Llanowar - Factbook

  • Official matters
    Official name: Grand Duchy of Llanowar
    Short name: Llanowar
    Time zone (offset): Avalon Mean Time (UTC)/Llanoran Summer Time (UTC+1)
    Population: 19,750,000
    Capital: City of Avalon, Llanoran Capital Territory
    Monarch: Her Royal Highness Grand Duchess Anne I
    Consort: His Royal Highness Henry, Prince Royal

    House of Wexner
    Grand Duke James I (1912-1956)
    Grand Duchess Cadence I (1956-1957; abdicated on Aserila's eighteenth birthday)
    Grand Duchess Aserila I (1957-2012; abdicated due to mental illness)
    David, Prince Royal and Lord Protector (2012; ruled in Anne's stead until her coronation)
    Grand Duchess Anne I (2012-present)
    Heir apparent: Her Royal Highness Margaret, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Llanowar, Hereditary Princess of Swansea, Hereditary Duchess of Falmouth

    Title and style
    Monarch: His Royal Highness {Name}, Grand Duke of Llanowar, Prince of Swansea, Duke of Falmouth
    Consort: His Royal Highness {Name}, Prince Royal (automatically created Lord Protector upon vacancy of throne if eldest child is 18 or older)
    Heir apparent: His Royal Highness {Name}, Hereditary Grand Duke of Llanowar, Hereditary Prince of Swansea, Hereditary Duke of Falmouth
    Eldest daughter (unless she's heir apparent): Her Royal Highness {Name}, Duchess Royal

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    The Parties
    Greens: Environmentalists
    Labour: Eurosceptic, trade unionist
    National Communist Front (NCF): Deeply royalist and want to abolish parliament
    National Independence Movement (NIM): Anti-EU
    National Republican Front (NRF): Anti-royalist and want to force sitting monarch to abdicate in favour of a democratically-elected president.
    Unionist Coalition (UC): Deeply Eurosceptic

    House of Estates: Upper house of 480 seats that's headed by a Lord Speaker.
    Senate: Lower house of 600 seats that's headed by a Chairperson.

    Government info
    Election cycle and terms: Every two years unlimited terms
    HRH Government: Unknown (General Elections to be held on 3 August 2015)
    HRH Loyal Opposition:Unknown (General Elections to be held on 3 August 2015)
    Prime Minister: Unknown (General Elections to be held on 3 August 2015)
    Lord Speaker of the Estates: Unknown (General Elections to be held on 3 August 2015)

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