Criteria for Establishment for Foreign Relations

  • These are the criteria that a region has to fulfill in order to establish embassies with the European Union: please note that these are just normal criteria, which a region is supposed to have from the beginning.
    They are not aimed to reduce and restrict the number of embassies, just to set some common values that the EU and the applicant region must share.

    _(i) The applicant region must uphold the ideals of a democratic society. Democratic freedoms must be enshrined, both in practice and legislation. Such freedoms include, but are not limited to, freedom of speech, press, and the application of universal suffrage to elect a representative Government.

    (ii) The applicant region must value and respect the human rights of its resident nations? citizens. These rights are defined by the Union's own Universal Declaration of Human Rights and as the fundamental rights that humans have by the fact of being human, are neither created nor can be abrogated by any government.

    (iii) The applicant region must respect the rights of its resident nations to voice their own political views.

    (iv) The applicant region must not endorse prejudice or discrimination of any kind.

    (v) The applicant region must not endorse extremist viewpoints. For example, an application from a region that is a collection of nations that adhere to Neo-Nazi viewpoints would not be accepted.

    (vi) The applicant region must not be involved in a conflict that may force the European Union to take sides.

    (vii) The applicant region must have an offisite forum, in which official diplomatic relations can be held by the appointed ambassador

    From an idea of Councillor Walters,
    With help from Martain Schush, Foreign Commissioner

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