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    Dankville, Terratoka

    Denino, Tokaterra

    Venicia, Terratoka

    Yelm, Terratoka

    Tokaterra has 4 big cities. The capital Dankville, to the east, Denino in the Terrian Wetlands adjacent to Sagan Lake to the south, The river banks of Venicia from the Toka river to the east, and Yelm on the step of the Rascadian mountains near the highest peak in Tokaterra, Mt. Tead to the north.

    We believe in a idealistic combination of socialism, democracy, civil rights, and personal freedoms. We are a people that will not express authoritative power unless someone is causing an infraction of someone else's rights, as we do believe in the right of the people to decide to do whatever only affects them. We believe with government rule of basic necessities like health care or water or the environment the citizens live in it is more apt to put the needs of the broad majority over helping the needs of a much smaller class of wealthy businessmen. We believe education is a great investment the government can provide as it at least furthers the knowledge had for discussions in the future. Specifics aside, those are at least the main ideals of the people of Tokaterra.

    There are 3 parties in Tokaterra, the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP)(S&D), the Tokaterra Green Party, and the Tokaterra Labour and Workers Socialist party (once separate parties but morphed into one party after the Labour's Socialist Party and the Workers socialist party thought it was more useful to get more seats and therefore more power in the Tokaterra Parliament)

    **President John Stokes:**Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) (Europarty=S&D)
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    John Stokes was born out of a lower middle class community in Dankville, which ended up being the countries capital. Well known as one of the main revolutionaries in the founding of Tokaterra (Along with Ruskin Terratoka, leader of the Tokaterra Labour and Worker's Socialist party) and Alana Brushmore, the majority leader in the unicameral Parliament composed of 50 seats. He is also leader of the DSP(Europarty=S&D) party in Tokaterra, and his views on the absence of drug laws, his expenditures on education and lack of a police force has been viewed as pluses for the Stokes administration (Even though much of that could be attributed it to former majority leader Terry Bianchi who recently left for EU council), but in his recent opinion changes over healthcare, the overall prohibition of cars (All done since Bianchi's departure) has caused some controversy in his campaign and a drop in his approval ratings. He has to run for reelection at the beginning of the 2013 year. President since Tokaterra's inaugural governmen, he got his fame as a charismatic idealistic politician giving speeches calling for the "United Socialist states of Tokaterra" with mainly Liberal Socialist values and his tangents about education captivated Tokaterrians and won him the presidency over Ruskin Terratoka. President John Stokes', as incumbent, administration has recieved mixed reviews from his people, previously stunned at the slow growth of the economy. One of his most well known stances is that, while as a socialist, legalized small scale capitalism and made all political party advertising and private donations illegal. He has an excellent record with both civil and political rights, and the economy under him has been described as sluggish at best.

    Ruskin Terratoka Tokaterra Labour and Workers Socialist Party (TLSWP)(Europarty=SWP)

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    Ruskin Terratoka is a well known man, at least in Tokaterra. He is the TLSWP (SWP) lparty leader, after all. After shooting to the top of the ranks as a professor in Dankville University, the top school in the nation, he ran for the inaugural presidency of Tokaterra on a further left and more complete form of Socialism that Stokes promised, but he also ran with stunning proposals to reform the education system (Which was later adopted by Parliament). After gaining much fame off of promoting this and his other works (He has had 3 books) he appears regularly in newspapers and television shows and has become a cultural figure. Ruskin has used his fame to comment publicly on whatever the president does, a 'Ruskin Rant', which has been deemed a recent campaign tactic while getting his name in the public eye. As the minority TLSWP leader, he wants to repeal all forms of capitalism Stokes previously proposed and socialize all forms of industry and a higher tax rate. In his most publicized opinion, he is the only presidential candidate promising for a Tokaterrian military.

    Johanna Bush(Europarty=ALDGE)
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    As an environmental activist, she is the creator and head member of the ALDGE in Tokaterra. She is the only candidate running for president that has brought the issue of climate change up and wants to privatize most industries in Tokaterra, and to ban cars. She is the youngest politician in Tokaterra. The Tokaterrian Green Party (TGP) is only recently formed and has only 10/50 seats in Tokaterrian Parliament (along with 24 for the DSP and 16 for the TLSWP). She believes more needs to be done to help preserve the environment of Tokaterra. She personally believes in more expansion in capitalism except in healthcare and education. She proposes stricter environmental regulation while having looser regulations on the private industry. She says the decreased cost of social programs combined with private growth will help boost the Tokaterrian economy.

    Other people:
    BIANCHI, Terry Jones
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    Age: 48
    Date of birth: 21/08/1964
    Political Party: Democratic Socialist Party (DSP)
    Place of birth: Dankton, Tokaterra
    Ethnic group: Italian
    Nationality: Italian
    Profession: Councilman to the EU
    Occupation: Lawyer, Politician
    Home: Venicia, Tokaterra
    **Quick facts:Terry Bianchi might just be the most well liked DSP(S&D) member in memory for Tokaterra. He is the first Councilman to the EU, and did so as becoming one of the nations top Lawyers, present for some of the most important trials in Tokaterrian history. He was the majority leader in the DSP in Parliament and passed some of the most well liked legislation in Tokaterra's history. He left for the council because he thought he was a better fit representing Tokaterra to the EU. **
    BRUSHMORE, Alana Chaelyn
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    Age: 66
    Date of birth: 28/06/1946
    Political Party: Democratic Socialist Party of Tokaterra (DSP)
    **Place of birth:**Denino, Tokaterra
    Ethnic group: French
    Profession: Majority leader of the DSP in Parliament
    Occupation: Politician, Doctor, Activist, leader of the Tokaterrian Parliament council on Healtchcare
    Home:Dankville, Tokaterra
    Quick facts:Born in the nation's capital, Alana got her PhD at Dankville U and practiced medicine for over 40 years and a frequent protester and activist in Tokaterrian politics. She has been a fervent supporter of a single payer healthcare system and she says that's the reason she joined politics. She also took over as majority leader of the DSP when Bianchi left for the EU council. She headed the movement to ban cars for environmental purposes and to make small scale capitalism legal, even though she has said recently she is willing to expand it depending on the industry. She got popular in her work prohibiting a military as one of Tokaterra's favorite pacifist.
    **AYERSON, Karl Mark **
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    Age: 66
    Date of birth: 28/06/1946
    **Political Party:**Tokaterra Labour and Worker's Socialist Party (TLWSP)
    **Place of birth:**Yelm, Tokaterra
    Ethnic group: German
    **Profession:**Jr. leader of the TLSWP (Europarty=SWP) in Parliament
    Occupation: Politician
    Home: Yelm, Tokaterra
    Quick facts:Former leader of the SWP in Tokaterra, this man wants to ban the small scale capitalism in place and to make Tokaterra a "fully socialist" country. He plans to legalize cars and spend more in healthcare like his rival Dr. Brushmore proposed. He and his slowly growing party are even more left than the current government and hope they can get enough people to not vote for President Stokes.[I]

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