European Arts Collaboration Fund Applications

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    EACF Applications

    We are now inviting applications to access the Arts Collaboration Fund of the Europe Union. We are seeking innovative ways for artists or two or more European countries to collaborate and be creative together. We want to encapsulate the true spirit of unity that this region has. The EACF bill defines arts as follows:


    Arts: Forms of free expression including, but not limited to: Music, Drama, Painting, Sculpture, Dance, Digital Media, Video, Cinema, Drawings, Animation, and Graphic Novels

    We abide to this definition in our considerations.

    So what do we want from you? We would like a proposal in any form you like for a collaborative project. Please include references to the following criteria:


    Section 2
    Decisions made by the board will be on strict criteria of: viability, sustainability, cultural legacy and the effect of such artistic collaboration. Evidence will need to be provided of financial and creative planning, as well as a plan for exhibition of the work that will be reasonably accessible to citizens from all over Europe.

    We request applicants give an indication of expected final costs.

    So get your creative hats on!

    Once an application is submitted the board will review it, initially decision periods will be undisclosed.

    OOC: EACF Creative calls will be in a separate thread, these will be out once the EACF board has discussed ideas.

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