The Telum Incident

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    Your Imperial Highness William the First of Inimicus,

    As the Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping in the European Union, it is my duty to make an inquiry of the tragic events that led to the deaths of dozens civilians and law enforcement officers in the Inimican capital of Telum.

    It has been revealed that a deadly nerve gas agent was used to curb the demonstration, a decision which led to several deaths among the civilian protestors.

    This Union has decided to ban chemical weaponry as dictated in the amended Chemical Weapons Act. Section II of this Act states, I quote:


    1. Each Member State shall refrain from
    a. The development, production, possession, acquisition, sale, or transfer of chemical weapons.
    b. The commission, deployment, or use of chemical weapons for any purpose.

    The actions of the Imperial government in Telum seem to be a clear violation of this Act, and demand an explanation. Furthermore, the original cause of the riot that followed a peaceful demonstration calls for an impartial investigation.

    I am now inviting an official envoy from Inimicus to Europolis as soon as possible to present this Office an explanation of the events; and I also request a possibility to visit Telum personally.

    Awaiting from your response,

    Livia Arcturus
    Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping

  • Should the Imperial government of Inimicus fail to respond to the inquiry of this Office by December 23rd, conclusions will be drawn and alternative route of action will be taken.

  • Honourable Livia Arcturus,

    The Chemical Weapons act was unknown to me. I did not know such an act existed. The gas is still left from the old days, when the Empire wasn't founded yet (Factbook Page). I, myself, didn't know it existed until the day of the demonstration.

    Why, do you ask, did the highest authoroty not know of the existence of two very important aspects in both Inimicus itself and the EU? Well, that answer can only be given by Wilfred Cocx, the head of government.

    Contribution by Wilfred Cocx:

    The Emperor is indeed not informed of everything in the Empire. And that's good, too. Also I do not know everything, it wouldn't fit into my head!
    But about the demonstration: the gas was the only way to keep the rioters from taking over the entire city! If the gas was not used, hundreds of more dead would be mourned right now. That is my statement, and I will not change it.

    Emperor William I and Prime Minister Wilfred Cocx

  • Thank you for a timely reply to the concerns of this Office.

    Would the Imperial government allow me to travel to Telum personally to examine the aftermath of the incident, to talk with the people involved -- both protestors and police officers alike -- and meet with either the Emperor or Prime Minister Cocx and the Minister of Security Camiel James for further discussion?


    To Emperor William I, Prime Minister Cocx, and Commissioner Arcturus,

    While I admire Commissioner Arcturus' urgency in getting to the bottom of the events in Telum, I believe that it is my constitutional duty as Premier to handle any talks with nations to dissolve any possible crises or unsavory situations.

    I have been following the Telum Incident carefully and after seeing the reports by all of you I would like to invite you all to join me in Europolis to talk about the situation at hand. There are still some details that don't quite make sense from the riots that bring up many questions.

    Representatives from Inimicus should be prepared to talk about what led to the escalation of violence by the protesters and the use of nerve agents. Also invited to this meeting will be the newly appointed Director of the European Chemical Weapons Authority, when Commissioner Arcturus makes her decision. The Director will be around to provide expertise about chemical agents and weapons and to help provide a path for Inimicus to fall in line with the regulations set forth by the European Chemical Weapons Act.

    I believe that we will be able to accomplish much in these talks and that doing so will help allay any possible fears of political turmoil within Inimicus across Europe and will help Inimicus gain not only the trust of European leaders but also the trust of some of its own people that have been alienated by the Telum Incident.

    I hope that you will all respond that you plan to meet with me in a timely manner.


    Alexander Bass, Premier Commissioner

  • The initiative taken by Premier Commissioner Bass is a welcome one, and I do support his efforts wholeheartedly. Both his formal and personal influence will undoubtedly prove invaluable in finding a solution to this pressing issue, and I am fully convinced that he is the best man to represent our Union in this matter.

    The Office of Defence and Peacekeeping will be at Premier Bass's full disposal in whatever assistance he may require. Also, the new Director of the ECWA will be nominated tomorrow, on Christmas Eve.

    I look forward to the meeting between the representatives of the European Union and the Imperial government of Inimicus.

    Livia Arcturus
    Commissioner for Defence

  • A meeting in Europolis is a good thing. Both commisioner Arcturus's and the Premiers proposals make a lot of sense. I would hereby like to invite both of you to Telum. I, Mr. Cocx and Mr James will welcome yo heartily.

    It is time we get this over with.

    Emperor William I of Inimicus

  • On my own behalf, I am eager to sit down for talks with the Inimican representatives and Premier Bass. As soon as a date is set, I am at your disposal.

  • We think we are not the ones whi should decide the date. Any date will do, Inimicus will come.

  • I think that we can set a date of January 1st to begin. I'm also a little confused by your first message. Are you willing to meet in Europolis or not? I would prefer if we met in Europolis first as it is a neutral location and then later if we still have some business to take care of we can visit Telum.

    (OOC: I'm sorry I've been really busy with the holidays and won't be able to devote much time before that.)

  • Excellent. The 1st of January in Europolis. Emperor William I, Prime Minister Wilfred Cocx, forgein affairs minister Sarah Gladwell and Security Minister George William will attend the meeting.

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