New Year Speech of the PM of North Europa

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    A year has 365 days, this is the same for everyone, but how different it seems to a child or a young person, to an adult or elderly person. There is a long time till Christmas, a whole year until one's birthday, and an eternity till the summer holidays. Later in life, time passes much faster, it feels as if summer has just ended when New Year's Eve is here, over and over again.

    However, regardless of your age, a new year will always be a year of opportunities. As one grows older, experience may become a mental ballast when faced with a new year and new times, whether hardship or optimism prevail.

    Let's take a look at the world around us. We can definitely improve it. You do not need anything special. A hug, a handshake, a kiss, even a gesture of love and charity enough. It's all so simple, there is no reason to complicate everything to the innocent mind. Today begins a new year with new opportunities and goals. Our work and this time is to support all rights of our citizens who themselves have chosen us to lead them.
    This year, the new year should put the past behind us and move forward with purpose and effect. Let this year, a year that will be interested in new things, but also for the development of old.
    This year let's give a little more attention to people who need us, even if it is not economical. Do not go away. Our new members and the elderly are our closest persons who want to help them and support them, but of course I want to make distinctions, because it is a lie that there are times when adults need the support of the other two
    This year we will complete a year since our accession to the EU in Consider how much we contributed, even in our own way. At this moment we prepare to host for first time the European leaders in our country for the European Energy Forum to be held in February.
    And how much more we can do .....
    All that is enough to be united, to let the past hardships and problems and look to the future of our country, the future of our children

    Let us enter the New Year knowing that we can be there
    for each other. God bless you all;


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