Vastroranian Uranium on the market!

  • Vastroranian Uranium on the market!

    After a recent ban on Nuclear plants by the government of Vastoran, the nation now finally relies mostly on eco-friendly power courses.

    However, to prevent economic collapse and rising workless, the Vastroranian government agreed with the League of Vastroranian Export and Import to put 95% of Vastroran's Uranium Ore income on the international market.

    All uranium is allowed to be used both militaristic and economically. We'd like any replies from nations interested in Uranium Ores.

    Any agreement made will officially start when there is any connection between Vastoran and the foreign nation import-export wise.

  • Rhine Ruhr is highly interested in purchasing quantities of Vastroranian uranium. We will begin an effort to open a trade rout between our nations.

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    Os Corelia is concerned at the sale of such material. What assurances can Vastoran give that this wont end up in the hands of a nation not approved by the nuclear authority or a terrorist organisation?

    (OOC: You can message me if you are not sure how to respond smile.gif My nation are anti-nuclear so we do moan a lot! wink.gif )

  • Uranium has a variety of uses, not just for weaponry, therefore its sale is not to be regulated by European authorities.

  • The government understands why some nations might be concerned about the Uranium trade.

    Sadly enough, our police and any agency cannot hold any possibilities of trade between the uranium mining companies and terrorist orginisations.

    We highly dissaprove the trade between very militant nations using nuclear weapons and the mining companies, but we fear that the damage for the uranium mining sector would be too great if we won't allow it.

    We reccomend that the uranium is used for non-militaristic purposes.

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