Embassies in Inimicus

  • Prime Minister Wilfred Cocx and forgein minister Sarah Gladwell invite European leaders to set up an embassy in the Inimician capital, Telum. Due to the many applications we recieved, every embassy will recieve their own building.

    "I hereby invite all European leaders to settle themselves in Telum! Embassies will be good for us, but just as good for them!" - Sarah Gladwell, Forgein Affairs

    The ambassadors will meet the PM and the Emperor before taking their positions in the building.

    Any interested nations, let us hope there are many, can post a reply here.

    Established embassies and free spaces:
    1. Rhine Ruhr
    user posted image
    2. Marrakechia
    user posted image
    3. Kryuland
    user posted image
    4. Halsberg
    user posted image
    5. Occoron
    user posted image
    6. The United Planet
    user posted image
    7. Pax Aurea
    user posted image
    8. North Europa
    user posted image
    9. Bakrova
    user posted image
    10. Inquista, 11. Gun-Toting Animals
    user posted image

    If more applications arrive, embassies will be put into these buildings, together with other nations, due to the lack of other buildings.

  • Rhine Ruhr wishes to send a congregation to Telum.

  • Excellent! When will the ambassador from Rhine Ruhr come to Inimicus?

  • Marrakechia will send a team of diplomats to Telum.

  • Good! If I may ask, how many delegates will Marrakechia send?

  • Marrakechia is sending 10.

  • Kryuland would like to send a team of ambassadors in Telum to establish diplomatic contacts with the Empire of Inimicus.

  • The Confederacy of Halsberg is interested in sending a delegation to Telum. Its is our hope that a strong friendship can be created.

  • Inimicus is pleased with these responses. All of you are welcome. A list has been created in the request, showing your places in the building.

  • Also the Democratic Republic of Occoron is interested in having diplomatic relations with Inimicus, and would like to send a delegation to Telum.

  • Done! We await the delegates with anticipation!

  • I, Prime Minister of the Federated Commonwealth of the United Planet will like to send a delegation of 12 to Inimicus.

  • You are very welcome!

  • Nation: The Federal Commonwealth of Pax Aurea

    user posted image

    The Ambassador
    Name: Veronica Orobinus
    Age: 48
    Education/Experience: Master's Degree in Conflict Resolution (Social Psychology)
    Previous Occupation: Special Advisor to Minister of Foreign Affairs Maria Fulvius
    Family: Husband Theseus, no children

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 22
    Number of Security: 2
    Weaponry Present (if any): police-grade tasers, 9mm handguns (rubber bullets)
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Auri 600 electric car
    Special Requests: Space for urban horticulture at the embassy premises, if possible

  • You are very welcome!

  • Nation: Republic of North Europa

    user posted image

    Name: Katrine Bundgaard
    Age: 48

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 10
    Number of Security: 6
    Weaponry Present (if any):
    M/95 (Diemaco C7A1)
    M/96 Carbine (Diemaco C8A2)
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): 1 Mercedes - Benz CLS 250 CDI Coupé

  • the State of Bakrova would like to send a delegate to Telum of 7 peoples.

  • Mod

    The Microstate of Inquista would be keen to ignite relations with Inimicus, and we'd be more than pleased to send a diplomatic delegation team consisting of 20 members. Gerard Olivero, the former Ambassador to the Imperial Prussian State, and Altha, will leading the Inquistan diplomatic team.

  • You are all very welcome.

  • The Confederacy would like to send a delegation to Telum

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