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    News from around the Empire

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    TELUM, 26-1-2013- The Emperor is pleased to announce that an EU delegation will visit the Empire to plan the destruction of the Soman gas used in the Telum incident.
    "I am very glad that this despicable gas will be gone! It has caused us enough trouble, and it should be gone as soon as possible", said the Emperor.

    The delegation will arrive at the 31st of January, and will stay in the Imperial Palace during their visit. We hope that the visit will be fruitful.

    News from around the Empire

    Telum, 6-2-2013-The Emperor has announced that the New Imperial Anthem will be released soon! His Majesty composes music in his spare time, and has stated that the Inimician Anthem will be released and taken into service this week.

    His Majesty had already finished the Anthem a couple of days ago, but with the International Delegates visiting the country, he has not had any time to publish the news yet.

    Inimicus hasn't had an official anthem ever. The rebels did have a patriotic song, but it was never accepted as the official Inimician anthem. This historical moment in history will not be forgotten!
    "The Emperor has built up our country from scratch!", an anonymous civillian said when asked what he thought about the composition , 'We have yet to hear the anthem, but I'm sure it'll be fantastic!'

    News from around the Empire

    Telum, 7-2-2013 - The Emperor has completed his "masterwork"! The Imperial Inimician Anthem has been finished! The anthem was played the first time today by the Imperial Inimician Symphony Orchestra, outside the Emperor's Palace.
    The Emperor was immediately praised for his composition.
    "It reflects the Greatness of our Empire", said an interviewed citizen, watching the Symphony Orchestra.

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    News from around the Empire

    Telum, 11-2-2013 - The opposition has called for new elections! The opposition claims that in the first Inimician elections, fraud has been committed!
    The parties claim that, a year ago, the Emperor has voted for the Party of National Pride, the ruling party in Inimicus.
    "The constitution of Inimicus does not state that the Emperor is allowed to vote! Many, many citizens followed the Emperor in his decision, and so the PNP gained the majority. This is outrageous. New elections must be called, for the sake of Inimicus", said Jeff Speller, leader of the Green Party, the lead opposition party.

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    Jeff Speller debates in the Second Chamber of Parliament

    The Emperor has already responded to the statement, despite his busy scheme: the ECBWA is in Inimicus. His Majesty said: "The Constitution indeed does not say that the Emperor is allowed to vote. HOWEVER, it does not state that the Emperor is NOT allowed to vote, either! I am an Inimician citizen, and every free Inimician citizen without a double passport is allowed to vote! The opposition is partially right, I must admit. Even so, I am in my full right!"

    It is yet unclear whether or not new elections are going to be called. The Prime Minister has not given a reaction yet, and neither has the Minister of the Interior.

    News from around the Empire

    Telum, 13-2-2013 - The Prime Minister has announced new elections! The opposition's bid for a new referendum has been heard. The elections were demanded because of a supposed case of fraud, because the Emperor voted, as well.

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    The seats in the Parliament as divided after the 2012 election

    The elections will take place on the 20th of February.
    The polls show that the PNP might not regain its single majority, as the Green Party seems to gain a lot of power. The environmentalist movement supports that Party, and, as it's gaining new members, the Green Party gains support, as well.

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    News from around the Empire

    Telum, 15-2-2013 - In wait of the upcoming elections, the polls have dominated the Inimician media, trying to predict the outcome of the elections on the 20th of February.
    Some small parties seem to rise, as well, drawing support away from the larger ones.

    The most recent poll looks like this:

    user posted image

    It is strongly doubted that the PNP will regain its majority. If this is not so, it will have to start negotiating with other parties, although there are not many, if not no, parties that show interest in dealing with the PNP...

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    News from around the Empire!

    20-2-2013 - The hustlings are over! The elections in our great country have been a sign of democratic policy. 554 Of the 792 million Inimicians were allowed to vote, and of those voters a staggering 80% turned up at the voting bureaus, a record. Last year, only 62% of the electors voted.

    The ruling party, the PNP, has not regained a single majority in the parliament. Of its 78 represetatives, three will have to go home, leaving 75 seats in the Second Inimician Chamber.

    **"**It is a dire fact that the Party will not be allowed to rule on its own. We have the best programme for our Empire, and it seems a rising group of Inimician citizens think that the Green Party and the Communists can lead Inimicus to glory, something which I despise", said Prime Minister Wilfred Cocx, Party Chairman of the Party of National Pride.

    The election results will force the PNP to "collaborate" with an other party. According to the Prime Minister "Preferably with the party closest to ours, which is the Party for Freedom"

    The election results are as followed:
    The Party of National Pride: 75 seats
    Democrats for Inimicus: 23 seats
    Green Party: 27 seats
    Party for Freedom: 13 seats
    Christian Democrats: no seats
    Socialist Party: 4 seats
    Libertarian Party: 4 seats
    Party for the Elderly: no seats
    Communist Party: 4 seats.

    The seats as divided in the election are like this:

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    The Green Party Chairman, Jeff Speller, has expressed his joy:
    **"**It's about time the PNP steps down! The dictatorship of the past year had to end, and it has ended! The Green Party is now a sizeable, stable group. I am also happy to announce the introduction of another left-wing party: the Communist Party. It is good to see that the left is gaining ground!"

    The PM now has to negotiate. It will not be easy for him and his right hand, Sarah Gladwell.

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    The parties divided in the political axes


    News from around the Empire

    Telum, 25-2-2013 - Negotiations between the PNP and the PfF are going WELL! Despite every expectations, the negotiators seem to be discussing and succeeding.

    user posted image

    The negotiations in progress. The outgoing PM is the sixth person from the right

    "We have agreed on income tax, immigration, the Inimician Health Service, and a couple of other subjects. I am confident that the outgoing cabinet will try and do its best to succeed in our negotiations, and I'm also confident that a strong cabinet will be formed consisting of these parties. No one, including me, thought the negotiations would succeed this fast. It is only a matter of discussing the last bits.", said Derek Wallace, chairman of the Party for Freedom, third from the right on the picture above.

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    News from around the Empire

    Telum, 28-2-2013 - The negotiations are over! The PNP and the PfF have concluded their meetings, and formed a new cabinet. The new Minister titles are divided like this:

    • Prime Minister: Wilfred Cocx (Incumbent)(PNP)
    • Minister of Internal Affairs: Derek Wallace (PfF)
    • Minister of Forgein Affairs: Sarah Gladwell (Incumbent)(PNP)
    • Minister of Social Affairs: Victor Doubleday (PfF)
    • Minister of the Treasury: Hugh Doyle (Incumbent)(PNP)
    • Minister of Public Health: Karen Smith (PfF)
    • Minister of Imperial Affairs: Anne Dobson (PfF)
    • Minister of Justice and Security: George Williams (Incumbent)(PNP)
    • Minister of Infrastructure: Timothy Broderick (PfF)
    • Minister of Defence: Basil Lawson (Incumbent)(PNP)
    • Minister of Education: Edith Oxley (Incumbent)(PNP)
    • Minister of European Affairs: Nicholas Benfield (Incumbent)(PNP)
    • Minister of Developent: Agnes Wyatt
    • Minister of Agriculture: Mark McFearson (Incumbent)(PNP)
    • Minister of Development Aid: Judy Smallwood (PfF)

    The cabinet will be sworn in on the fourth of March in the Imperial Palace.

    News from around the Empire

    Lacerta. 2-3-2013 - The Emperor, while on a visit to the Mason's Guild in the Inimician city of Lacerta, has fallen from the stairs, and hurt his foot.
    An ambulance was at the site very quickly, and His Majesty was transported to hospital. His doctor has explained the situation:

    "His majesty has broken his foot at several places. I'm afraid that it will never fully heal. Also, he has two minor wounds on his head, which are of no great concern. Lastly, he has broken his hand, although that will heal completely."

    The accident happened in the hall of the Masonry Guild. Someone had left soap on the stairs. The security officials working for the Emperor said it was probably done deliberately to hurt His Majesty. The left-wing activists in the nation are suspects number one.

    user posted image

    The Guid's entrance hall. The Emperor slipped on the right stair.

    News from around the Empire

    Lacerta Hospital, 3-3-2013 - The Emperor, wounded by his "accident" yesterday, has made an official statement on National Television. His Majesty was seen lying in a hospital bed, while he spoke the words:

    "Fellow Inimicians. Countrymen. You see me here as you have never seen me before. I have been hurt in a cowardous attack against me. It will take me some time before I can turn back to my office. Until then, and I think it will last at least a week, Prime Minister Wilfred Cocx will take over my duties as head of State.
    "Furthermore, as my last order as Emperor for quite a while, I order a full-scale investigation on my case. No one would leave soap on the staircase by accident..."

    The "Deputy Emperor" has not given a response yet.

    News from around the Empire

    Telum, 4-3-2013 - The cabinet has been sworn in. The ministers and the Deputy Emperor (who is also the Prime Minister) stood on the steps of the Imperial Palace to show the new government to the press. It is the a (and hopefully the only) cabinet to appear on the steps without the Emperor, something highly unusual.

    The cabinet will sit in the Inimician Second Chamber from tomorrow on, where they will participate in the debate on the Government Declaration.

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    The special seats for the Cabinet in the Second Chamber

    The Prime Minister/Deputy Emperor has given a speech in a press conference:
    "This is an auspicious day indeed! The Cabinet has been formed at record speed, something very special. The Party for Freedom and my Party have negotiated intensively, with an amazing result. We have formed a majority cabinet, with support in both the Chambers"

    News from around the Empire

    Telum, 8-3-2013 - The Emperor has addressed the nation a second time, this time not from his hospital bed, but from his armchair in the Imperial Palace. He was still looking tired and in pain, yet his voice was already clearer:

    "My fellow Inimicians. It has been a few days since I last addressed you. My health conditions have not been that well yet, and it will take surely some time before I will be able to fulfill my function completely. Meanwhile, Deputy Emperor Cocx is very capable to take my place.
    There is a brighter side of this speech, though. The years of investigation of the violent wing of the environentalist movement, which is unfortunately very large, has led to the arrest of a large number of terrorists, who immediately confessed their crimes. They also confessed rubbing soap on the stairs of the Lacerta Masonry Guild, the crime that led to my injury. You will be informed of this later, but for now it's a goodbye and take care from the Imperial Palace"

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    The Imperial Palace, located in Telum

    The successful arrests took place after a raid in the city of Stultus, where the terrorists were holed up in a warehouse, previously thought to contain a fishery. The Imperial Special Team entered the building yesterday, and found a base the size of the Stultus military base. The terrorists were arrested immediately, and will be put on trial next week.

    News from around the Empire

    Telum, 11-3-2013 - The debate about the Declaration of Government in the Inimician Second Chamber has turned out into an abusive quarrel between Left and Right.

    The debate was going completely normal, with all subjects of the Declaration of Government being debated. Yet, when the Environment Expenses were discussed, a fierce debate erupted between Jeff Speller, the Chamber Chairman of the Green Party , and the Minister for Internal Affairs, Derek Wallace. The Green Party heavily citisised the government cuts on green expenses, while the Minister and his fellows defended that cause.

    user posted image

    Jeff Speller is clearly annoyed

    We have picked out the moment where the debate turned into a fight in words, the Minister's text is in italic print, Mr Speller's text in bold (the chairman is underlined):

    Mr Speller here, Mr Chairman, says the Cabinet is an undemocratic, destructive body. But the question that I want to ask him is: can he deny that in history, Mr Benfield said it, too, in the European debates, that temperatures have chaged, that climate has changed?
    -Chairman, the CO2 levels in the world have soared since the 19th century!
    -There was no industry in the 10th century, was there?!
    -You, sir, are an undemocratic fascist.
    -No, no, Mr Speller
    -Chairman, if I may react to this, the Green Party is a tree-hugging moron group!
    -What about the PNP and the PfF, Hmm? Commiting fraud, gassing their own - populace?
    -This had nothing to do with party politics, and this green bastard knows it!

    The Chairman tried to calm the two down, yet without effect. They eventually had to be pulled from their seats by other members of the Chamber.

    News from around the Empire

    Telum, 15-3-2013 - The Emperor has sat in his office for the first time again! 13 Days ago, His Majesty was transported to hospital, and today he sat behind his oak wooden desk:


    _I am still incapable of working, as I have not recovered yet. Unfortunately, my foot will never heal. I am only here to address you, my people. I have important matters to discuss.

    This small fight in our Parliament is, of course, unheard of. It is the biggest disgrace in Inimician Parliamentary History. I do not blame the Minister, as reported, Mr Jeff Speller started the incident by classifying the Minister as "an undemocratic fascist". That is why I have ordered Mr Speller's arrest. He has been charged with "insulting a government official", "disturbing parliamental order" and "the spreading of hate in thoughout Inimicus".

    Speller is likely to be found guilty of these crimes. He will most probably face a prison sentence of at least fifteen years. The entire cabinet is behind my decision to sue him, especially Minister Derek Wallace, of course.

    As a matter of fact, Mr Speller has already laid down his function as Party Leader of the Green Party. Party elections will be held soon, as I've been informed, and a new Leader will be chosen. All that the other parties can do is say farewell to a colleauge, whether they liked Speller or not...

    I expect that it will take at least two more weeks before I can get to work again. But, most probably, when I will visit the Lacerta Masonry Guild again, I'll have the stairs checked thouroughly!_

    Later today, an Imperial Guard Arrest Team (only used in special Arrest Cases and House Warrants) was spotted ringing the bell at Speller's house, and taking him with them to the nearest Imperial Guard Field Office (IGFO)

    user posted image

    His Majesty's working desk

    News from around the Empire

    Militarae, 17-13-2013 - Minister of Defence Basil Lawson has announced a complete reform of the Inimician military. Many suspected this reform to be announced earlier, but finally, their suspects have become realitiy:


    _The plan consists of two one-month plans, which will have extraordinary effect in the efficiency and effectivity of our armed forces.

    The first plan will be about reforming, rearming and regrouping the Imperial Inimician Air Force and the Imperial Inimician Navy. Changes will include:

    • Rearming the soldiers with better equipment;
    • Introducing new uniforms;
    • Intruducing new unit sizes and names;
    • Simplifying radio and sonar systems.

    The second plan will reform the Imperial Inimician Land Forces and all other special forces, such as the Imperial Guard (which officially, is handled as a Defence and Security matter).

    The first plan will commence today, the 17th of March. In exactly a month, on the 17th of April, the second plan will commence.

    We hope to improve the total military efficiency by 40 to 50%, which would be a record for any plan that has been executed in Inimicus and the Former Republic that once ruled these lands.

    The plans' station points will be here, in Militarae, as the main military camps are located here._

    So said Minister Lawson. The actual figures, though, do not indicate where the Ministry gets the efficiency rise numbers, so that amount can be questioned. We do know for sure that the efficiency will rise.

    The plan, all in all, will cost around one billion Poives. "But the money's surely worth it", said Deputy Emperor/Prime Minister Wilfred Cocx in a press conference together with Minister Lawson, "I am very proud to be present in this period in history, where Inimicus will have a military to be proud of!"

    user posted image

    One of the many new designs for military uniforms. This specific outfit is designed for a Second Class Naval Lieutenant

    News from around the Empire

    Telum, 17-3-2013 - Nicholas Benfield, after an unsuccessful campaign, has returned home. He has visited the Imperial Palace, to talk to the Deputy Emperor and the Emperor. When his car arrived at the Palace, the press talked him into making a final public statement about the Commission elections:


    It is a shame that the European Union does not recognise my talent. I am a capable man, with sensible, if not very good ideas.

    The Emperor, the Deputy Emperor and the ex-candidate spoke for about two hours. The press was not allowed to hear the meeting, but we preditct that the Emperor is very disappointed in Benfield, and so is the Prime Minister/Deputy Emperor.

    After the conversation, the ex-candidate, who is also the minister for European Affairs, drove to his home in the Telum suburbs. When walking over to the car, though, our photographer seemed to notice a tear running down Benfield's face. He was unable to make a photograph of it, though.

    Nicholas Benfield on work visit

    Nicholas Benfield, Minister for European Affairs, delegate to the EU and ex-candidate for the European Commission has visited the new Lacerta Airport. The construction of the airport had begun a year ago, yet in all commotion, the Minister hasn't been able to visit it yet. With the Minister's visit, the airport has officially been opened, and, of course, with a good celebration, you drink a glass of Champagne. Although alcohol is banned for everyone except citizens that have completed an alcohol survey, the 1952 Champagne bottle was opened with pleasure.

    user posted image

    The Minister drinks his glass with Chief Executive of the construction Harry Leeroy

    News from around the Empire

    Telum, 18-3-2013 - As this is the last day that Nicholas Benfield is in Inimicus for quite some time, Nuntius Inimici reporters have been granted the right to interview Mr Benfield. So this edition of Nuntius Inimici will be about "question time"! Our most notorious interviewer, Colin Hoskins, has been chosen for the job.

    Mr Benfield. You have recently been crushed in the Commission elections. What the hell have you done wrong?
    Wrong? Well, wrong is the 'wrong' word, if I may say. I admit, it may have been more prudent to have lowered my voice a little. But I said what I and the PNP think, so I don't believe I've done anything wrong!

    But you must say it would've been wiser to run for Commissioner next time, and wait and see this time, mustn't you?
    You see, my roots lie in a country where the saying goes: 'Niet geschoten is altijd mis'. This, literally translated, means 'If you don't shoot, you always miss'. I follow this saying with my whole heart and soul.

    What about this grave insult? It was damn foolish to call Mrs Callaghan 'the worst economics Commissionner ever, wasn't it?
    Mrs Callghan was a Commissionner that hasn't done a lot to improve the European economy, as I would say. Many in our country disagree, including the Emperor, but that's another matter. Everyone defends her by saying "she's made a European budget!". True. But this budget is way too small. I hope she'll expand it in her next term.

    What about your statements on climate change?
    No one denies that the climate in changing. Me, neither. Yet, I do not think that man created this change. Al Gore has it wrong, I tell you. It is true that it's growing warmer on earth. Yet, we did NOT cause this. Medieval times: temperature was higher than now. Renaissance: temperatures were lower than now. And what about the Ice Ages? Did man cause those, too?

    I thank you warmly for this intervieuw. I have one last question: do you intend to run for Commission next time?
    I'm not allowed to make that known yet.

    Oh, come on!
    I intend to. But that's all I can say on this matter. The Emperor, the Prime Minister, and a couple of other figures would have to give me permission.

    Thank you.
    My pleasure.

    So far the interview. Benfield will depart for Europolis this evening, where he will continue his role as Delegate to the European Council, Minister of European Affairs and ex-candidate for the Commission.

    user posted image

    Mr Benfield

    News from around the Empire

    Telum, 20-3-2013 - The Inimician Imperial Court of Justice (IICJ) has begun the trial of notorious Green Leader Jeff Speller (now that he is suspected, we are forced to name him: Jeff S.) in the Telum Courthouse. The former Chairman of the Green Party is charged with the following:

    Placing insults aimed towards an Inimician government official
    Strongly disturbing the order of the Inimician Second Chamber
    Inciting hatred throughout the Inimician populace
    Encouraging actions of a terrorist nature

    The trial will most likely end tomorrow, as the prosecutor as well as the defender have already spoken. A couple of words from the prosecutor:

    Mr S. has encouraged the attack on His Majesty the Emperor in the Guild House in Lacerta. He's confessed it, and should be punished for it!

    These words followed after a declaration on S's side:

    I solemly swear to speak the truth in this declaration. I have encouraged and supported the attack on His Majesty William I, our most noble Emperor. It was my right-hand that smeared a slippery substance on the steps.

    S is likely to be sentenced to at least 15 years of imprisonment, if not more.

    user posted image

    The Telum courthouse, located two miles from the Imperial Palace

    News from around the Empire

    Telum, 21-3-2013 - Jeff S's trial has ended. The punishment with which he has been charged is far heavier than anyone expected. He has been sentenced to death:


    The court finds you guilty of the following:

    • Placing insults aimed towrds an Inimician government official;
    • Strongly disturbing the order of the Inimician Second Chamber;
    • Inciting hatred throughout the Inimician populace;
    • Encouraging actions of a terrorist nature;
    • Attempting to assassinate His Imperial Majesty the Emperor

    The court sentences you to death through your own choice. The available choices presented to you are:

    • Shot
    • Electrocution
    • Poison

    You may decide later where and how you will be punished. The court ends this session here, now. Order in the Court, order, order.

    So said the Chief Justice. Jeff S. will be executed tomorrow morning. He has been allowed to choose his way of death, and he has chosen the following:

    "I, Jeff S., have been sentenced to death by the IICJ, and have been allowed to make my own choice of punishment. Therefore, I have chosen to die by means of poison. Tomorrow morning, I will drink the poison cup. It has been an honour to serve Inimician interests."

    user posted image

    Jeff S, after the Court session

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