Assasination attempt!

  • Telum, 29-12-2012 - A group of environmentalists have tried to assasinate the Emperor of Inimicus! The monarch was having a tour in his armoured car, when a spiked barrier was quickly deployed in front of his vehicle, destroying the tyres.

    user posted image
    The Emperor's car

    A security guard working for the Emperor has told what happened:_
    "A group of
    activists rushed towards the car and tried to open the door. We, however, had locked the doors. The activists started firing at the locks, but they were bulletproof.

    "We called backup. Of course, two of us had covered the Emperor completely. Can't inmagine it was very comfortable, but it was protective, though.

    "Backup arrived within five minutes. They were completely armoured, with tanks and at least a hundred men. The environmentalists fled after a short firefight, but they didn't get far." _

    user posted image
    The Imperial Guard in combat

    The Emperor stepped out of the car, surrounded by security personnel. After he was brought towards the tanks, security let him go.

    However, all of a sudden, an environmentalist who was supposedly dead, drew a knife and tried to stab the Emperor. Our monarch, though, dodged the assault, and the knife ended up in his shoulder.

    He was transported to hospital immediately. The terrorists were taken into custody, and await a prison sentence of twenty-five years, after which they will be executed.

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