Tour of Europe 2nd Stop

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    The Premier departs from Os Corelia and flies strait to Blossomjd, Kryuland. Kryuland, like Os Corelia, is a comfortable location for Premier Frank. With the first leg out of the way, Dominik is now more relaxed and is ready to enjoy himself. While on the plane, he began to write a speech for the Houses. As Frank departs the craft, he greets the Kryulandian delegation.

    "Its great to be in Kryuland, a nation so rich in culture. So I understand that we will be visiting the Katidral ta 'San Frangisk?"

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    Mr. Lucchi, president of the Lower House of Kryuland, leader of the delegation, is very happy to welcome Premier Commissioner Frank in Kryuland. He was looking forward to the day which would have waited them, contemplating a visit to the newly European Heritage Site Katidral ta 'San Frangisk.

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    "Indeed, Mr. Frank - said Mr. Lucchi -, let me say that we are all happy to make your acquintance and hope you will enjoy the day here in Kryuland. The first place which we are going to visit is, as you already know, the Cathedral of Blossomjd. This Cathedral was built in 1386 and finished in 1769 under which there was the house where Saint Francis, Saint Protector of Kryuland, was born The Royal Chapel, where each sovereign of Kryuland is baptized, is in a wing of this enormous cathedral: in a wing of this cathedral, each king or queen of Kryuland is crowned and the majority of Kryuland's sovereigns are engraved in that cathedral. In front of the cathedral you will meet Mr. Schusch along with several MPs, member of the Parlamentary Commission of Foreign Affairs. After the visit at the cathedral, you will meet outside Parliament H.M. King Casimiro IV Krushj, where you will hold a speech at the two houses summoned together. After the speech, you are invited to join the royal family in the Royal Palace where you will be able to eat famous Kryulandian dishes along with a sampling of wine in the gardens outside the Royal Palace. Now please follow me in the car which is waiting outside for us."

    Whilst leaving the international airport, the European Union Anthem played, along with the flag-rising process.

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    The Premier was awed as the car pulled up to the Cathedral. He proceeded to tour the inside of the site viewing the various artifacts as well as religiously significant items. Frank then headed outside to meet with Commissioner Schusch as well as other Kryuland diplomats.

    "It is truly a wonder! A real testament to both Kryulandian and European architecture alike. This site undoubtedly deserves to be a European Heritage Site for its rich history and cultural influence. I find it fitting that Kryuland's own Commissioner Schusch be the one to commemorate the Cathedral of Blossomjd as a European Heritage Site."

  • "We are glad that the Cathedral has unleashed in you such an important and intense feeling, that's what every citizen of Kryuland feels when passing by." said Mr. Rocchi

    Mr. Schusch approached the Premier Commissioner: "I'm happy to welcome you even here in my motherland, Mr. Frank. I hope you will enjoy your stay. Now, if you don't mind, we should approach the car that will lead us to the Royal Palace, where you will meet the Royal Family and have a wine sampling along with a tasting of traditional dishes from Kryuland. I'd be glad to accompany you there, if you wish."

  • "I'm looking forward to meeting the royal family. Hopefully it will make up for my missing the Diamond Jubilee, the Commission was incredibly busy at that time as you know."

  • "You should not apoligize, Mr. Frank, since you were very busy at that time and we all remember that. Please, follow me in the car that will lead us to the royal palace!"

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    After about 20 minutes of car, a massive building appeared near the horizon and even Mr. Schusch, who was a bit used to see the royal palace, had been caught by the Royal Palace's stateliness

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    "Here we are, Mr. Frank. Here is the Royal Palace, where all monarchs and/or sovereign of Kryuland have taken their residence since the early 19th century: before it was just a palace for the nobles of the Blossomjd region, but after the installation of the monarchy the sovereigns took it as their living place. Now please follow me and let's enter the palace, where the royal family is awaiting for our arrival!".

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    Upon the arrival of Mr. Frank, H.M. was very excited and happy because of this meeting, since it was the first after his hospitalization for the hearth strike

    "Mr. Frank, welcome welcome to our beautiful Kryuland and in the royal palace. Me and my family are honored and humbled by your presence, we hope that this will be a meeting that you won't forget so easily, and our employees have done all in their capabilities to achieve that: we hope they did a good work, but I'm sure they did since I can smell something good coming from the kitchens. But before, I think I should introduce you to my family! Here at my left, there is my beloved wife, Queen Svetlana II of Kryuland! At her left there are Heir to the Throne Prince Andrej of Kryuland, whom you should already met in Europolis, and his sister, Victoria! At my right, instead, stands Renetta, my sister-in-law! Now, let's go to eat, I am very hungry and hope you're as well!

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    "Please, take a seat Mr. Frank. The employees are coming with the dishes, and after that we're going to the backyard for the whine sampling! So, I heard you're going to have an interview with Boris Elstin, tonight?"

    Menu de la rencontre entre la famille royale de Kryuland et Dominik Frank, Premier Commissaire de l'Union Europ?enne
    Menu of the meeting between the Royal Family of Kryuland and Mr. Dominik Frank, Premier Commissioner of the European Union
    Menu dell'incontro fra la Famiglia Reale della Criulandia e Mr. Dominik Frank, Commissario Premier dell'Unione Europea

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    _Famous sliced and cheese from Kryuland with the tipical Kryulandian bread, the Piadina!

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    Meat coming from the forests around Mailn, north of Kryuland

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    Ravioli with meat, cheese, sage in a tomato sauce

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    And, as dessert, a Royal cake with pine nuts, mascarpone, black cherry and hazelnut cream!_

  • Dining in the Royal Palace brought Dominik Frank back to the days of the former Rhinian Monarchy. When he worked for Thomas VI and even Gianmarco, Frank oftentimes was invited over for dinners and special events. The Rhinian royal family, being of Kryulandian descent, served very similar cuisine at their palace.

    "Yes, I much look forward to engaging in discourse with Mr. Elstin. His show is a great outlet to showcase the Commission's goals and accomplishments to the Kryulandian people. I also look forward to hearing the concerns of the citizens of Kryuland. What feedback I receive during this tour will determine my platform for the rest of this term."

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    "Yes, also when Former Premier Liczkoski visited Mr. Elstin, he told he was very excited about that meeting and very satisfied with it, just imagine how he'd feel right now knowing you will be his guest! I will follow the meeting closely, it interests me what my people think of the euro and the eurozone.

    Now please, follow me in the backyard where we will have a wine sample!"

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    "Here we are, it's what I am most proud of, my backyard with my vineyard! Now let's have a wine tasting, eh?! We have different kind and types of wine produced here in Kryuland: they are just the fruit of our workers' labour, mixed with a pinch of sun and a lot of water! The grapes are then treated very gently and pressed by mechanical process, and then they are left in a barrel where they age well."

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    "Now drink whatever you want, it's here all just for you! Cheers!"

  • "I must respectfully decline your highness. As a native of Rhine Ruhr I must confess that we do not have a taste for wine. I'd also wish to not be inebriated on the air with Mr. Elstin."

  • "I understand, as you wish Mr. Frank! Now we have to say goodbye, the car that will bring you by Mr. Elstin's show is outside! But before, if you wish, the Chambers are summoned together for your speech. Goodbye, Mr. Frank, I hope to see you very soon, and I leave you with a wish of good work in the European Commission!"

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    "Dear collegues! Please stand for the entrance of the Premier Commissioner Dominik Frank in the chamber!"

  • _"Hello representatives, Kryulandian's, my fellow European's. During my travels thus far, I have been confronted with the issue of sovereignty. How big of a role does national sovereignty play in our region? Sovereignty has always been an important value, but it recent years, it has grown to tower above all else. While in Os Corelia, I speculated that national sovereignty is currently being used as a tool by some in the European Council to halt debates and eliminate proposals even before they reach the floor.

    Tonight I would like reaffirm the importance of sovereignty. Lately the region has witnessed a pair of conferences that failed to get off the ground, because they did not properly respect the sovereignty of the planned participants. The Cologne Conference, started by President Jeffery of Rhine Ruhr, was an attempt to force a set of ideals on others. By trying to pressure nations into attending a conference, President Jeffery actually pushed the target nation(s) away. With their sovereignty disrespected, states grew unwilling to attend the Cologne Conference, leading to its failure.

    Once again a conference was called without the consent of parties involved in the actual conflict. The Roadmap to Peace Conference became a non-starter, because the meeting was called without the prior consent of the nations expected to participate. Nations need to begin to once again respect the sovereignty of other states. These failures of communication can lead to splintering relationships and in some cases cause increased hostility.

    The key to success is communication. This is the message I wish to convey tonight. In the absence of communication, there is misunderstanding. When there is misunderstanding, there is conflict. We as neighbors must listen to one another, and never assume anything at the expense of others. Sometimes peace is not the most viable option, and we must respect that. I'm not saying that peace is not a worthy cause; in fact I will always strive for peace throughout the region. Our ability to come together for the purpose of discussion is what makes the European Union great. We just have to remember to respect that not everyone is open to discussion. Thank you."_

  • After an applaud lasting 10 minutes, especially from the left and centre wing of the hemycicle, Mr. Frank left the Chamber and both chambers were dismissed to return to their works.

    "Nice speech in the chamber, Mr. Frank - said Mr. Schusch -, now let's set off for Mr. Elstin's show!"

    A theme song started playing

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    "Welcome, welcome all to the Boris Elstin show! You all remember when some time ago we had as guest the Former Premier Commissioner Maleeka Lisczkoski? Well, it seems that her successor decided the same as Mrs. Lisczkoski did, and he is here to visit us! Please, a big applause for Mr. Frank!"

    The spectators started applauding

    "Good Evening Mr. Frank, and welcome to the show. I heard you had a pretty exhausting day here in Blossomjd, eh?

  • "Quite so. I've been running around Blossomjd all day, enjoying myself all the while."

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    "I'm glad you had a pleaseant time here in Blossomjd, I hope the King did not make you drunk with all that wine! *audience laughs* Okay then, time of questions. Anyone from the audience?"

    "Yes, may I?"
    "Sure, please go on"
    "Good Morning Mr. Frank, I am Timoshku Mnarji, a conductor of talks about politics here in Kryuland, I am here with a question about economic stuff though, but before I wanted to thank you very much for coming here. Do you think that the gap left by Rhine Ruhr's exit from the eurozone will make the economy of the left eurozone countries collapse? And do you think that the Eurozone Summit in Montevideo will sort out something good to fill the gap? Thank you very much."

  • _"I do not believe that the Rhinian departure from the Eurozone will lead to the collapse of the Euro, nor the fall of the Eurozone economies. The Euro has taken a hit, don't get me wrong, but there is still several decent economies to hold up the currency's value. What has been removed is the stability of the currency. Rhine Ruhr has a very stable economy and the Euro relied heavily on that. If current Eurozone members keep their economies as is, I see no threat to the future of the currency.

    I must admit that I do not see any positive results stemming from the Eurozone Summit. The Summit had minimal participation, and there has yet to be any tangible substance to come from the meeting. A treaty needs to be created. There should be an active campaign to add new economies to the Eurozone. If the meeting results in barriers to entry, there will be negative consequences. Market potential and stability should be the factors of Euro entry, not past credit ratings and economic labels. One must invest in economies to receive a return, that is what leads to economic successes like the European Economic Community. Its not enough to just add strong economies to the Eurozone. By investing in one another's markets, you will see growth."_

  • "Good, nice reply if I might say, Mr. Frank. Any other question or should I let the call from home come?"

    "I'd like to be given the floor, if I may!"
    "Sure you can! And what's your name, if I may?"
    "My name is Benedetta Peregeo, and I am a simple spectator: I'm sorry to bother you Mr. Frank, maybe my question is less important and even less accurate than a journalist's, but I'd like to ask you two questions! Number one, what and how would Kryuland's benefit to leave the eurozone, if there will be the need, and maybe the fall of the eurozone should have as consequence the decay of the union as well? Number two, what do you think of Commission XI's work? Did they do too less or too much? Thanks beforehand for your reply".

  • "Firstly, no question is worth more than another. Kryuland does not stand to benefit from leaving the Eurozone. The economy would only weaken if Kryuland were to leave the Euro. A departure from the Eurozone along with the continued shrinking of the free market system could have disastrous results for Kryuland. If the Eurozone were to completely collapse, it would not have such a apocalyptic effect on the Union. The EU has been around years before the Eurozone, and it shall continue to do so after it falls. As I've stated before, I believe the current Commission to be on par. We've managed several accomplishments without stretching our roles, or overreaching."

  • "Good answer, Mr. Frank. I appreciate your effort to guarantee everyone the right to ask and to have a say. Last question from the public? I know Mr. Frank has a lot of foreign countries left to visit, therefore we won't keep him here for too long!"

    "Yes, may I speak?"
    "Sure! I just wanted to apoligise everyone for I see a lot of hand lifted, but I'll give the floor to that young over there"
    "Thanks, Mr. Elstin, and good evening Mr. Frank, thanks to be here: it's very important for us and also for me that you are present. I wanted to ask you two questions: first, what will you do after your terms expires and who would you see as your follower as Premier Commissioner? Two, what would you advise to a person that is willing to be more involved in the european politics as me? Thanks berforehand"

  • _"Well after this term, I hope to be re-elected as Premier Commissioner. But once I've finished serving in the Commission I plan to retire. I would exit politics all together and move to a remote beach somewhere in Sint Maarten. If I could hand pick my successor to the Premiership I would choose my good friend Livia Arcturus. She has the most compassion of anyone I've ever met, and Livia is perhaps the most unbiased politician in Europolis. However in the case of my re-election there is the potential that neither of us would be able to run in the following race. If that be the case then I'd choose The Hon. Cajetan Cherton of Angleter.

    For your second question, there is a simple answer; get involved. Start now in your local area. Get experience working in campaigns and working for local politicians. Work your way through national politics, gaining the trust and respect of the nation. From there it should be easy to be selected for regional politics whether it be Council or Commission."_

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    "Nice answer, I think I would have answered the same, too! Now, I'd like to thank everyone for coming here and joining in, especially those who asked something to our guest Mr. Frank. But special thanks of course go to Mr. Frank, who was able to set aside some time to come here and visit Kryuland! We hope you enjoyed the time you spent here, and I'm really looking forward to your next visit here. Thank you very much Mr. Frank, I hope you will be again guest of me, and good work to you and your commission!
    Thank you all, good night!"

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