Letter to Eu's countries' leaders

  • _Dear Head of States belonging to European Union and European Union itself,

    I just wanted to thank you all for the supports and wishes for a quick recovery from the hearth attack that stroke me, whilst having a very important meeting for Kryuland's welfare: I was really moved by the number of letters, telegrams and wishes that I received from all the EU's and its countries' bodies, there's no word through which I can thank you enough.

    But as my convalescence lasted more than a month and I'm feeling quite weak: as I'm here rulling Kryuland since 65 years more or less, I think now I'm ready to leave my place of King of Kryuland to my son, who is ready for taking over: I'll discuss this idea of abdication with PM Zenje Frenc and with my son for sure, just as he'll be back from the Montevideo Summit, which is making very fruitful and useful decisions for the benefit of all.

    King Casimiro IV Krushj,
    by grace of God and will of the nation,
    King of Kryuland and Sovereign of its lands

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