UEC Manifesto


    Our Purpose and Aims

    We, the Union of European Conservatives, were formed to defend the noble values many millions of Europeans hold dear. We aim to become the voice of common sense throughout the European Union. We aim to become the flag-bearer of the moderate right-wing movement. We aim to become a key player in European politics, so we can better represent the views of countless Europeans.

    Party Structure

    The Union of European Conservatives will be led by a democratically elected official. This official, which henceforth shall be referred to as Party President, can be from any member party, so long as it is in power in their home nation. The Party President will be responsible for various executive functions within the party, including but not limited to:

    ? Appointing a Deputy Party President
    ? Chairing Internal Party Meetings
    ? Passing judgement with regards to new member applications
    ? Appointing various advisors, in fields such as policy-making.
    ? Convening Conferences

    The Party President does not have full control over every aspect of the party. There will be an Executive Board, comprising of representatives from all in-power member parties. This Board will deliberate on policy, recruitment, voting, and many other aspects of the Party.

    Economic Policy

    The Union of European Conservatives believes that the Economy is the cornerstone of any society. We believe that it is each and every Government?s duty to provide an environment where jobs and investment is created. We also adhere to a free-market agenda, believing that the freer the market, the freer the people. To these ends, the Union of European Conservatives will:

    ? Recognise and support the hugely important work done by small and medium sized businesses and their owners. We will campaign for two closely related schemes that will provide limited funding for small business start-ups and those that wish to expand to a European level. We would encourage national Governments to implement tax-breaks and grants.
    ? Oppose any form of direct taxation on citizens of any member state from the European Union. We support the continuation of the European Budget, but will campaign against any drastic membership fee increase.
    ? Strongly believe in the free-market economic system, and encourage all EU nations to work together to remove trade restrictions and open up their economies. However, our views on national sovereignty stipulate that we shall by no means compel nations to act against their governments? wills.
    ? Vehemently oppose a compulsory single European currency, believing that the idea is fundamentally flawed, and that it is a vast intrusion on national sovereignty.
    ? Oppose the creation of cartels between large corporations, and would support the implementation of an EU-wide ban on such groups being formed or continuing to exist. This would not affect state monopolies.
    ? Advocate low taxes and minimal Government regulation with regards to businesses, believing that excessive regulation kills jobs. Again, our views on national sovereignty prevent us from forcing nations to adhere to this recommendation.

    Foreign Affairs

    The Union of European Conservatives believes in constructive relations between our own Union and other regions throughout the world. We believe that our own region can grow and prosper if we cooperate with others. A UEC Commission will:

    ? Continue the belief that nations should be free to join the EU and that we should encourage nations to do so. However, we also believe that this is useless if we do not strongly encourage those nations to become active participants in the European system. Most nations in this region are not active participants, and this is a sad state of affairs that we should do the utmost to change.
    ? Commit to forming healthy relations with various other regions, through embassies. We will adhere to the Embassy application criteria, ensuring that we are not seen to be giving out embassies like sweets.
    ? Oppose the entry of the European Union into conflicts between other regions. We support a neutral stance in most diplomatic situations.

    Defence and Peacekeeping

    Our region, our beloved region, is under threat, from terrorism, external regions and of course, rogue nations within our boundaries. We need a credible plan of action to defend ourselves and our families from these threats. A UEC Commission will provide this. To that end, a UEC Commission will:

    ? Support the creation of a pan-European intelligence database. However, we will strongly oppose the creation of a pan-European police force, with powers comparable to national law enforcement. We will not force member nations to surrender their intelligence data to this database, but will strongly encourage it.
    ? Defend the right of all member nations to field armed forces as large as they wish.
    ? Support the continuation of the reformed European Nuclear Applications Authority, believing that it ensures the safety of all member nations.
    ? Support the continuation of the ban on Chemical weapons, believing them to be unnecessary and extremely dangerous.
    ? Advocate the creation of a strong, armed European Peacekeeping Force. However, we are strongly opposed to the idea of a European Army. This Peacekeeping force could also be used to defend aid workers in areas of conflict.

    Internal Affairs

    We vehemently oppose the involvement of the European Union in matters that frankly are none of its business. We support the rights of all member states to create and enforce their own laws. We will always be the defender of national sovereignty in all areas. With this in mind, we will:

    ? Believe in the European Union?s fundamental notion of ?unity in diversity?. However, we oppose the false notion of ?multiculturalism? that threatens the unique national characters of each nation in the Union. Thus, we believe in nations? rights to immigration controls and to practice a policy of integration of new immigrants with their national society. The UEC shall oppose any EU attempt to thwart these rights.
    ? Defend the rights of nations to continue their various traditions, and oppose the attempts of the ?politically correct? to hamper these traditions.
    ? Support the creation of a realistic plan to combat climate change. We oppose the construction of wind farms on scenic locations, but recognise the rights of national governments to do so if they wish. We favour nuclear power as a credible alternative to fossil fuels.
    ? Recognise the religious heritage of the EU, and oppose any movement to enforce secularism on individual nations or to curb traditional religious belief across the EU.

    Authored by Christopher Brown, with input from Anatoly Keith

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