Pyrrium-Halsberg Summit

  • I am Justinian Schwarzheim, ambassador of Pyrrium to the Confederacy of Halsberg, requesting a summit between our two nations to forge a prosperous partnership. The topics of discussion will be politics, culture, economics, military, and whatever is viewed as relavent to making our peoples closer together.

  • Greetings Ambassador Schwarzheim. I, Frank Greaves, would be honoured to attend a summit. Might I begin by offering my many thanks for accepting our embassy application. I know that a long and fruitful relationship is ahead of us.

  • Indeed a fruitful partnership can be established between our nations, and that is what this summit intends to accomplish. So would you like to begin by introducing your nation with some facts or history of it?

  • The area where the Confederacy currently resides was nothing more than a small collection of city states before 1922. These city state were established around the 12th Century A.D. These city states were the remnants of a feudal monarchy that split due to various ideological differences. This feudal monarchy was only recently discovered to have existed after years of research in both the archaeological field and written records. The city states enjoyed peace and stability for nearly a millennia. These city states were vastly different when it came to political and social ideaology, similar to the previous feudal monarchy. Fortunately, the city states realised a war would leave all parties severely weakened, and open to invasion by external enemies. It is believed that many outside powers in the region influenced the politics of the city states, preventing unification.

    However, one man stood up for what he believed in. In 1919, a man by the name of William Crighton proposed a united nation, wherein many of the city states could keep their own political system and beliefs. During the early days of his proposal, it garnered a large amount of support from nearly every city state involved. But surprisingly, just as his idea was gaining momentum, William Crighton abandoned the idea without giving any reason. It was discovered later that his wife and children were being held by external powers. These external nations realised how powerful a unified Halsberg would be, and wanted to prevent it at all costs.

    In 1922, William Crighton made an unannounced and sudden return to the public eye. His unification proposal was resurrected and had wide support. William Crighton received correspondence from the Governments of the 8 city states that were to be unified. This correspondence expressed support for the idea. The next day, William Crighton announced that a unified state had been created, with Thurston as its capital. Nearly immediately, three neighbouring nations declared war on the fledgling nation. This war lasted just 6 months. Thurston had been captured and the Halsbergian army was in retreat. It was then when a chance development in the leader of the three invader nations occurred. Their parliament building was destroyed in a terrorist attack. The debate over whether or not Halsberg had anything to do with it continues to this day. A snap election was called, due to the death of nearly every parliamentarian. An anti-war party won the election, and a peace treaty was drawn up. Invading forces would retreat so long as Halsberg would never become a unitary state.

    A new constitution was created, which declared the nation a Confederacy. Each member state would retain its own legislature, but would surrender sovereignty on key issues, such as defence or currency. The new constitution was ratified, and on April 17th 1923 the Confederacy of Halsberg was born.

  • My my, that is quite a history Ambassador, I am intrigued. My nation also comes from the unity of various peoples into one nation, however moreso than your Confederacy. Now if you would'nt mind, here is a bit of history of my own nation.

    The history of Pyrrium begins with a nation that was on the decline. After a long and turbulent existence of the nation of the Sasse people, a primarily Germanic peoples descended from Ancient Roman Germanians. The civilization was at first known as the Sassland, then was reformed by the National Parliament which voted for the take over of the Sociarchy Party, a primarily center left group that despite its self proclaimed socialist idealogy, they were no different than an authoritarian party. Then after an economic crash the Sociarchy party was ousted and the Parliamentary Monarchy of Sassreich then was eventually renamed Sassen.
    In March of 2012 a wave of secessionists and extreme reformists plagued the Kingdom and split it into many regions that claimed the throne until many cities were wiped from the land. However many refugees fled to a city where it changed names almost a dozen times within just a year. It was simply referred as one large Camp upon the ruins of the capital of the Old Kingdom. But then in April a philosopher by the name of Pyrrhos proclaimed a new faith that combined principles of Hinduism, Buddhism, Alchemic Philosophy, Existentialism, the Kabbalah, Taoism, Monism, and Panentheism. The religion was proclaimed Antimonism (after the element Antimony).
    The new religion spread like wildfire and caused the refugees to rebel against the oppressive and power squabbling princes and expelled them to neighboring nations. The event was known as the May Revolution because of the month it took place. Pyrrhos led the refugees to the heart of the city and proclaimed it a Republic, mirroring the Roman ideal of a city state. They honored him by naming the city after him, Pyrrium.
    Pyrrhos was proclaimed Hominus (portmanteaux of homo dominus, human master) Pyrrhos I. He reformed his nation to have a vast level of organization of its people in order to secure a place for each citizen in their new society he classified citizens based upon their occupation. The link below shows a chart in which roughly explains it. To see the text click download on the right side of the screen.
    Pyrrhos I also sought to eliminate currency all together but as his nation developed as well as relations with other European nations, the Pyrrine Credit was established. The policies remained what many interpreted as communist or socialist, however when questioned, he responded it was neither, it was humanist. He then used his personal coat of arms as the city's coat of arms and banner, symbolizing strength, knowledge, many peoples becoming one, and patriotism. This goal of unification with our fellow man was the reasoning behind the selection of the Internationale as the Pyrrine national anthem.
    Eventually Pyrrium established various smaller settlements within the surrounding areas, expanding the city state into a Republic of five cities with a total population of less than 150,000. The Pyrrine nation continues to develop as the dust of revolution settles, with their people marching forward, laboring for a brighter tomorrow

  • Similarly, your nation also has quite a history, ambassador. Might I say how noble the goals of Pyrrhos I are. Helping the people of your nation is a goal every elected official should share. Now that we are both familiar with the background and culture of our respective nations, shall we proceed to discuss our various topics?

  • Certainly, what topic is the major interest of your nation with mine? Politics, culture, economics, military, or the context and purpose of an alliance?

  • The Confederacy is always interested in expanding our economic ventures. Any economic cooperation will benefit both of our nations. As your economy is still developing after the May Revolution, perhaps we could agree a trade deal. My nation will be more than happy to either invest in Pyrrium enterprises or purchase materials. What is the main export of your nation?

  • Oak, Iron, Salt, Timber, Gold, Machinery and Construction Materials, Wheat, Potatoes and Fruits are my nation's main exports. Though I must make it clear that the economic structure of Pyrrium is most peculiar in comparison to other economies. Ysee, no citizen makes any private wealth nor owns any residence/land privately, or produce something 'privately'. Every citizen works for a company which is approved of by what you would call 'the government'. Each company works with a specific goal and every employee has one kind of occupation such as one company is of a group of construction, another is a group of farmers for domesticated animals, and another is a company for teachers. Each employee is paid a salary by the 'government' and are given publically owned residents, have communal meals, and everything they produce are subject for national trade, use, distribution etc. If either someone proposes a company for a specific occupation or the nation wants a company for a specific product then it is made and the previous conditions are made. Any trade that occurs between my nation and with either your nation or a private company of yours, only my 'government' reaps the profits and rewards and redistributes it to the appropriate citizens that may need the resources gained or are evenly given credits amongst the masses. That is as roughly as I can explain how it operates.

  • My nation would be deeply interested in purchasing amounts of timber. Our nation's landscape is not exactly "tree-friendly" and we have to rely on foreign imports to meet our timber needs. Is there anything that Pyrrium requires in order to boost its economy?

  • What resources does your Confederacy have to offer? We would like to have more metal for machinery manufacture, modern technological luxuries such as computers, green tech, solar panels, wind mills, and the sort. We also could use more water or products from domesticated animals such as beef, pork, dairy products, wool, as we do not have the space to raise too much cattle and livestock.

  • The Confederacy would be delighted to assist a close ally's economic development. Many of the member states of the Confederacy have thriving agricultural industries, and are always looking for new customers. In fact, a representative from the Agricultural Workers Association informed me that Pyrrium is welcome to import large quantities of beef, pork and dairy products. With regards to your request involving the export of water, the Confederacy shares a coastline with the Caspian Sea. Only recently, a water de-desalination plant was opened by the High President. It is capable of producing vast amounts of fresh water, ready for export. Halsberg has a thriving Information Technology industry. We would be more than happy to export some of our personal computer systems, as you requested. One of the industry's leading manufacturers, AzTell, has extensive foreign business links, and would be honoured to export their wares to your nation.

  • Excellent! I believe we can reach an arrangement for these goods! Soon Pyrrium will establish stocks of our nation, I'm sure your companies will make use of such an oppurtunity to contribute to the future of our nation's development. Are there any other questions as to what the Confederacy expects from our republic?

  • I do not believe so. The agreement as it stands involves my nation purchasing amounts of timber from Pyrrium. My nation shall export water, computer systems and agricultural produce. Is their anything else your nation would like to purchase?

  • No I believe that is all. As for military, I believe its a mutual agreement that there will be no aggression to'ards each others nations, nor will there be any major trade of arms between our nations. And politically we acknowledge your Confederacy's stance of conservative politics, so long as our more liberal state is accepted. Are there any other topics of discussion you would like to discuss?

  • We most certainly agree that a non-aggression pact should be implemented between our two nations. We believe that every nation has a right to their own political beliefs. Therefore we accept your nation's liberal stance, just as we accept every other nation's government. I believe we have covered everything we convened to discuss.

  • Indeed, I believe we have! I am glad we could reach such an agreement between our two peoples and hope that we will together march on to forge a path to providence!

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