Article III Section 1: Membership Clause

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    The European Commission consists of five members, each not representing and not being related to any government of the European Union, and each being from a separate country. This is to guarantee that the Commission does not represent the interests of governments or other organisations formed by multiple states, but rather, the interests of the European Council as a whole with no exceptions and no bias towards any European Council member.

    Proposed Change to:

    **3. Commissioners do not represent nor are they related to any government of the European Union. Each Commissioner must be from a separate country. **

    ^The section restating the number of commissioners has been removed.
    ^The portion providing the explanation behind the clause has been deemed unnecessary, and has been removed.

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    Would it be worth pushing the executive definition here?

  • Admin

    I approve of the changes. Why would there be an executive definition in a membership clause?

  • Anyone else?

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