Joiova Iommandakiloskia (Os Corelia)

    Women's Points

    1 ?ngela Sanz (Northen Caesarea) 48 Points
    2 Astrid Farmic (Kryuland) 43 Points
    3 Jistrilia Gintano (Os Corelia) 38 Points
    ? Gemma Hudson (Rhine Ruhr) DNF

    Following These Events the World Cup Team Medal Table is as follows:

    1.Rhine Ruhr 1xG 2xS
    2.Kryuland 1xG 1xS 1xB
    Os Corelia 1xG 1xS 1xB
    4.Northern Casarea 1xG 1xB
    5.Occoron 1xB

    Tomorrow's Events are:
    Men's Individual Pursuit
    Women's Team Sprint
    Men's Points
    Women's Keirin

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    Official Results from Day Two

    Men's Individual Pursuit
    1 Guillem Johnson (Northern Caesarea) 4:18.294
    2 Jimi Kalezny (Os Corelia) 4:19.088
    3 Rapp Larj (Kryuland) 4:20.522
    4 Greer Van Nifterick (Rhine Ruhr) 4:22.323
    ? H?ctor Haedo (Occoron) DNF

    Women's Team Sprint

    1 Os Corelia 47.885
    2 Occoron 48.336
    3 Rhine Ruhr 48.472
    4 Kryuland 48.518
    5 Northern Caesarea 49.156

    Men's Points

    1 Wilkie Reinders (Rhine Ruhr) 48 1
    2 Graham Faradei (Kryuland) 44 1
    3 Asier Callebero (Northern Caesarea) 43 1
    4 Khirad Kammensent (Os Corelia) 38 1

    Women's Keirin

    1 Keiko Sastre (Occoron) 1
    2 Ana Kohl (Os Corelia) 2
    3 Maria-Laura Sardelli (Kryuland) 3
    4 Clara Lavoie (Northern Caesarea) 4
    5 Giorgia Dirkse (Rhine Ruhr) 5

    1.Os Corelia 2xG 3xS 1xB
    2.Rhine Ruhr 2xG 2xS 1xB
    3.Northern Casarea 2xG 2xB
    4.Kryuland 1xG 2xS 3xB
    5.Occoron 1xG 1xS 1xB

    Tomorrow's Events are:

    Men's Madison
    Women's Madison
    Women's Individual Pursuit

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    Men's Madison
    1 Rhine Ruhr 34 0
    2 Occoron 33 0
    3 Northern Caesarea 35 -1
    4 Kryuland 33 -1
    5 Os Corelia 22 -1

    Women's Madison
    1 Rhine Ruhr 31 0
    2 Kryuland 30 0
    3 Northern Caesarea 28 0
    4 Os Corelia 33 -2
    ? Occoron DNF

    Women's Individual Pursuit
    1 Mis?an Khiszotek (Os Corelia) 3:28.271
    2 Poula Erm (Kryuland) 3:28.930
    3 Ava Tamarit (Northern Caesarea) 3:29.453
    4 Traci Carlisle (Rhine Ruhr) 3:29.966
    5 Renilda Dali (Occoron) 3:35.570

    Following These Events the European Cup Team Medal Table is as follows:

    1.Rhine Ruhr 4xG 2xS 1xB
    2.Os Corelia 3xG 3xS 1xB
    3.Northern Casarea 2xG 5xB
    4.Kryuland 1xG 4xS 3xB
    5.Occoron 1xG 2xS 1xB

    Tomorrow sees the final day of competition with the following events:

    Men's Individual Sprint
    Women's Individual Sprint
    Men's Team Pursuit

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    Men's Individual Sprint
    1 Franco Wert (Kryuland) 9.843
    2 Ed Van Buggenum (Rhine Ruhr) 10.056
    3 Gerard Gonz?lez (Northern Caesarea) 10.094
    4 Gustavo Artacho (Occoron) 10.302
    5 Joiova Iommandakiloskia (Os Corelia) 10.318

    Women's Individual Sprint
    1 Ana Kohl (Os Corelia) 10.981
    2 Raquel Meller (Occoron) 10.998
    3 Shevaun Bonheur (Rhine Ruhr) 11.034
    4 Larj Wert (Kryuland) 11.186
    5 Ines Gonz?lez (Northern Caesarea) 11.294

    Men's Team Pursuit
    1 Occoron 3:56.972
    2 Kryuland 3:59.013
    3 Rhine Ruhr 3:59.421
    4 Northern Caesarea 4:01.466
    5 Os Corelia 4:05.496

    Following These Events the European Cup Team Medal Table is as follows:

    1.Rhine Ruhr 4xG 3xS 3xB
    2.Os Corelia 4xG 3xS 1xB
    3.Kryuland 2xG 5xS 3xB
    4.Occoron 2xG 3xS 1xB
    5.Northern Casarea 2xG 6xB

    The European Cycling Cup is thus handed to the team from Rhine Ruhr.

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