Ardarian Federal State Republic, Inc. States of

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    Anthem: Anthem of United Glory

    Official motto: "The Future Is Our Destiny Regardless"
    Unofficial motto: "Fear Our Director's Medals!"

    General Information

    Capital: Yort

    Largest city: Draugen

    Official language(s): Ardarian, English

    Denonym: Ardarian

    Population: 35 million

    Religion: Constitution bars recognition of "official religion"

    National animal: Domestic House-cat

    Currency: Ardarian Mill?nion

    GDP: $24 trillion (S19 trillion)

    Drives on the: left

    Internet domain: .fsr

    Calling code: 997


    Government: Federal Republic, Democratic Multi-party Directorship Co-operative (MPDC), semi-totalitarian dictatorship

    Upper legislature: The Directorate

    Lower legislature: The Pavilion Co-operacy

    Leader of state: Director Position held by: Ray Akartuna

    Leader of government: President Position held by: Edwin Prescott

    Elections: Presidential elections every five years

    Main political parties:
    The Freedom party (last election: 41.9%)
    The Co-operative party (last election: 39.1%)
    The Conservative party (last election: 9.3%)
    The Democratic Labour party (last election: 3.4%)
    The Ardarian National party: (last election: 3.0%)
    The Alliance party: (last election: 2.9%)
    The Double Cross: (last election:0.4%)

    Federation: 34 federal states

    Judicial branch: Supreme Court of the Federal State Republic

    Armed Forces: The Federal Armed Forces

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