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  • "Outrageous accusations" from Echat
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    Mecatol. After adressing the nation in his speech last evening, president Carcetti is reluctant to answer any questions on the issue. His office stated that he was on the phone all night with leaders of nations all around the European Union, showing Methoria their support. It is surely not the first time that the issue of Echat troops at our borders has arisen, and we all remember the breaking news when their stationing was first revealed by the Mecatol Times and her daring correspondents.

    The southern mountains have always been a region of conflict, domestic as well as foreign. Border disputes about the vales and mountains have plagued the country for decades. It was always the understanding of sensible Methorians that the region was, in essence, interesting for some mining operations, but said operations were never disputed by anyone. The few workers living here do so under terrible conditions, which have been subject to our coverage time and time again, to the dismal of the presidential office in Mecatol.

    Now, however, Echat has really crossed the line. Not only has one to raise several eyebrows on the characterization of Methoria as "communist" - which makes Echat what, a severly right-wing dictatorship? -, but it has also produced serious outrage at the notion that the country would support terrorist activtiy in Echat. While it has been common knowdlege around people enjoying the freedom of speach that Echat is plagued by such terrorism, it has always been the understanding of this newspaper that the terrorism was oppositional and, above all, native to Echat.

    When the accusations of Echat arrived, they surely stirred up the hornet's nest. The presidential office issued a statement, calling the accusations "outrageous" and squarely denying them. Unfortunately, neither the Echatian embassy nor the secretary of foreign affairs were available for a comment on the issue, so the accusations and their initial reactions stand in the room to be interpreted by everyone. It is our opinion that the idea of republican sponsored terrorism is ludicrous, but we don't want to deny the possibility that there is more to the Echatian allegetations than first meets the eye.

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