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  • Riots against Junta in Adrar, Chlef and other arab cities

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    Arana, Northern Caesarea-

    Reports from the Arab-speaking regions of Monogolia are informing about huge demonstrations against the Citizenship Act, approved by the so-called Special Emergency Council. The Muslim citizens of Monogolia are protesting against the discrimination against them enacted by the new law, which strip them off every political and social rights and condemn them to be foreigners and second-class citizens in their own country.

    Reports made by bloggers and opposition members in the cities of Adrar, Chlef and other smaller Arab towns speak about thousands of people of all ages and social classes marching to the central areas of their municipalities, defying both the curfew and the forbidding of public rallies in all the nation.

    The marches were peaceful until some units of the Army were sent with anti-riots equipment to stop them. It is not clear why the Ertzaintza (National Police), with more experience in leading with demonstrations, was not sent to control the situation. Some of our sources point that several policemen and their chiefs refused to dissolve the marches, but it is not confirmed.

    According to our sources, the Army opened fire against the demonstrators while some snipers posted in high buildings blocked every possibility of retreat. We have no information about the number of victims of the repression. Some witnesses even declared that the marches were bombed by planes of the Air Force, but we didn't received any confirmation about that.

    From this publication, we demand all the democratic governments in Europe to stop these acts of carnage in the region's more populated nation.

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