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  • Lost Cavern, ancient religious capital?
    by James Carum, ACN

    The Lost Cavern in Florim has been regarded the largest single mystery in Arminal's modern history. The Lost Cavern is known for its vast chamber filled with carvings in an ancient tongue and its webway of shafts leading to the surface, that during the solstices, create a majestic piece of shadow art on the cavern walls.

    Now new research in to the Cavern suggests that the site was the location of an ancient religious capital. Scrolls, found 6 months ago in the nearby village of Croyton, allowed translation of the ancient carvings. "It was a tremendous find for us," said Dr. Julius Royclerk, Director of Archaeology at the Florim Museum of History. "It has opened up a new realm of research into this illustrious national monument."

    The newest translations show that the cavern is only the centerpiece in a vast religious capital in ancient Florim. the translations outline the Lost Cavern as the holiest location in the world at the time. It also outlines the various myths, legends, and rituals of our ancestors. "We're just now in the beginnings of this new research, but already we're beginning to feel closer to our ancient ancestors," commented Dr. Royclerk, "we will be releasing all of our findings shortly so that the world may learn of this extraordinary people."

  • CyLink to cut 4,000 jobs

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    Gavony (ACN) -- CyLink said Friday it will cut up to 4,000 jobs nationwide by the end of next year, part of an accelerated cost reduction program at the Arminal cellphone maker.

    The company also warned that increased competition in the smartphone sector would hit its financial results in the second and third quarters, causing its operating loss margin to be bigger than previously forecast.

    U.R.A. shares of CyLink (CYL) fell 9% in premarket trading. Even before that latest plunge, shares had fallen 52% so far this year.
    "These planned reductions are a difficult consequence of the intended actions we believe we must take to ensure CyLink's long-term competitive strength," said CyLink CEO Eric Finch, in a statement.

    As part of its cost reduction efforts, CyLink plans to close research and development facilities in Florim and Duma' Ta.

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