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    Inimician Military News

    Militarae, 9-2-2013 - As the economy in Inimicus has thrived in the last year due to the extensive government services, it has recruited more and more soldiers. The Empire joined the EU right when it was formed, one year ago.

    The cabinet has, in the past year, increased employment and welfare. However, social equality has recieved no funds by comparison.
    "Social services is an area which still needs improvement, but we cannot do everything at once", Prime Minister Wilfred Cocx explained today in the Inimician Second Chamber of Parliament.

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    The PM debates in the Parliament

    "We have been described as a hateful government. As anti-semites, as national-socialists, as fascists. But, as I always say:

    A true man hates no one

    We have been tested in the past year."

    The cabinet has greatly increased the nation's military, too. In the beginning of the nation, the army consisted out of the militias, which fought in the Civil War.
    Now, the Imperial Inimician Army has grown and has been modernised.
    "We increased the amount of soldiers greatly!", boasted Minister of Defence Basil Lawson, "We renewed the entire military, it is now greater than ever!"

    Inimician Military news

    Together with Minister of Justice and Security George Williams, Minister of Defense Basil Lawson has called a new Military force into life: the Internal Terrorist Guardians (ITG), who are tasked with the fighting of terrorism throughout Inimcus. The country was shocked recently by the death of Emperor William I at the hands of terrorists, and is desperate to fight these cowardous acts. This organisation of highly-trained (mostly undercover) agents will try to infiltrate the terrorist networks and take them out. Of course, we cannnot go into detail, because all the specified information and tactics are highly confidential. The Minister made the official announcement this afternoon, despite the period of mourning the country is in:

    _"...The Internal Terrorist Guardians will most likely bring significant changes to Inimician safety. We do not fight the groups openly anymore. Instead, we infiltrate their entire foul systems, and then release a chain of events, causing the group to collapse completely. What this method will be I cannot say, but what I can guarantee you, is that it will be a thrashing success. Never before has any Inimician official thougt of something this brilliant, and I thank my colleague the Minister for Justice and Security George Williams for his excellent contribution to the realisation of this force.

    Now, the costs are high, we admit. But the cost of an unsafe populace are higher than any amount of money could ever reach. His Majesty Emperor William I, blessed be his body, gave us personal permission to organise this force back in January, and from tomorrow onwards they will be in every terrorist organisation in the country. We are highly proud of these brave men and women, and pray for their success..."_

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    Even "hobos" like these could well be ITG agents

    Inimician Military news

    Minister Basil Lawson of Defence has completed his two one-month plans, improving Inimician military equipment, increasing the size of the military and organising the armed forces into new, stuctured units and ranks.
    The new unit structures:

    • Army group consisting of three Armies (72000 soldiers)
    • Army consisting of five batallions (24000 soldiers)
    • Batallion consisting of four regiments (4800 soldiers)
    • Regiment consisting of six companies (1200 soldiers)
    • Company consisting of two detachments (200 soldiers)
    • Detachment consisting of ten platoons (100 soldiers)
    • Platoons consisting of 10 soldiers each.The new ranks:
    1. Commander-in-chief
    2. Brigadier-General
    3. Field Marshall
    4. Staff General
    5. General
    6. Colonel-Major
    7. Colonel
    8. Major
    9. Brigadier
    10. Captain-Major
    11. Captain
    12. Lieutenant
    13. Sergeant Major
    14. Sergeant
    15. Warrant officer
    16. Corporal
    17. Lance-Corporal
    18. Private 1st Class
    19. Private 2nd Class
    20. Private 3rd ClassOOC: the changes will be incorporated in the Inimician war list[/FONT][/SIZE]

    Inimician Military News

    Minister for Defence and Nuclear Development Basil Lawson has announced a partial mobilisation of the Inimician Military. This means recruiting is drastically increased and a part of the compulsory military force is called into action. It is rumoured this measure is taken because of the increasinly inflammatory situation in the Western Sahara, which Inquista promptly invaded at the beginning of this week. Inimicus is one of the nations which have pledged to support the Commission's position in the conflict, among Halsberg, Great Britain, Davishire and Groot-Belgi?. Inimicus still has the passive compulsory military service, which means all men above the age of 16 can be called to serve in the armed forces whenever the government deems this necesarry.
    "...We have decided to call in a part of the mobilisation force for indefinite time. I apologise for the wives and children who will have to deal without their husbands and fathers, but we are dealing with a situation hitherto unkown to the Empire of Inimicus...", the Minister said this morning in an official press release.

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