The Cologne Conference

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    A conference has been called in Cologne, Rhine Ruhr to bring together the leadership of Methoria, Echat, Flamandia, and that of the EU. The Conference will be lead by President Fredrick Jeffery of Rhine Ruhr. Rhine Ruhr is most concerned with this conflict, because it shares a common border with a potential belligerent and close proximity to each of these nations. Premier Commissioner Dominik Frank too will attend the summit as a hopefully silent observer. Outside of the aforementioned nations, representatives must receive permission by the host to attend the Conference.

    The topic of discussion will be the rising tensions between Methoria and Echat. Why are there soldier placements of the common border and why is such activity concerning? This conference will not guarantee nor force peace. Peace comes at the discretion of the individual parties. All options are still on the table when it comes to settling this matter, even war. Those that attend need to know that they are intended to contribute to the conversation and bring conceivable options to the table. Let The Cologne Conference begin.

  • President Carcetti arrived in a small chartered plane, as the Methorian government dosn't possess one of its own. He quickly makes for the conference, accompanied by the party spokesman in the S&D, Odell Watkins, who is tied to a wheelchair. Upon arrival, he asks if there is any agenda set or if this will be done prior or at the conference itself.

  • Rhinian Minister of Defense, Dwain Ward, greets the duo at the Conference and answers "The agenda is to create an atmosphere of peace between the nations of Methoria and Echat. Potential methods towards reaching peace will be discussed and formulated during the Conference. Rhine Ruhr understands that these nations have their own customs and beliefs, so we would not dare enforce our idea of peace and prosperity upon others. It is up to the individual parties to generate their own relations at the end of the day. The conference will also serve as a regional meet and greet for nations near the Mediterranean Sea and Freedom Lake."

  • "Again, thank you very much for the invitation", says Watkins in a gruffy tone. "As you know, we have only recently stepped up on the international stage. A step some of us still need to accustom themselves to", he adds with a sidewards glance to president Carcetti.

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    _As representative for the Queendom of Nymeria, crown princess Daria arrives in an executive jet. _

    "First of all, the people of Nymeria and me as their representative wish to thank Rhine Ruhr for the invitation to the conference. We hope we can do our bit to a peaceful atmosphere and to strengthen the friendship of our countries.
    As my mother Queen Elaria already pointed out, Nymeyria has a strong belief in peace and love and it's our biggest wish to live in friendship with all neighbour countries.

    Furthermore Nymeria is concerned because it shares the northern borders with Methoria and the holy lands of Echat. Although the nymerian people are less anxious than the methorian, there is a bit of confusion about the Echat troops on our northern border, too.
    Until today the Queendom of Nymeria hasn't got any troops but now an inner debat started, if we need to launch our own military to protect ourselves.
    So we politely ask if the troops on the border of Nymeria/Lands of Echat can be added to the agenda of this conference to prevent more conflicts."

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    Maria Fulvius, Minister of Foreign Affairs, had an uneventful flight to Cologne. That was all very much as she pleased, for it allowed her to go through her reports and background information one more time. Names, numbers, and historic dates were spinning in her head, and she almost paid no attention to the lovely city itself.

    As she arrived at the conference hall, she shook hands with Presidents Jeffery and Carcetti, introduced herself to misters Ward and Watkins, and made her best to perform the appropriate, very by-the-book court curtsie to Crown Princess Daria.

    "Mr President", she said addressing Jeffery, "thank you for taking your time to serve as our gracious host and enabling this opportunity to give peace a chance. President Glorius asked me to tell you that she has high expectations for the outcome, for she trusts firmly in your wisdom and guidance in helping find a solution." And, in a slightly lower tone, she added: "And if I may, sir... she likes your style."

    To the Methorian duo, the Foreign Minister explained as to why she actually was in Cologne. "The Federal Commonwealth of Pax Aurea has a lengthy tradition in pacifism when it comes to matters of foreign politics and military. We have done our best to refrain from participating in armed conflicts between the superpowers of Europe, and we have done what we can to broker negotiations and help ease tensions between belligerent countries when this has been possible. I'm here today as an official envoy and observer of the Commonwealth, to keep President Glorius up-to-date with the current situation. Please don't understand my position wrong, Mr President: it's not my intention to try to force a single solution onto you and the Echati envoy by claiming some moral high ground in this difficult dispute. In the end, no-one but you can reach the compromise. But if you allow, I would also like to offer you the insight and assistance of Pax Aurea, for I've often paid notice to the fact that sometimes, an outsider's perspective may be what's needed to navigate out of a political dead-end."

  • First of all, we'd like to thank the crown princess for her support in the matter and state that we share her concern about the stationing of troops, too. We hope that there can be a peaceful solution, and that we can solve both problems at the same time.

    Second, we want to thank the reprsentative from Pax Aurea for their kind words. It is not our intention to force believes and ideals on those who don't share them, but we expect the same of others. We want to live in peace, without having the thread of armed assault hanging over us like the proverbial sword of Damocles. Therefore we hope that you might try to use your position as an outsider to the conflict to arbitrate an honest agreement with our neighbors.

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    ((OOC: First of all, it's refreshing to see new players RPing with such gusto. However, I really must implore Echat to do his war list, because as Dux said in the other thread, currently he technically has no military at all. Furthermore, I'd advise that he post his (detailed) military positions in the Warzone (that thread could then be used for any military encounters in this conflict), firstly so as to make it more clear to everyone than merely putting it in his factbook, and secondly since we'd rather not have to rely on other sites (NS or NSWiki) for the RP, not least since most things on NS are considered OOC.))

  • ((OOC: thank you for that Ang, I was about to bring this up, but who better to explain out of character dealings than yourself. We need some proper in character literature about Echat's border placements and appropriate warlists from participants. Once this is done we can advance past the Conference introductions and into the substance.))

  • Prime minister Tony Green arrives in an chartered plane, and seems to be a little lost between all of this high excecutives from the big countries around Flamandia.

  • President Carcetti, all easy smiles, comes up to him. "Good day to you, sir. It's such a pleasure to have you here; one really gets lost amidst all those high dignitaries around here."

  • "It is a pleasuere to meet you! Yey, you are right about that. Hopefully the conference pays out for us. It is not all the time easy with a parliament around you, which is strictly against defense spending, or prisions, or goverment spendings at all... is an representative from the theocrats allready here?"

  • "No, not as yet", Carcetti answers. "And I can understand the trouble it gives you, but looking at the theocrats, one can once again cherish the institition or parliament."

  • Foreign Minister, Susan Crab, arrived in Cologne ready to discuss the situation at hand.
    After being escorted to the meeting room she greeted those inside.

    "Hello all. This is the first time many of us will be meeting each other. Hopefully we can come to a sensible solution for all parties involved."

  • Prince Andrej was excited about this international conference, bUt he was nearly get used to it, so was already happy to be involved in an international process like this. When he entered the room with some escort, he bowed gently to the other and started talking

    "Good morning to all of you, dignitaries. I am Prince Andrej of Kryuland and I am honoured to be given such opportunity to assist to this conference. Sorry for the escort, but one never knows. Of course I brought no staff with me here, since I am just a spectator of this talks."

  • Carcetti moves up to him.
    "Nevertheless, we are glad that you are here, showing such keen interest in the ventures of a nation small and insignificant as ours. The peril we are in becomes all the easier to bear knowing that the spotlight of the Free World is on it and people are concerned for our fates."

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    "First and foremost we need to refresh on what has brought us all here today. Before we can continue we need to here from Echat about troop positions on the common border with Methoria. Then I'd like to hear why this is so concerning to the state of Methoria. If your nations have any prior history, I as well as most of us here, would be interested to hear it.

    Currently if these nations go to war, it will be a regional affair. Methoria lacks a military, so they will ask other nations to defend their territory for them. If Echat were to garner support themselves we are looking at a full on proxy war in the heart of Europe. That is why we have been gathered here today, to prevent this needless death and chaos. We've gathered the leaders of these nations and those of neighboring nations, as well as experts of war and peace from across the region. The purpose of this Conference is to begin a friendly dialogue between these aggravated states, and the goal will be to establish peace in this part of the region."


    ((OOC:I really must implore Echat to do his war list, because as Dux said in the other thread, currently he technically has no military at all. Furthermore, I'd advise that he post his (detailed) military positions in the Warzone (that thread could then be used for any military encounters in this conflict), firstly so as to make it more clear to everyone than merely putting it in his factbook, and secondly since we'd rather not have to rely on other sites (NS or NSWiki) for the RP, not least since most things on NS are considered OOC.))

    ((ooc: please fulfill these obligations first.))

  • On the newsflash it is televised, that finally Flamandian Parliament has decided rebuilding an flamandian army after many years. To that purpose around 20% of the flamandian budget should be used for rearming. King Leopold III. is shown with his words "If this Echatian scumbags are trying to cross our borders, we will disembowell these fanatics."

    Prime minister Tony Green in the following trys to explain, that King Leopold is not telling the opinion more than a small minority of Flamandian poeple. "The defensive spending is only in purpose of self defense!"

  • ((ooc: Flamandia's post does not belong in the conference. This is a live meeting between leaders, not a televised news cast. I'd rcommend posting related news flashes either Here or create a news network for you nation Here))

  • ((ooc: Well, I think building military is heavily impacting a peace conference... ))

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