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    In power:

    Angleter: Democratic Party (Peter Montfort)
    Halsberg: Unionist & Conservative Party (John Walters)
    Inquista: Christian League (Mikaela Kligenberg)
    GDR: Christian Democratic Union (Volker Kaufe)
    Inimicus: Party of National Pride (Nicolas Benfield)
    Red Croatia: Party of International Relations (Jadranka Kosor)
    Davishire: Conservative Party (Steve Baker)
    Qvait: Qvaitican Conservative Alliance (Dominic Frost)

    Newfoundland: Progressive Conservative Party (Peter Penashue)

    Not in power:

    Northern Caesarea: Partido Liberal
    Os Corelia: Corelian Civic Union
    United Kingdom: Conservative Party
    Kryuland: Partit Populari; Ultrakonservatif Bersatu
    Occoron: Partido Conservador
    Duxburian Union: Old Dominion Party

    Neo-Venetia: National Movement for Stability and Values

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