Iyori-Inquista Conferance

  • **To: **The Office of Archbishop of Inquista, Elector of Saint Dominico, The Microstate of Inquista
    From: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Federal Republic of Iyori.

    To His Holiness Archbishop of Inquista, elector of Saint Dominico, Paul Craticus, it is with a great pleasure that the Preimer of the Federal Republic of Iyori wishes to extend an invitation to the Head of State of one of our Republic?s most important neighbours to our nations capital of Tokyo to discuss Inquista joining the Tokyo Economic Accords or drafting up an agreement similar in nature to tailor to both of our respective nations. It is with great hope that his Holiness Accepts this invitation and let the Office of the Premier know if such acceptance has come into fruition.

    Yours Faithfully
    Minister of Foreign Affairs
    Hiroka Anno

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    I humbly accept your invitation to join your head of state in Tokyo. It is not only important for me, but for my people to build stronger bonds with our neighbours and with Iyori in particular, as it would be quite beneficial to have a strong ally so nearby. It has also been in my interest to build a strong economic community in central Europe and to create our own economic bloc. I look forward to what progress lies ahead. I can't wait to meet in Tokyo.

    Yours always,

    Paul Craticus,
    Archbishop of Inquista, Elector of Saint Dominico

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    _The Foreign Affairs Minister Hiroka Anno was waiting at the arrivals terminal at Tokyo International airport. She was awaiting the spiritual leader of Europe?s most influential religious institution; the Catholic Church, in a majority Buddhist country. Iyori was however probably the most secular country in Europe. So both neighbours were pretty much juxtaposed to each other. However relations had always been stable.

    Terminal 11 was the terminal which had been privately booked for the Archbishop?s visit. Which was marked with Iyorian and Inquista flags. All she could do now was wait for the Archbishop and the rest of the delegation so she could direct them further. _

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    The Archbishop landed safely in Iyorian capital city, Tokyo. The flight was just under an hour long, and the Archbishop was barely able to finish the assortment of food that he had been given during the flight. He was too busy gazing out into the clouds, or at the magnificent city bellow as the airplane began to descend. Archbishop Paul Craticus was escorted out of his private jet by his secretary and two body guards. He squinted and diverted his eyes as the sun broke through the clouds and blinded his eyes. His secretary began updating him on loca weather reports and some of the latest news articles published by Iyori Today.

    Craticus was taken by a miniature bus from the runway to the terminal entrance. It was empty. t must have been reserved for him only. As Carticus and his company made their way down the terminal and into arrivals section they were greeted kindly by the Iyorian delegation. Craticus smiled.

    "Ah, Hiroka Anno I presume? It's so great to finally be able to hear your voice in person."

  • Hiroka Anno gave a respectful bow.

    Hiroka Anno: ?I can say the same to you Your Holiness I hope your journey was pleasant, welcome to Tokyo. I hope our visit is productive. The Premier is waiting at the Blue Manner.?

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    Archbishop Craticus was humbled by the welcome and bowed to Mr. Anno.

    "I can only wish the same as you. Again, thanks for going through this enormous trouble to set this conference up, I truly appreciate it. I can already say I think we will get on well. However, your guidance to the Blue Manor would be most wonderful, thank you."

    The Archbishop and his small company of diplomats were then safely escorted to a private parkade outside of the airport, and were driven from there to the Blue Manor. The Archbishop looked keenly out of his window as they drove. Tokyo was a truly bustling city, people were constantly on the move from one place to another. The architecture of new and old flowed together, and the distinct Iyorian culture was refreshing. There was truly no country like this, and it excited the Archbishop to be able to possibly call this nation an ally of Inquista. The Archbishops vehicle finally pulled up by the Manner... the Archbishop's jaw dropped.

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    _His holiness would find Premier Shinji Kumino himself greeting him at the front of the Executive Blue Manor. He humbly bowed as was the custom and greeted the Archbishop with a warm smile and a handshake. He was dressed in a jet black business suit with pin stripes and a solid navy blue tie with tthing diagonal white stripes, looking really conservative as was expected of the Iyorian head of government. _

    ?Good afternoon your Holiness, your journey was a pleasant one I ask?I do apoligise for the traffic, it is rather horrid, there is nothing I can do about that Im afraid, everything is Tokyo is always busy and everyone always seems to be in a rush, but at least you manage to beat rush hour. If you wish we can have lunch, or do you wish to et down to business??

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    The Archbishop was stunned by the beauty of the manor. The Archbishops' palace back at Inquista is one sight, but the sight of the blue Manor was different. The Manor was different, unique and glorious. Craticus was given a warm reception by Premier Shinji Kumino at the front of the Blue Manor. The Archbishop respectfully bowed to the Premier and gave him a stern, yet harm handshake. The Archbishop also noticed how sleek and elegantly the Premier was dressed, and gave a nice smile.

    "The journey was great thank you. The flight was brief and there was no turbulence. The traffic was fine though, I'm quite used to it coming from Inquista. It gave me quite some time to look out and absorb my surroundings. This is my first time in Tokyo, or Iyori for that matter. You are in charge of quite a magnificent country I must say.

    A little lunch while we get down to business would be great actually. I was only able to eat a bit of food on my flight here, so I'm a bit hungry. But that might just be because like most Inquistans I tend to have quite the hyper metabolism. I'm also quite interested in Iyorian cuisine. I think it would be the perfect start."

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    The Premier smiled.

    **Premier Shinji Kumino: **?Certainly?Please come?

    _They went inside the Blue Manner, and sat down into the dining room.[/b]

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    Premier Shinji Kumino: Our first dish is a light Miso Soup. The ingredients usually vary from region to region and also the seasons. I am told by the chef that this one in particular is cut up sweet tofu, with spring onion, asparagus, onions, with rice paper noodles and cut yp pieces of unagi eel with dry fish stock to make up the broth of the soup.?

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    [i]On the side of the dish was 2 sets of cutlery, one was a set of chopsticks, the other was a set of usual European cutlery with a fork and a spoon which was appropriate for this dish, knives where not needed here. The Premier picked up his pair of chopsticks and started eating._

    Permier Kumino: ?Now about this treaty Your holiness, You may have heard we have recently signed an economic agreement with our neighbours in the East, Rhine Ruhr?It is a rather beneficial treaty one which Iyori wishes to extend to it?s neighbours, Inquista included. Are you familiar with the details or shall I explain them to your holiness??

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