Manifesto of the SWP

  • **Manifesto of the
    Socialist Workers? Party

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    This party and its members strive for the dream of a socialist and free European Union. Where every man, woman, and child can breathe and act and speak without fear of oppression, fear of hunger or want, fear of whatever tomorrow brings. To liberate the peoples of Europe and thus the world of the evils of greed, exploitation, hatred, imperialism, and ignorance. We seek to cure and treat these ailments of society with our resolute faith in socialism and its many conceptual siblings. We hold sovereignty of every people, equality amongst the masses no matter what gender, race, or creed, exaltation of civil rights and endeavors of individuals or collectives, cooperation with all nations and groups, ensurance of a suitable standard of living and peace between all our fellow man as the utmost important aspects of life. We of the Socialist Workers? Party uphold these aspects of every nation as infallible and sacred. No ideology or law must violate such within our lands so long as we free and able members of the European Union have say in the European Council and Comission. We acknowledge and recognize the numerous spectrums and local variations of Socialism of members of our party and any party that identifies with our cause so long as they do not violate the ideals we cherish so dearly. We recognize both the path of revolution and resolution as a means for liberating the people of corruption and exploitation of governments and policies we see as shackles forged only to restrain and bind the common man or men, for the benefit for those that control and make said bondage. We figt to liberate the down trotten and to awaken those in lands where the few dominate the many, and to unite the world in ideal. We seek not to unite all lands into one nation, for each people?s identity cannot be masked or overtaken, each person is unique with their own heart and mind, and no law or movement of this party shall seek to force it in our favor. We of the SWP call out to each of our comrades throughout the European Union and say unite! For the struggle carries on and so shall we! So long as our hearts remain true, the red banner shall never fall in our beloeved Europa!

    **Articles of the
    Socialist Workers? Party

    Article I**
    Each nation that wishes to join must have their councillor sign in as their sole representative of each member nation within the Party.

    Article II
    The Party shall be led by the office of ?Party Premier?, and the office of ?Party Secretary? as a subordinate position.

    Article III
    Both the office of Party Premier and Party Secretary shall be elected by all members of the Party with a majority vote by alternative voting process for a term for four months each. There is no limit upon the number of terms a candidate may serve.

    Article IV
    Any member of the Party may propose a vote of impeachment if either office are proven without a shadow of doubt of corruption, misuse of Party resources, political betrayal of extreme proportions, or has fallen silent for 4 consecutive weeks without justification.

    Article V
    If the office of Party Premier has fallen silent, then the Secretary may propose to act as ?Premier Regent? until either the Premier initial returns or a new election takes place by approval of a majority by the members of the Party.

    Article VI
    In voting for a specific candidate for an office or position, the voter shall use the alternative voting method where they number the delegates from most preferred (with a number 1) and number each candidate afterwards according to their preference and number of candidates total. When in a situation of a new election, impeachment, a motion, an addition or alteration to any Party document, each member is permitted to cast only one vote in favor, against, or abstain.

    Article VII
    All councillors of sovereign nations are welcome to join the Socialist Workers? Party, and are expected to uphold a proper etiquette as one would throughout the rest of the European Union. However if a member has clearly, without a objection, left the ideology or clearly violates the beliefs of this Party or their people, a vote may be proposed to expel the member from the Party until said member formally apologizes and proves their intent to reform to a more acceptable position either politically or morally.

    Article VIII
    Any member of the Party may propose to amend or alter any document the Party has established or proposes to establish amongst our fellow SWP members or for EU legislation. During such proposals the rules of Article VI comes into play.

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  • I believe Article VII is undemocratic,(it should be struck out and replaced) and will be used against left-wing critics. I suggest permitting factions and allow them to put forward their point of view, heated debates should not be censored or be forced into self-censorship because of a bureaucratically imposed rule. Differences of opinion should be encouraged, welcomed and dealt with politically not through bureaucratic means.

    I also think we should have a policy of opposing Federalism through the Commission as anti-democratic, because it gives a veto to a minority.

    -The Council should be elected by Proportional representation.

    -Level up wages, social provisions and for a maximum 35 hour week, right to strike and for quality healthcare, housing and education according to need.

    -No standing armies, yes to a popular militia.

    -For the closest coordination of the working class across the EU. We need a single centralised revolutionary SWP.


  • (OOC: I don't know if this needs to be said or not but this party is pretty much defunct and inactive. So you could basically rebuild the party in whatever image you want if that is an endeavor you want to take on. If not I wouldn't wait around too long for someone to reply to your suggestions.)

  • Admin

    OOC: I'd be interested in leading some kind of a "refoundation" of this europarty and try to put it at good work. Would there be any problem with that?

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