New telescope for Dim Quai

  • Dim Quai Launches next generation space telescope

    Today at 1530 CET, thousands of people from all over the country, gathered at the Teremek spaceport facility to witness the launch of the latest technology in space telescopes.

    The Mithra deep space telescope, actually an array of 6 individual telescopes, will help scientists learn more about the early origins of the universe by being able to see further and clearer than ever before. The telescopes will be held in place, 125Km apart, by an intricate web of lasers that will ensure that there will be no distortion of any data received. Each telescope weighs 2.5 tonnes and will be in service almost constantly from when they reach their final deployment position in about 2 weeks, for the next 20 years.

    Aquistis Aquitaine from the Meritocratic department of Education, Industry and the Environment had this to say.

    ?We are thrilled to be at the forefront of space exploration and research. The Mithra array is just the first step in being able to tell more about the way our universe was put together, and therefore, how it works. We hope that the educational benefits of this launch will be an asset to the people of Dim Quai for decades to come.?

    When pressed to comment on how much the project cost however, an aide to the Meritocrat would only say that "It cost a lot, but who among us can put a limit on the education we provide to our people, let alone the technology spin offs that will undoubtedly come from future research into this field."

    Astronomers and astrophysicists from all over the country wait with baited breath for the first pictures to arrive from the array. They will focus on our nearest stellar neighbour, Alpha Centauri Proxima, and use the latest theories in gravitational lensing to see if the star has a planetary system.
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