• National Track Cycling Team aims victory

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    Silence, please. The Tricolore Fury is calm, concentrated, preparing itself for the fight. Serenity, reflection and hard work are the word which fits the most with the ambiance at the Udaleko Belodromo of Arana, where the Northern Caesarea Track Cycling Team is preparing the European Championships.

    "We are excited about participating, for the first time, in the European Championship, but we cannot afford that euphoria to dominate us. We must work hard to be sure to be real challengers at Eider Forest", says the national directeur sportif, Nicol?s Varela.

    About the possibilities of the team, Varela says that the Tricolours have a strong asset in "their age. We are sending one of the youngest teams in the tournament, full of promising cyclists hungry of victories. It is an ambitious group with no inferiority feelings towards any of its rivals". Among his favourites to obtain a medal, Varela says that Gerard Gonz?lez in Individual Sprint and the Escudero-Vidal-Caron-Petrov team in Pursuit are "among the European elite." In women, he excepts a lot of the Pursuit team (Carla Luque, No?mie V?zquez, Beatriz Weber, Sonia Rey) and of Clara Lavoie, in Keirin.

  • Time of harvest in Eider Forest

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    In conventional fields, you can harvest wheat, beans, maize, and all kind of crops. But Eider Forest Velodrome is a special place. There, you harvest metals: gold, silver and bronze. And that was what the National Cycling Team did, bringing back home 2 gold medals and 6 bronze medals.

    ?ngela Sanz, in Woman Points, and Guillem Johnson, in Men's Individual Pursuit have been crowned in Os Corelia as European Champions of their respectives modalities. "This medal is a dream come true!", exclaims Sanz in the Northern Caesarean headquarters. "Astrid Farmic, from Kryuland, is a legend in this sport and I still can't believe that I have won her in an official competition".

    Guillem Johnson also comes back with a gold medal, obtained after an epic struggle with the local star, Jimi Kalezny, who finally had to resign himself with silver. "Kalezny was a hard, hard rival. He was specially motivated, has he was riding at home, with the crowd chanting his name. This makes this victory more valuable for me. It is, without any doubt, the most beautiful moment in my career", declares the brand new Individual Pursuit European Champion.

    Apart of these two winners, Northern Caesarea managed to get six bronze medals in Os Corelia, "six bronze that can easily be converted into silver or, even, gold, in future competitions", says directeur sportif Nicol?s Varela. "Asier Caballero, in points race, our both Madison Teams, Ismael Popa, in Keirin, Ava Tamarit, in individual pursuit and Gerard Gonz?lez, in Individual Sprint made great achievements in this competition. I think that there are great possibilities for them in future European Championships. We would probably not be at the same level than Rhine Ruhr or Os Corelia, where Track Cycling is one of the main national sports, but we will achieve excellent competitions, proving to our fellow countrymen and countrywomen that there is life outside football, basketball or ice hockey".

  • Football: Alcal? still on top

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    Liga Nacional de F?tbol
    Prieto Balompi? 2?1 Vi?uales United
    Olympique Salines 2?0 Salud Zulueta
    N?utico Carrer 2?4 Sparta Arana
    Nazionala Arana 0?0 Sporting Azahara
    Gymnastique Maure 2?2 Universitat de Gener
    Giral Balompi? 0?2 Alcal? FC
    Gazteria Indurain 1?2 Atl?tico Aza?a
    FC Berenguer 3?0 Autoclub Carrer
    Escolano United 0?2 Aza?a CdeF
    Dynamo Maure 1?2 Dolwer United

    Liga Nacional de F?tbol Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
    1 Alcal? FC 29 23 2 4 55 15 +40 71
    2 Aza?a CdeF 29 20 5 4 50 15 +35 65
    3 Atl?tico Aza?a 29 20 1 8 49 15 +34 61
    4 Dolwer United 29 20 1 8 38 23 +15 61
    5 Olympique Salines 29 17 9 3 51 22 +29 60
    6 FC Berenguer 29 18 5 6 43 17 +26 59
    7 Nazionala Arana 29 15 8 6 34 21 +13 53
    8 Gazteria Indurain 29 15 2 12 38 24 +14 47
    9 Gymnastique Maure 29 14 5 10 44 33 +11 47
    10 Giral Balompi? 29 15 2 12 41 40 +1 47
    11 Dynamo Maure 29 13 5 11 41 27 +14 44
    12 Universitat de Gener 29 12 6 11 34 28 +6 42
    13 Sporting Azahara 29 10 7 12 32 28 +4 37
    14 Prieto Balompi? 29 7 3 19 23 64 −41 24
    15 Vi?uales United 29 5 5 19 15 37 −22 20
    16 Sparta Arana 29 5 5 19 14 50 −36 20
    17 N?utico Carrer 29 4 7 18 17 53 −36 19
    18 Escolano United 29 5 3 21 18 51 −33 18
    19 Salud Zulueta 29 4 4 21 18 45 −27 16
    20 Autoclub Carrer 29 4 3 22 13 60 −47 15

  • Basketball: Atl?tico wins Aza?a derby against Estudiantes

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    Liga Regular
    Universidad de Casares 63?57 CB Prieto
    Aza?a Basket 80?67 Dinamo Berenguer
    Azahara 69?82 Dolwer Lakers
    Atl?tico Aza?a 82?57 Estudiantes Aza?a
    Alc?l? Deportivo 94?59 Gazteria Indurain
    Aeropostal Berenguer 93?71 Joventut Berenguer
    UD Zamora 82?63 Juventud Carrer
    Tuerense 59?81 Nazionala Arana
    Stade Lerroux 67?84 Olympique Salines
    Sescomes Sportiu 81?77 Recreativo Escolano

    Liga Regular Pld W L PF PA PD Pts
    1 Atl?tico Aza?a 30 27 3 2535 2032 +503 27
    2 Aeropostal Berenguer 30 26 4 2583 1994 +589 26
    3 UD Zamora 30 24 6 2436 1990 +446 24
    4 Joventut Berenguer 30 23 7 2537 2052 +485 23
    5 Alc?l? Deportivo 30 23 7 2472 2111 +361 23
    6 Nazionala Arana 30 20 10 2357 2159 +198 20
    7 Dolwer Lakers 30 20 10 2434 2238 +196 20
    8 Olympique Salines 30 19 11 2426 2220 +206 19
    9 Sescomes Sportiu 30 17 13 2345 2313 +32 17
    10 Stade Lerroux 30 15 15 2256 2286 -30 15
    11 Azahara 30 15 15 2268 2328 -60 15
    12 Aza?a Basket 30 12 18 2209 2358 -149 12
    13 Dinamo Berenguer 30 10 20 2200 2391 -191 10
    14 Recreativo Escolano 30 9 21 2223 2465 -242 9
    15 Tuerense 30 8 22 2125 2454 -329 8
    16 Estudiantes Aza?a 30 8 22 2075 2444 -369 8
    17 CB Prieto 30 7 23 2183 2560 -377 7
    18 Universidad de Casares 30 7 23 2052 2437 -385 7
    19 Gazteria Indurain 30 6 24 2139 2578 -439 6
    20 Juventud Carrer 30 4 26 2180 2625 -445 4

  • Hockey: Gavachois victory on Berenguer HC gives wings to Atl?tico Aza?a

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    OKLiga Aeropostal
    Vi?uales Juniors 1?0 Berenguer HC
    Banco de Alcal? 3?3 Dolwer Islanders (1?3 SO)
    Azahara Hockey 1?0 Dolwer United
    Autoclub Quiroga 0?2 Estudiantes Jover
    Atl?tico Aza?a 1?0 Estudiantes Maura
    Ajax Giral 0?1 Forum Arana
    Universidad de Barrio 0?3 Gavachois Lerroux
    UD Zamora 5?3 Nacional Escolano
    Recreativo Prieto 0?3 Nacional Vi?uales
    Olympique Salines 1?1 Nazionala Arana (2?0 SO)

    OKLiga Aeropostal Pld W L GF GA GD Pts
    1 Atl?tico Aza?a 30 23 6 70 19 +51 69
    2 Gavachois Lerroux 30 22 3 62 17 +45 66
    3 Berenguer HC 30 22 6 53 15 +38 66
    4 Olympique Salines 30 21 7 58 19 +39 63
    5 Dolwer Islanders 30 21 5 56 22 +34 63
    6 Azahara Hockey 30 18 9 57 28 +29 54
    7 Banco de Alcal? 30 17 8 53 31 +22 51
    8 Estudiantes Jover 30 17 10 38 25 +13 51
    9 Nazionala Arana 30 16 9 48 24 +24 48
    10 Forum Arana 30 15 11 34 27 +7 45
    11 UD Zamora 30 14 12 42 36 +6 42
    12 Vi?uales Juniors 30 13 14 42 42 0 39
    13 Nacional Vi?uales 30 10 16 31 49 -18 30
    14 Dolwer United 30 7 18 23 37 -14 21
    15 Ajax Giral 30 7 19 30 50 -20 21
    16 Recreativo Prieto 30 6 22 16 68 -52 18
    17 Estudiantes Maura 30 5 23 23 58 -35 15
    18 Nacional Escolano 30 5 22 17 69 -52 15
    19 Autoclub Quiroga 30 3 21 17 71 -54 9
    20 Universidad de Barrio 30 2 23 12 75 -63 6

  • Juan Carlos Reyes shows power and stamina in the EUTT

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    The Proja Tennis Pavilion in Kryuland saw an amazing show in the EUTT Gentlemen Singles Round 1, as Juan Carlos Reyes defeated the local star and tournament favourite, Larqj Fasjan by 3 sets against 1.

    The result is misleading, as the match wasn't an easy task for Reyes. He lost the first set and had to fight against an hostile environment, with the public supporting Fasjan and trying to make him lose concentration. But the tennist from Zamora is a man of iron, both physically and mentally, as he showed winning the two following sets, managing to get to the next round.

    "It was a very, very hard match. The humid heat was unbearable and the crowd was very aggresive against me, but I knew very well the style of Fasjan, as I studied it in videos from previous matches. That knowledge and my ability to isolate myself from the environment made me win the match".

    His next rival will be Marouane Bahija, from Marrakechia.

    In Gentlemen Doubles, our national squad, formed by Matteo Ortiz and Pedro Ben Brahim crushed the David Ferrer - Juan Ferrero Occoron pair. They will play against Halsberg to win a place in the Finals.

  • Eric Guerrero joins FC Berenguer in a surprise move

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    At his 27 years old Eric Guerrero has been the franchise player and top striker of the Regular League champions Alcal? FC. Until now. Next season, Guerrero will change the white and black Alcal? outfit for the red and blue Berenguer shirt, in a surprise move that has shaken the Northern Caesarean football world. The sums have not been disclosed, but it is said that the Pyrenees team has paid 74 millions of pesetas for the winner of the last "Pichichi" (top scorer in Regular League + Playoffs) Trophy.

    Gonzalo Campos, coach of FC Berenguer, has said that Guerrero will be a "fundamental piece in a new era of the team. He will give us the offensive aggressivity that we lacked of in the last seasons. We only scored 57 goals in the Regular League, versus 71 for Alcal?. I hope that this year, with Eric and the rest of the team, things are going to change a lot".

    Guerrero has shown himself delighted with his new team: "I was born in a town in the outskirts of Berenguer and I've always dreamed of playing one day in this club. Now, I must thank lots of people for helping me to make this dream come true: my agent, Esther Valls, Mr. Gonzalo Campos, for recommending my transfer, the president of FC Berenguer, Diego Ferrer, for launching the negotiations and, of course, Andr?s Carmona, the president of the club where I've made myself as a footballer, Alcal? FC, for accepting the trade and for so many years of learning, fun and hard work".

    The FC Berenguer new striker will meet his new fellow teammates the 1st august, as July is a traditional holiday month in Northern Caesarean professional sports leagues. His first official match will be some days after, as the Summer Cup begins.

    Both Campos and Ferrer have declared that Guerrero, along with the incorporation of defender Eric Tremblay, from Olympique Salines and midfielder Alejandro Smith, from Dolwer United, close the next season rooster.

  • Euro Group not easy, says coach Puigcerc?s

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    As Northern Caesarean National Football Team has landed in Marrakechia, there is much speculation among the media and football aficionados about the possibilities of the "Violet Fury" in the brand new European Championship. To achieve further goals, the national team will have to confront Newfoundland and United Planet, two teams widely considered as inferior to the Northern Caesarean side.

    But the Violet coach, Francisco Puigcerc?s, says that the worst thing the team can do is to have too much confidence: "If I had to draw a single conclusion of the first matches of the EuroCup it would be that there are no small enemies. All teams here have an astonishing level and we will see lots of surprises, as home team Marrakechia sweating blood to overcome Bakrova or favourites Occoron fininshing their inaugural match with a tie against North Europa".

    About their first rival, Newfoundland, Puigcerc?s considers that "We cannot blind ourselves with the stereotype of a remote island populated by hostile fishermen. Football is a passion in vast areas of that country and, according to the videos I've seen, their technical skills are astonishing. I've told my players that they must prepare that match like a final playoff series one".

    Starting Team against Newfoundland

    1. SERGI Ortiz

    2. Eric TREMBLAY
    4. ADAM Smith
    5. F?lix LARA
    17. Jos? AMAT

    12. Alejandro SMITH
    8. Asier LAVOIE
    11. Alexander Moya "ALEX"
    22. Oriol ABD-El-KADER

    9. Eric GUERRERO
    23. Rub?n RAMOS

  • Northern Caesarea barely saves the face against Newfoundland

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    The Violet Squad finished its first EuroCup match with a 2-2 against Newfoundland. The Northern Caesarean side had huge lack of coordination in defence, which led to the two "Newfie" goals in the first quarter hour of the confrontation. Finally, the accuracy of Ramos and Guerrero saved the face of a team which will have to make huge changes of attitude in the definitive match against United Planet.

    "Defensive coordination is build on practice. We had very few time to work on it, as our players usually defend different sides in the League. After seeing the two Newfoundland goals, which were easily avoidable, it is clear that we haven't do enough and that we must work harder on that subject", says national coach Francisco Javier Puigcerc?s.

    Puigcerc?s considers that the defensive chaos wasn't the most worrying fact of the match, as "the midfield was unable to create game and to destroy our rivals game, we were absolutely dependent on luck and the accuracy of our strikers and it is impossible to do nothing worthy in this tournament if we continue on this path".

    On the polemic generated by his declarations before the match, which were answered bitterly by Newfoundlander Prime Minister Danny Williams, Puigcerc?s has declared that "Newfoundland must be a very lucky nation, as the top priority for its leaders is to follow sports information. The fact is that my words were fully misunderstood. What I wanted to say is that stereotypes are not necessarily real and that we cannot base our vision of other nations on them. I have nothing against Newfoundland out of sports rivalry and I would be glad to visit the island and Labrador on my next holidays or even to coach there, as their players have an excellent level!".

  • Mini-revolution for Northern Caesarea first "final"

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    Northern Caesarea head coach thinks that defence and midfield lacked coordination in the tie against Newfoundland and bets on young players for the decisive match against United Planet. The goal and the attack are the only lines without changes.

    What happens if?

    Northern Caesarea wins: The team classifies as group leader

    Northern Caesarea ties: Northern Caesarea classifies as group leader or runer-off, depending on the goals scored.

    Northern Caesarea loses: Puigcerc?s and his boys return home

    Starting team against United Planet

    1. SERGI Ortiz

    2. Eric TREMBLAY
    3. Samuel Mart?nez "SAMU"
    18. Pau APARICIO
    17. Jos? AMAT

    12. Alejandro SMITH
    6. Asier CANT?
    10. Juan Jos? Guerra "JUANJO" ?
    22. Oriol ABD-El-KADER

    9. Eric GUERRERO
    23. Rub?n RAMOS

  • Euro elimination bringing a new era to Northern Caesarean football?

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    The lacklustre participation of the Violet squad in the EuroCup has brought shame to the sporting nation. The national team coach, Francisco Javier Puigcerc?s resigned just after the match against United Planet and the leadership of the Liga Nacional de F?tbol (LNF, National Football League) will meet next week to nominate his successor and to discuss solution to avoid this humiliation in the future.

    "We went to this competition with excessive pride and superiority complex. We are one of Europe's richest leagues but peseta bills don't win matches, talent do", said Lucas Fern?ndez, president of the LNF, who has criticized the often endogamous structure of Northern Caesarean football: "perhaps it's time to free our minds. We have erected barriers to foreign talents in our sports because of a mistaken sense of patriotism and a fictitious need to protect our players and their astronomic wages. I will propose the LNF Federal Council (formed by the presidents of the 140 clubs of the First, Second and Third Divisions) to allow foreign players to play in our league and foreign coaches to show their talent in our teams".

    For former coach and star midfielder and now editor of Marca, Juan Carlos Ram?rez, the clue is not in foreign talent "which of course will be welcome, for the sake of the game" but in the "lack of preparation of our national team. Puigcerc?s had roughly one week to work with his boys and make them play like a team. That's impossible, even if you have the most talented squad of the world".

    Fran?ois Couture, president of the Asociaci?n de Futbolistas Profesionales (AFP, Professional Football Players Association) accuses the LFP of "taking profit of the EuroCup disaster to attack the rights and wages of the football players of our nation. We will stand for our associates and make sure than any modification of the League Norm will be done with the agreement of those who make this game great: the players".

  • Northern Caesarea towards a new "Euro-fiasco"?

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    The Violet Fury debut in the Eurocup could not have been more disappointing, with a 2-1 defeat against Gun-Toting-Animals. With fans expecting the team fighting for the trophy, this awkward start is creating a gloomy climate among Northern Caesarea supporters, who are starting to see their national team as a shame for the nation, just as NC representatives at the Eurovoice Festival.

    "We have the best-payed players in all the European Union, our clubs are the ones with the highest budgets, but the other European teams laugh at us again and again", declared taxi driver Benjamin Djorov in a much retweeted rant which reflects the feelings of most Northern Caesarean football fans.

    On the other side, coach Ionut Zabala remains quite optimistic about the future of the team in the European Championship: "This tournament is quite long, we simply cannot fall in a depression after losing the first match. We have four more chances to classify to semifinals in this first phase".

    The Northern Caesarean coach has criticized heavily the referee of the match, Pier Luis Colljna, from Kryuland: "He was a total disaster during all the 90 minutes. He disallowed a totally legal goal by Guerrero on minute 22, which could have given us the 1-0. He also ignored a clear penalty when GTA defender Pomfret punched Carrasco when he was near the goal area. I think that there should be a system to assess the quality of referees in European tournaments".

  • Alice Stefanov short program melts ice in Saint Dominico

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    Alice Stefanov has made a bright start in Skate Inquista, the first event in the European Grand Prix of Figure Skating. In the short program she performed a magistral interpretation using themes of Northern Caesarean pop music classics, which launched her to the second position, with 75.29 points, very near of the prussian skater Henriette Kuntz, who leads the overall classification.

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