Nuclear Test Regulations Act

  • Nuclear Test Regulations Act

    Article I: Purpose and Definitions

    Section I

    This Act aims to regulate and restrict the testing of nuclear ordnance by the member states of the European Union, and to minimize the harmful effects of the said tests to people and the environment.

    Section II

    Member nations of the European Union are aware of the negative effects of nuclear tests, including but not limited to radioactive fallout and long-term pollution of large natural areas.

    Section III

    For the purposes of this Act, we define the used terms as follows:

    (i) nuclear test: a detonation of an explosive device using nuclear fission or nuclear fusion outside of nuclear warfare for the purpose of research and/or experimentation;

    (ii) atmosphere: the layer of gases surrounding Earth, up to the altitude of 100 km, but not including any subterranean or underwater environments;

    (iii) outer space: the altitudes of 100 km and higher above the planet Earth;

    (iv) body of water: any natural water system, such as a lake or a sea;

    (v) minor nuclear ordnance: a nuclear ordnance with a yield of no more than 100 kilotons

    Section III

    This Act in no way prevents nations from enacting stricter regulations on nuclear testing, or banning nuclear tests altogether within their sovereign territory.

    Article II: Regulations

    Section I

    Member nations of the European Union are hereby required to forbid nuclear tests in the following environments:

    (i) within the Earth's atmosphere;

    (ii) on the Earth's surface, excluding the areas specified in Article II, Section II;

    (iii) under bodies of water;

    (iv) on the Moon;

    (v) in the immediate vicinity of natural aquifers, where contamination is a considerable threat;

    (vi) in the polar regions.

    Section II

    Member nations of the European Union are hereby required to restrict their nuclear testing to:

    (i) underground test sites;

    (ii) outer space test sites;

    (iii) aboveground testing sites for minor nuclear ordnance only, in remote and uninhabited locations, such as desert regions and remote islands, that meet the criteria of Article II, Section III.

    Section III

    Member nations of the European Union are required to take reasonable and appropriate precautions to minimize the risks to persons and natural environments caused by nuclear testing. This includes the following:

    (i) a distance of no less than 300 kilometers from national borders;

    (ii) a distance of no less than 200 kilometers from closest legitimate human habitation;

    (iii) a distance of no less than 300 kilometers from ocean(s);

    (iv) an appropriate distance to areas where wildlife is particularly abundant, diverse, or bears considerable national or international importance;

    (v) possibility of damage caused by an electromagnetic pulse from an outer space nuclear test.

    Article III: Enforcement

    Section I

    All member nations of the European Union are required to harmonize their national law(s) with this Act in 6 months of time from its approval by the European Council.

    Section II

    Violations of this Act may be tried in the European Court of Justice.

    Section III

    Violations of this Act in may also result in an investigation and verdict by the European Nuclear Applications Authority (ENAA).


    Authored By: Councillor Nadira Orcello

    Presented By: Councillor Nadira Orcello


    End of Debate Phase: Friday November 16th, 18:20 UTC

    End of Amendments Voting Phase: Sunday November 18th, 18:20 UTC

    End of Final Voting Phase: Wednesday November 21st, 18:20 UTC

  • The Democratic Republic of Occoron fully supports this act.

  • group:cid:2:privileges:mods:members

    Os Corelia supports this act but queries how previously discussed use of nuclear weapons on disasters such as oil spills will be legislated for.

  • A consensus was beginning to build around giving nations the benefit of the doubt when it came to disaster prevention.

  • The formulation of Article I, Section III, Clause I restricts "nuclear tests" to such uses of nuclear devices that are for research and development purposes only. Therefore this act doesn't directly deal with these extraordinary situations and, as Councillor Marshall said, ?nitially gives European nations the benefit of doubt.

    However, Section III of Article III makes it possible for the European Court of Justice or the ENAA to investigate and, if need be, prosecute nations that seek to circumvent the letter of this act -- for example by using a minor oil leak or another similar event as an excuse for nuclear testing.

  • The Federal Republic of the United Planet is in support of the proposed legislation.

  • group:cid:2:privileges:mods:members

    I am satisfied by Councillor Orcello and Councillor Jaxson's resposnes and pledge full support to this bill

  • Mod

    The Duxburian Union finds the compromises hashed out during the think tank session to be sufficient and will support the bill.

  • Being always in favour of measures that regulate nuclear testing in order to minimise their effects on the environment and on human beings especially, Kryuland fully supports this act, trusting Europe's commitment in such an important issue.

  • The Confederacy of Halsberg follows its European neighbours in supporting this act.

  • With no amendments proposed, we shall move on to the final voting phase.

    The voting phase ends on Monday November 19th, at 18:20 UTC.


    I, Nadira Orcello, on behalf of the Federal Commonwealth of Pax Aurea, vote FOR this Act.

  • Mod

    I, Mikaela Kligenberg, on behalf of the Microstate of Inquista, vote FOR this Act.

  • group:cid:2:privileges:mods:members

    Os Corelia votes FOR this act

  • I, Laila Zapatero, on behalf of the Democratic Republic of Occoron votes FOR this act.

  • On behalf of the Federal Republic of The United Planet, I vote FOR this act.

  • I, John Walters, on behalf of the Confederacy of Halsberg, vote FOR this Act.

  • I, Jaxson Marshall, on behalf of Rhine Ruhr, vote FOR this Act.

  • I, Dr. William Roebuck, on behalf of the Confederacy of Gun-Toting Animals, vote FOR this legislation.

  • Admin

    I, Anatoly Keith, on behalf of the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter, vote FOR this Act.

  • Mod

    I, Acwellan Devoy, on behalf of the Duxburian Union, vote FOR the bill.

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