Blue Marble Cruises / Os Corelia Meeting

  • _Upon request of Lord Ragadan Indoren the Minister for Transport & Waterways of Os Corelia, Inge Heymans and several of his associates have flown to Aerodimus. In this meeting the two sides look to discuss the logistics of having Blue Marble Cruises access Os Corelia's ports whilst respecting the local environment and wildlife. _

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    _Ragadan Indoren took his seat in the transport ministry chamber in the parliament centre and arranged his files and maps that he'd taken out of the cartography data base. His advisers also took their places around the table. Inge Heymans walked in accompanied by Ragadan's secretary. He raise and shook Mr Heymans hand then gestured for them to both take a seat _

    Welcome Mr Heymans to Aerodimus,

    I shall delay you no further with discussions of business. As I have explained in correspondences, Corelian waters are closing rank, so to speak. With the increase of security risks to our nations and the need to protect our fish stocks from poaching, our stance on sea protection has become important. I would like to thank you for being respectful to the governments wishes and grant us such a meeting.

    I think the easiest way for us to being will be for you to present to use a planned route of where you are entering Europe and your destinations. Also where you plan to call in Corelia. Then I can present an assessment and return with a map to show what water ways you will intersect and indeed our shipping channels which give you a safe passage if directly followed.

  • "Well so far we have only established a few other ports, but they are in the nations of Marrakechia and Occoron. Naturally given their locations, I think it would be most opportunistic to have our ships visit the island state of Westfallon off your southern coast. Currently we have the luxury of deciding whether or not we would approach your nation from the Red Sea region or we could come from the direction of Occoron. If it makes you more comfortable Mr. Indoren, Blue Marble Cruises is perfectly fine with being tailed by Corelian ships whilst in your waters. I assure you however, Blue Marble Cruises will do no dumping nor will it open its bars and casinos while in sovereign territories."

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    Westfallon does indeed seem like a good point considering your other destinations. The state offers a collection of islands that could be visited and has a permanent complex in three major cities. If you like we can take a trip out there, the state parliament is meeting tomorrow for a tourism discussion and we could discuss possibilities.

    This map is the shipping lanes around Os Corelia. The black line is a perimeter that is patrolled daily. The yellow dot is Kaldoon the main port, all ships travelling in Corelian waters have to report here to enter our internal lanes. The orange line is the western international lane anyone can travel in this lane after reporting to Kaldoon. The green line is the eastern central lane, this is for our EU neighbours to use, therefore you would use this one. All others are internal Corelian only lanes, entering these lanes is an offence. The blue lane around Westfallon is the Island transportation Lane, this is for Corelian citizens to travel and to pass good to and from the main land.

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    I must apologise for the sensitive tone of conversation, I'm sure you can appreciate the details of protecting an island nation! Escorts won't be necessary as long as you stick to the required lane.

    In terms of clearance procedure; if you are passing through our waters but are not stopping at Corelia you will be required to notify the Corelian Seaboard at least 48 hours in advance. If you are calling in Corelia you will be required to again notify the Seaboard of your intentions but when you arrive you must report to Kaldoon. At Kaldoon a patrol ship will come out to meet you and a Seaboard marshall will come on board and check your documentation.

    Ok bear with me this will get slightly tricky! If you come to our shores you can apply for a Cruise License for the company. Once you have that you will have to then register with us all your ship names and captains. At Kaldoon these documents will be checked and if all is in order you can then proceed. The license is an annual fee of 6 million qotsmas and covers all your vessels. Dumping will not be allowed as you may expect, however you can open bars and casinos in relation with our naitonal licensing laws, you wont eed to license them with us, as that will be covered in your Cruise license.

  • Blue Marble Cruises is willing to file documentation with the government regarding its ships and captains. I admit that I do not however, see the merit of checking in with Kaldoon each time I look to head to Westfallon. These cruises may eventually happen on a weekly basis; which means that my ships would visit your nation once a week. Kaldoon patrol and my captain(s) would be on a first name basis in a matter of no time. There is also the logistical problems with this check in. My ship will easily be tens of meters taller than any patrol vessel. How would your officers be able to dock with my ships and then board it whilst at sea?

    What if we approached Os Corelia from the direction of Occoron? We would have to backtrack to Kaldoon, turn around, then head to Westfallon. What if Blue Marble Cruises could just go strait to Westfallon and then have its documentation inspected once at port? This could be done even before we unload passengers or even daylight for that matter. If we are to come from Occoron we too would have to circle around the bottom of the state of Westfallon just so that we stay in the Eastern Central Line.

    I know most of these grievances can work themselves out. We can just always head to Os Corelia first and we could maintain the Eastern Central Line. Unfortunately I view this Kaldoon business as a potential problem. If our ships can't meet with patrol vessels, then we'd have to dock in Kaldoon whilst being inspected. This process would waste countless hours as well as fuel, not to mention the patience of our restless passengers. I know there is a way we can work this out and I hope that we will be able to.

    Even if we were able to apply to have our bars and casinos open, we still wont. We want to respect your local economy. If our passengers stay in our facilities, then they are not spending at your places of business.

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    After leaving the room to consult with the seaboard and a quick call to the Viscount Ragadan returned

    Ok I hear what your saying. After consulting the seaboard We have a proposal on the table. We sent a seaboard representative out to your shipyard to inspect all your vessels and do a licensing on the spot. If you come to Westfallon and find an appropriate port we can give you dispensation to check in at that particular port. Each approved captain will be given a call sign and you can radio check in to get through the lane security. You still will have to file the advanced documents.

    Also, if you agree to make an offer for Corelians to be employed by your company and perhaps base at least one of your vessels to start form a port in Westfallon, we have loophole grounds to grant you access to the Island Transportation lane (blue lane). So you'd come in Eastern Central, get radio clearance then enter Island Transportation. How does that sound?

    The Viscount will sign off on these plans if you agree to save us paperwork and the like.

  • Blue Marble Cruises gladly accepts the offer regarding licensing and check-ins. We would be glad to hire Corelians to work on our ships as well as in management. We will have to hold a job-fair in the near future. Blue Marble Cruises will not be designating Westfallon as any of our ship's home port as we look for nation's with more lax porting regulations and taxation. For the time being we are going to stick with Sint Maarten and the Duxburian Union as our bases of operation.

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    Ok then I think we have a deal on our hands. We have 4 recommended docking ports in Westfallon: Last Point, Gweni Island, Tolchek Island and Eltiy Keys.

  • Could we perhaps hear about each of these ports? Blue Marble Cruises likes our destinations to be in quiet tourist destinations with lovely beaches, shopping, and a warm community. Ports are a major draw for cruising so its important for us to make the best areas available for our customers.

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    Lord Indoren - May I present to you my colleagues, the MPs of the Westfallon Port constituencies who will each be informing you of their port for you to make a decision.

    Lady Maleeka Permint - Last Point MP

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    Hello Mr Heymans, I am Maleeka Permint, member of parliament for Westfallon state capital Last Point. I am also leader of Westfallon Regional Parliament. The city represent played host to the tenth EuroVoice contest at our outdoor theatre. The city is named so as it was the Last Point to be colonized by the Swedish Catholic settler who founded our nation. Its proper name is Sista Punkten as our state is bilingual and still speaks Swedish. We have beaches with many beach side caf?s, we have some private spots owned by particular caf?s so you could probably get exclusivity on some beach for your customers.

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    The centre piece of the city is the beautiful St Ragnhild Katedralen, Och Katedralen i Den Heliga F?delse, a cathedral built in honour of the success of the missionaries. It is the secoind most important Catholic seat in the country. There is also the Gata i Fr?mlingar or Street of Strangers, a large boulevard that concourses the centre of the city down to the seafront, it is said that many strangers fall in love there. There is a long row of benches all the way down both sides of the street. The docks are linked with the centre by a free shuttle bus service. Thank you.

    Lord Haldion Aninino - Gweni Island MP

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    A pleasure to meet you Mr Heymans, I am Lord Haldion Aninino, MP for Gweni Island and deputy leader of regional parliament. Gweni Island is the northern isle of Westfallon and is named after St Gweni of Malmo. The island has a variety of activities for tourists to enjoy. It is centred by a forest that we have turned into a space for adventure activities including moutain biking, tree level assault courses and much more. We also have a lake in the middle of the island for canoeing, water skiing ect. We also have the usual beach facilities.

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    In terms of specific tourist sites Gweni town offers a great selection of corelian/swedish cuisine and is famous for its Coregeti spirit, a strong alcohol you must try with immense bravery. There is also an old ampitheatre which sees regular performances.

    Lord Indoren - These are probably the two most suitable places with sufficient tourist attractions and to have the draws you have suggested. Eltiy Quays and Tolchek Island Dock don't have the range of attractions to offer your customers.

  • I must say that I am heavily interested in Gweni Island. Although it may have less historical value than Last Point, Gweni Island offers far more activities for our passengers to partake and that is what we are looking for. Gweni Island sounds like the perfect port to either relax on the beach and enjoy strong drinks or go on an adventurous excursion. I'm honestly quite fascinated in the potential this island holds as a European tourist hotspot.

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    I think we are happy to approve Gweni Island for you.

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