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    _Good evening, I'm Jeremy Vine. On this special edition of the BBC programme, Panorama, the Premier Commissioner of the European Union, Maleeka Liszckoszi, makes a visit to London for the second time, first time as the Premier. She's overseen a very active Commission period: the European Highway Act, the European Broadcasting Bill, the privatisation of the EUBC, the European Highway Numbering Act, and most recently the European Budget Act.

    Interviewing her will be the former European Council member turned Commissioner for Economics, Dr. Michael Reed. Dr. Reed graduated from the University of Oxford with a political science and economics masters, getting his doctorates in international relations and macroeconomics. It has been no secret that Madame Liszckoszi and Dr. Reed have been good friends, and maintain a friendship even though the British Liberal Democrats have turned from European Freedom Party to European Classical Liberals.

    Welcome to you both, and I can't wait to hear your questions Dr. Reed._

    Thank you, Mr. Vine. Maleeka, it is good to see you in more than just passing. You have been quite busy lately!

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    Thank you Mr Vine for inviting me to appear on Panorama and good to see you as always Michael! I am ready for whatever you have to ask!

  • First question: what was going through your mind when you were abducted by the DK regime. I don't think many of us have ever thought to ask you what kind of state you were in! Had to be a very trying ordeal.

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    To be honest Michael, I was angry, I kinda knew I was pushing a button but felt highly offended by the actions. Lets face I was never going to enrol in the regime any time soon! I was never going to be entirely accepting of it but decided in my duty as Premier to go and try my hardest to be without bias, to not judge the book by its cover.

    I was always raised to never accept rudeness and in that respect not to be walked over. If you're rude to me, I will tell you that's who I am.

    I must admit in that situation I spend too much time thinking of retorts to say that I didn't contemplate a fate that I had no idea about. Who knows what might have happened!

    So in summary I was generally angry at being held and rather bored as well!

  • **Well, that principle of treating others how one would like to be treated is very evident in your governing, Maleeka.

    Now, for some of the meatier questions. We'll see if there's time to come back to the DK discussion later, but we all know your position on the idea here in Britain. I'd like to talk to you about the European Budget Act: did you think we needed a European Union budget to help keep our Euro-government accountable?**

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    Now I've been getting in trouble with our Duxburian friends over responding to questions like these, for expressing an opinion even though it is purely expressed as of the individual not the institution. In light of these questions I can't comment unfortunately or I might upset some people.

  • **I don't think you'd upset someone. I think the people will be genuinely interested in your opinion on the matter; even though you are an executive, you are allowed to have an opinion. If it would help you feel comfortable, we can move on.

    Talk to us about how you think the next Commission election will unfold, particularly with the introduction of the European Nationalists Party and the European Classical Liberals. You've said a couple of things about the ECL, in particular calling it "The Hunger Games". Would you care to handicap the field, though there are no official candidates yet?**

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    Hahaha I knew my hunger games comment would come back to haunt me! It was admittedly an exaggerated comment, you know how heated these political debates get. I don't believe in the ECL policy, I don't agree with Darwinian utilitarianism. Yes it's good to give man the fishing rod to fish with but it might help if you also teach him how to use it.

    I am genuinely excited about this next election, it could shape Europe in so many different ways. We are seeing an evolution into a new generation gone are the Liszckoszi's of old! And in with the Premier Frank's of new with a Commissioner Reed for stability.

    I am happy to see such representative parties though I will say I think that the ENP are treading a darkened path.

    I don't know who is in the running but I think that we will see a rainbow commission representative of all parties lead by Frank with yourself in that trusty economics seat.

  • **That's very flattering, Maleeka; I, too, wonder if we will ever have a singular party dominance like the days of the 3 or 4 party races.

    Turning away from election talk, I would like to ask you if your vision of Europe has been coming true during this term as Premier. You have a very strong opinion, Maleeka, and I've known you to be willing to work with others to make sure that the vision is coming true. So has it?**

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    I think it has, my vision was for more cooperation and look at what we've done. Bills written by people from different parties, we've been having firey debates in parliament and people are putting in their two-cents more. This is politics. I am of strong opinions and know people disagree with my strong sense of directions with certain issues, then again some people agree.

    We have stated to work together in the chambers but we need to bring it to the people, this is not as easy as it sounds but the next commission can really tap into it. As the new constitution comes closer to presentation we will be able to directly engage the public in that process and I hope nations will choose to hold referendums on it and engage people more through it. A referendum has a negative connotation to it I feel, but it is a perfect chance for eve the nation with a strong sense of European identity to go yeah I get it and that's why I give my YES vote.

  • That is a novel idea, but don't you think that we'd be causing quite a bit of distress with this sort of mild direct democracy idea with the referendums and what not? There are elected officials for reasons, and that's to short cut the will of the people and the government. Wouldn't this add to what could be called European bureaucracy and lengthen a lot of processes?

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    Aha I see what you're doing there nice try Michael! Even you can't argue the importance of the constitution being presented to the public for them to vote on.

  • Yes and no; while I do think it is good in an idea, one can see that the expense of it throughout Europe would be tremendous; and then if we're holding referendum on many of these ideas, then whose to say that we wouldn't try and hold referendum on all European legislation? Simply playing the devil's advocate here, Maleeka, but it's still a valid point of view. I can see this allowing for an unchecked version of direct democracy and elected officials would simply be useless, wouldn't they?

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    It is important that all citizens in Europe get a say on the constitution and if you dont want a say vote ECL!

  • **Now, now, Maleeka. I can't have you speaking complete untruths. The ECL isn't going to just cut and run like some of the other Euro-parties. If the people wanted to hold referendum on the Constitution, I would have no problem. However, if ever single bill were to be set on referendum, like I'm arguing as a devil's advocate, someone would draw the line in the sand.

    Which leads me to my next question: why do you have such a clear distaste for the ECL? You don't seem nearly as eager to criticize other Europarties.**

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    The ECL is made up of Conservatives that do not want to admit that they are. A real classic liberal is a centrist who believes in compromise. I haven't seen much of this.

    The EFP is the party for an actual Classic Liberal. Look at Inquista, they hold a belief in limited government, a sovereignty of the individual, advocates of economic freedom. Perfect example!

    I can't help but feel the ECL was made as a slightly more right-wing photocopy of the EFP and instead of its members approaching us about joining the EFP they felt compelled to make some kind of valiant statement, I think there is a denial of our alikeness.

    I was upset when the Liberal Democrats pulled out and felt the wasn't a dialogue between us. I also felt that this plan had been brewing for a while and it seemed particularly convenient that this party popped up after they left. It was a party carved from a bad feeling and lack of dialogue.

    Other europarties have been willing to work and co-operate more, but perhaps I haven't given the ECL enough time. I think once the wounds are healed and the lines are drawn I would feel more comfortable but I guess I'll be long gone then!

  • **Now, Maleeka, that's quite dangerous rhetoric here in Britain about the Liberal Democrats belonging to a "conservative" in sheep's clothing party. I think there hasn't been enough evidence on a European scale to say that about the ECL as a whole yet.

    If you take a look at the Lib Dem record, my record, and Rushanara's record, you would see that we are exactly that: centrist. We've agreed with ideas from the left and from the right. Do you really think that the Lib Dems are "conservative"?**

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    Then why go right of the spectrum? The EFP is the party that best suits the Lib Dems need Michael, you know it! The majority of the members of the ECL are conservative in value.

  • **That decision does not lie with me, but with the party leaders and the Prime Minister. Maybe you can visit them during their Spring Conference in Leeds.

    Back to European matters: which bill that was passed in your Premiership are you most thankful for being implemented? Your tenure has seen an unprecedented amount of European acts and bills.**

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    I cannot influence bills as I am apolitical with them so I don't believe it would be fit to comment on that. Is someone trying to bring talking about the budget back on the agenda here Michael!

    I am happy that the EUBC evolved to a point where it was needing to be independent of the commission who started it. It is vastly disappointing to see that it still isn't back on track, broadcasters wanted this but they haven't stepped up to deal with it.

    Every bill that has been written in cooperaiton I am extremely proud of.

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