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    Rhinian Wildlife Foundation

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    In the summer of 2011 the Bulbasaur was added to the Rhinian endangered species list. Being the national animal of Rhine Ruhr, it is paramount that we protect this unique species so that they be enjoyed by future generations. The Rhinian Wildlife Foundation is a non-profit that is working endlessly to protect and restore the Bulbasaur population. The governmental programs and attempts at domestication are failing to curb the tide of annihilation. There are just over a thousand Bulbasaur left and at current rates they will be extinct by the end of the decade. Its up to us, the people, to dam the tide of death and support the Bulbasaur population to its former numbers. We are asking people and organizations alike to aid us in the battle of survival. Funds earned will go toward creating wildlife sanctuaries along the Rhine and Ruhr rivers. We will also rescue at risk animals and nurse them back to health before returning them to their habitat. Along with direct efforts, we too will be lobbying our government to take measures protecting Bulbasaur as well as other local wildlife.

    All we ask is that you give anything that you can spare to assist our efforts in Rhine Ruhr. RWF is a non-profit and we will accept donations from any entity. If you'd like to volunteer your time, the WFE will be pleased to add you to our ranks!

  • TaQud Wildlife Protection Agency would like to donate $10000 NS Dollars to help preserve the Bulbasaur...

  • The Aurean Wildlife Foundation (AWF) applauds the important work of its Rhinian sister organization and wishes to donate 250.000 Aurean Marks to help preserve Bulbasaurs for future generations.

    Likewise, the Zoological Association of Pax Aurea (ZAPA) is willing to donate 100.000 Aurean Marks for the cause as well as send two volunteers to assist in (any potential) attempts to breed Bulbasaurs in captivity. The ZAPA has encouraging experience from this type of work: an extremely rare subspecies of Pharomachrus pavoninus Quetzal bird has been successfully brought back from the brink of extinction in our zoos and wildlife sanctuaries.

    Lastly, the Catholic Foundation of St Franciscus and the Unified Aurean Wiccan Covens both hurry to aid the worthy project with 50.000 Aurean Marks.

  • The RAF (Relief Animal Fund) is pleased to see that Rhine Ruhr wants to steal Bulbasaur from its exctintion and applauds its intensions.

    Moreover, RAF wants to donate 200.000? coming from public funds, hoping they will do the difference between life and death of those animals. Plus, 10 vets and 3 volunteers would be very glad to give a hand

  • Lots of Occoronian organizations (zoos, private companies, ecological organizations, ...) are willing to happy to help, and collected together 250,000 euros and 8 volunteers: 3 veterinarians and 5 zoo keepers.

  • Thanks so much for this unprecedented amount of donating! We will put these funds to great use in the coming days.

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    Using the funds that have been generously donated thus far, the Rhinian Wildlife Foundation has purchased a natural Bulbasaur habitat along the Rhine River in order to safeguard it from future development.

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    Pictured above we have two newly rehabilitated bulbasaur preparing for the trip back to their natural habitat. The animals will be brought to the sanctuary that was purchased last month, where it is expected they will live on without future interruption. Pictured with the creatures are two members of the Zoological Association of Pax Aurea (ZAPA) who will be attempting to have the pair breed before they are fully released.

  • Peregrinatio Gaea, an Aurean eco-tourist company, would be interested in arranging tourist visitations to the Bulbasaur sanctuary. Working in cooperation with the Rhinian Wildlife Foundation, PG would aim to ecologically sustainable travelling that does not cause harm or distress to nature. In exchange, the company would be willing to donate 25% of the profits collected this way to the further betterment of the Rhinian Bulbasaur population.

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