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    Statement from the Federal Office of the Duxburian Union
    Office of War

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    Alec Naddare am Verrand, Officer of War

    _"Hello everyone in the European Union,

    It is highly unusual for the Office of War to issue a public statement to the region and thus I am not really sure how to begin. While the contents of this message are critical, the Aelir is pre-occupied with time-sensitive actions related to national security and could not be in the capital tonight.

    I suppose I should start by commending the coalition of nations willing to ensure that civilians in the affected HEMP zones are able to survive. The massive humanitarian efforts are laudable and brave. It takes great courage to ride into an active war zone, unescorted, just to help ordinary people and provide them with the most basic supplies. Thus, the Duxburian Union pays its respects to Paulus Scalla, the first confirmed casualty of the war and not as a result of fair combat.

    However, my country is very concerned about recent developments with the humanitarian mission. An Aurean statement and newspaper reported that many supplies, sometimes including entire convoys, and communication equipment have been confiscated by armed forces of Dromund Kaas. This is alarming to Duxburian soldiers on the ground of every rank and unit. If the enemy is suppling itself via Aurean aid shipments and communicating with stolen Aurean equipment, it will be able to present a tougher defense, resulting in higher allied casualties. Duxburian and Angleteric ground troops would suffer the brunt of such improved defenses. Note that the EMP attacks did not affect the direct border zones and thus the fighting there will already be fierce. We do not need the enemy to be well-supplied and able to coordinate on top of that. Such a status defeats the purpose of launching EMPs in the first place.

    At some point, losing so many supplies to the enemy without a fight is going to end up constituting aiding the enemy. It's one thing to defend your charge honorably and lose it, but quite another to give it up for free. Helping civilians is a perfectly legitimate neutral activity. However, once that aid starts to result in unnecessary casualties on the front lines, one has to wonder if their son or daughter died because the enemy was sustained in the field by rations served on a proverbial silver platter. The simple fact is that Aurean mishandling of critical supplies WILL get Duxburians killed. There's already enough material in the wild to ensure that happens somewhere in the invasion zone. How many Duxburian soldiers does it take to equal one Scalla? We're about to find out very soon.

    In the present relative status situation,

    Pax Aurea wins because it accomplishes its mission of providing humanitarian aid.
    Dromund Kaas wins because it keeps more troops in the field and holds out longer.
    Duxburian Union loses because it takes heavier losses than it initially planned for.
    Allies lose for the same reason, losses will now exceed par value.

    The scenario the Duxburian Union wanted to see is,

    Pax Aurea wins because it accomplishes its mission of providing humanitarian aid to actual civillians.
    Dromund Kaas loses because its ability to keep troops in the field keeps diminishing.
    Duxburian Union wins because the defense weakens significantly over time.
    Allies win for the same reason.

    The aforementioned Aurean statement also read that "the Imperial Oversector now needs all its resources for the war effort, and keeping the society from completely falling apart". But, the Duxburian Union needs Dromund Kaas to choose and juggle its priorities. If it diverts resources to keeping its populace alive, casualties will be reduced on both sides. Less of their people will starve and less of my people will die in bloody border battles. It cannot choose to purely supply the military anyway, since the collapse of the civilian sector will cripple the military over time. But, if Pax Aurea makes that choice for the enemy and frees up all its resources to commit to the military, now casualties rise, more on my side than theirs. Less of their people starve and more of both sides die in combat, but less of theirs due to defensive advantages.

    Furthermore, Pax Aurea has stated intent to send official dignitaries to Dromund Kaas. This is extremely unwise and I have to strongly caution against it with the backing of my government, my Aelir, and my military. Dromund Kaas is an active, rather hostile, war zone. With the Eastern Grand Army now fully deployed into combat positions in Angleter, along with 15 Immortal Thunder divisions, the Duxburian Union is ready to pull the trigger on the ground invasion and full scale bombing campaign at any moment. Missiles based on DF technology have an accuracy radius of 50 meters, meaning we can't guarantee 100% accuracy. Being caught unaware in an air raid can have deadly consequences, and military leaders will not call it off or attempt to warn neutral parties inside hostile territory. We will stop short of calling for no contact, as Pax Aurea is sovereign and can do what it likes, but we will discharge any responsibility for the safety of neutral parties, even if our missiles are a direct cause of death. People visiting an active war zone know what they are getting themselves into. Our technology is highly accurate, but collateral damage cannot ever be ruled out.

    Thus, to remain a legitimate neutral force, the humanitarian workers must better safeguard their aid and especially communication equipment from hostile acquisition. These supplies cannot be allowed to fall into enemy hands so easily and to sustain military assets in the field. The status quo is unacceptable as it helps Dromund Kaas and hurts us. Consider this a "soft" ultimatum, where we are potentially open to discussion, debate, and compromise. The Duxburian Union would rather solve this problem with words than force."_

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