Official Statement from Statsminister's Office

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    _'Ladies and gentlemen,

    Yesterday afternoon I was informed by one of my closest advisers that a drone has entered Offalian airspace and was shot down. Initially my Government believed that this had come from the Coalition of the Willing from across the Caspian Sea as appeared on our radars. It is now my deepest regret to inform the European Community that such an event was not enacted by the Coalition but by a eco-warrior group which launched the drone from a anchored vessel in the Caspian Sea.

    Our initial reactions to the news in relation to our allies was crude and un-called for. My conduct to the Rhine Ruhr Foreign Minister was based on am impulse from the news I heard and the news that in fact was wrong. I can only extend my deepest sentiments of 'sorry' to any nation of the Coalition of the Willing who were taken off guard by my Government's actions.

    The ONC who released the story have failed the nation in their deliverance of impartial and quality journalism. Their actions were based on word of mouth and from a whistle-blower of the Government who yet was unaware of the actual sequence of events.

    I will be meeting with ministerial collegues and others and hope that this statement will go some distance to amend the failures and shortsightedness of my Government.'_

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