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  • **UAEF Euro Cup Spring - Marrakechia

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    Welcome to Match day! This will be where all your results will be role-played at. Why not make interviews before or after your match being played or even Appeal for match bans imposed on your players following a Red Card!

    Including the draw to place countries in groups

    The Opening ceremony and Closing ceremony will be role-played here too!

  • Marrakechians celebrate in the street following winning the bid to host the Euro Cup.

    Ahmed Bekkari the spokesperson for the Marrakechian Football Association said ''Marrakechia will do their best to provide an excellent tournament especially after the Saharan troubles which may damaged the bid a bit but we can come out those trouble times and produce an outstanding tournament."

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  • The UAEF News

    The preparations for the Euro Cup is at full swing with 12 competing Nations battling as European Champions.

    The draw of the group stage will take place today alongside the referees being placed.

    The draw will contain 12 nations and 4 groups.

    There will be 3 countries in each group with the top 2 advancing to the quarter finals.

    The host nation will be slotted in Group A.

    Football Associations are your team ready?

    • Europolis

    ''Ladies and gentleman we will now begin the Group stage draw."

    Group A 1

    Group B 1

    Group C 1
    Northern Caesarea

    Group D 1

    Group A 2

    Group B 2
    North Europa

    Group C 2
    Northern Caesarea

    Group D 2
    Rhine Ruhr

    Group A 3

    Groupb B 3
    North Europa
    Os Corelia

    Group C 3
    Northern Caesarea
    The United Planet

    Group D 3
    Rhine Ruhr



    1st Match Marrakechia v Bakrova - 15th April
    Referee: Jerome N'Dzolo (OCC)
    Assistant: Abran Talveras (OCC)
    3rd Official: Edmund Morton (NFL)
    4th Official: Hamza Zubeldia (MGL)

    2nd Match Bakrova v Inquidta - 17th April
    Referee: Brendon Garland (UPL)
    Assistant: Zak Norris (UPL)
    3rd Official Nikolaj Paelpalao (KRY)
    4th Official Rachid Kaazan (MRK)

    3rd Match Inquista v Marrakechia - 19th April
    Referee Khaled Iradi MGL
    Assistant Txiki Trad MGL
    3rd Official Franko Breclaro (OCC)
    4th Official Janko Mmula BAK

    Stadium venues of the matches will be revealed tomorrow.

    Group B fixtures will be next uploaded

  • CODE

    Group B:
    North Europa
    Os Corelia

    1st Match Occoron v North Europa - 15th April
    Referee: Abderahim Manouri (MRK)
    Assistant: Manour Dizaan (MRK)
    3rd Official: Massimo Bussaca (KRY)
    4th Official: Mark Davies (NFL)

    2nd Match North Europa v Os Corelia - 17th April
    Referee: Tyson Fordshire (INQ)
    Assistant: Brian Heart (INQ)
    3rd Official William Wysshe-Wellington (NFL)
    4th Official Mahmoud Zaher (MGL)

    3rd Match Os Corelia v Occoron - 19th April
    Referee Edmondo Pugliese RRR
    Assistant Meno Hoffmann RRR
    3rd Official Earle Duncanson UPL
    4th Official Nils Skj?dt NPE

  • CODE

    Group C:
    Northern Caesarea
    The United Planet

    1st Match Northern Caesarea v Newfoundland - 16th April
    Referee: Jeremias Galdon (OCC)
    Assistant: Jorge Lorezano (OCC)
    3rd Official: Pier Luis Colljna (KRY)
    4th Official: Daltar Bianco (OSC)

    2nd Match Newfoundland v United Planet - 18th April
    Referee: Xiva Nosmanov (BAK)
    Assistant: Jos Komanov (BAK)
    3rd Official Claus Lindholm (NEU)
    4th Official Natxo Zarraonandia (MGL)

    3rd Match United Planet v Northern Caesarea - 20th April
    Referee Robert Ballglijini KRY
    Assistant Claude Gravijlucci KRY
    3rd Official Phillida Gabrielson UPL
    4th Official Sean Goodman NFL

  • CODE

    Group D:
    Rhine Ruhr

    1st Match Monogolia v Kryuland - 16th April
    Referee: Ardon Eithergoft (OSC)
    Assistant: Soltre Vasterre (OSC)
    3rd Official: Sjoman Nikovic (BAK)
    4th Official: Mario Marquez (NCE)

    2nd Match Kryuland v Rhine Ruhr - 18th April
    Referee: Andres Ferrari (NCE)
    Assistant: Pol Sanchez (NCE)
    3rd Official Henning Lund-S?rensen (NEU)
    4th Official Darrel Piper (UPL)

    3rd Match Rhine Ruhr v Monogolia - 20th April
    Referee Johnny Murphy NFL
    Assistant William Wysshe-Wellington NFL
    3rd Official Mohamed Bergeron NCE
    4th Official Francisco Javier Miguel NCE

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    OsCos TV Sports Hour

    Welcome OsCos TV's Sports Hour with me Yellova Lautmowth. Today in Marrakechia the UAEF held the draw for the first EuroCup. Os Corelia have managed to be drawn in Group B with Neoghbours Occoron and North Europa. They will play North Europa on the 17th of April and Occoron on the 19th. The team have begun their training regime to prepare including training inside the Eider Forest sportsdrome specially heated at Marrakechia temperatures.

    Lein Gattenvark watched the draw, Sports Hour caught up with him afterwards to see his thoughts:

    'It is a very exciting draw indeed. Nobody is sure what will happen as nobody has been seeded and there are no previous competitions to go off. I think form what I've read into that we have quite a tough draw. Both Occoron and North Europa have strong football traditions and play in unique styles. Michael Qvist is going to cause problems in our opening match so we'll have to defensively compensate. Occoron have the craft Xavi Zarco a brilliant fit in a no.9 shirt. We need to shut down his plays to even begin to keep the ball out the net.

    Looking at our squad the Bristak brothers are our talistwins, both have been on top form for Eider Forest Green Rovers this season. These two certainly have a psychic connection. I am excited to get out there and play football. We are in it to win, although we dread penalties'

  • Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the 2nd day of Organisation of the Euro Cup.

    The grouping and referees has been completed.

    We will be moving on to the Venues:

    Group A:
    Marrakechia v Bakrova 15:00 CET
    Stade de Marrakech

    Bakrova v Inquista 15:00 CET
    Safi Arena

    Inquista v Marrakechia 15:00 CET
    Tanger Ibn Batuta

    Group B
    Occoron v North Europa 19:00 CET
    Stade Fez

    North Europa v Os Corelia 19:00 CET
    Stade de Marrakech

    Os Corelia v Occoron 19:00 CET
    Safi Arena

    Group C
    Northern Caesarea v Newfoundland 15:00 CET
    Tanger Ibn Batuta

    Newfoundland v United Planet 15:00 CET
    Fez Arena

    United Planet v Newfiundland 15:00 CET
    Stade de Marrakecb

    Group D
    Monogolia v Kryuland 19:00 CET
    Safi Arena

    Kryuland v Rhine Ruhr 19:00 CET
    Stade de Fez

    Rhine Ruhr v Monogolia 19:00 CET
    Tanger Ibn Batuta

    The official Sponsor of the UAEF Euro Cup
    Royal Air Maroc - Fly with Luxary
    GazPetroil - Energizing the World
    Adidas - All day I dream about Sport

    A Fellow region has sent an invitation for the EU to send a team. At the end of the Euro Cup, UAEF will send a squad which players from all Europe unite to take on the other region.

    At the end of the tournament the ranking system will take place and will be used to seed teams and groups etc. The points system is simple a point based on how many games played including friendlies, example 33 games has been played the Nation will receive 33 Points. A team who draws will receive 3 points in the rankings. A team who has won a match will get 5 points added and for the amount of goals scored will be 1 point per goal.

    Each Month nations can play upto 3 friendly matches so rankings can be updated each month.

    That is all and we wish all participants Good luck!

  • As the stadium plunges into darkness, everyone thought it was a power cut but 30 seconds later...

    user posted image

    The Euro Spring theme song has begun!

    Few minutes later the Participants in alphabetical order has started to come in the stadium!

    user posted image

    When all countries has settled in the King has took the stage

    "With great pleasure I announce the Euro Cup has Begun!"

  • Marrakechia v Bakrova
    Stade de Marrakech Att. 45,000

    0 - Kick off
    1 - Marrakechia gain Corner
    3 - Walid Khalouf MRK Misses, Goal kick!
    4 - Milan Nokovic BAK concedes a Free Kick and it has been taken but hit the wall!
    5 - Bakrova's Corner but punched away by the keeper!
    11 - A late tackle by Hamden Izeen and in the Referee book he goes!
    14 - Milan Nokovic gives away an foul and is booked for persistant fouking free kick to Marrakechia
    16 - Whalid Khalouf was close again as the shot hits the post bar and out!
    18 - Free kick for Marrakechia
    20 - And its a Corner to Bakrova and it comes to nothing
    25 - Peter Balkovic! And a fine save by the Marrakechian keeper keeping it 0-0
    26 - Free kick for Bakrova
    27 - CHANCE! Walid khalouf shot has been well saved!
    28 - Anither try by Walid Khalouf and another wonderful save!
    29 - And Marrakechias Corner, Pjotr Assan header! And into the Keepers hand!
    35 - Ezam Dejazi offside free kick for Bakrova
    42 - Pjotr Assan shoots and hits the crossbar but still in!
    43 - Keeper saves and keeps the ball from Pjotr Assan shot
    46 - 1 Min injury time added
    46 - Referee blows for Half Time!
    45 - Half time ends and we are now kick off!
    49 - Marrakechia corner and keeper punches the ball to safety
    56 - Hamdam Izeen offside Bakrovas free kick
    58 - Pjotr Assan shot been blocked by keeper
    60 - Milos Kaayan! Fantastic save by Bakriva to kewp the score even!
    67 - Marrakechia corner and out of play for goal kick
    70 - Close! Vilas Mahnov shoots but fails
    71 - Free kick for Marrakechia
    77 - Goes out, Marrakechia corner
    79 - Chance! Peter Bakovic shoots but just wide by inches!
    80 - Vilas Mahnov! Offf its a save!
    82 - Corner for Marrakechia and dangerous play for Marrakechia
    87 - Another corner and its close chance taking tje lead!
    90 - GOALLLL Walid Kahlouf has put Marrakechia ahead at a very late time!
    90 - Board comes up and 2 mins added time
    92 - Marrakechia offside!
    92 - The Wistle blows and it ends up 1-0 for Marrakechia

  • Occoron v North Europa
    Stade Fez
    Att. 41,000

    1 - Match kick off
    2 - Corner won by North Europa
    6 - Dennis Norkov shoots and Misses
    11 - Occoron Corner
    13 - Beautiful save from Occoron
    15 - Michael Qvit nearly put North Europa ahead but Occoron scrambled to save it
    18 - North Europa waste the corner
    19 - Occorons Corner and waste again!
    20 - Another corner for Nirth Europa and its well taken and CLOSE as Simon Dupont inches away from scorinh
    22 - Nicholas Cisneros misses
    23 - Anither attemot from Cisneros and Close and fine save from the keeper
    24 - Great football from Simon Dupont but does not a produce a goal as keeper easily saves the shot
    26 - Casper Skott caught in the offside trap. Occoron free kick
    28 - Fantastic effort by Casper Skott close bringing North Europa the lead!
    29 - Occoron is on the attack but fails to score
    30 - Xavi Zarco caught offside North Europa ball
    31 - Xavi Zarco manages to get the ball back and sttemots and its a GOAL! 1-0 for Occoron!
    31 - quick restart from North Europa and already received a corner and its a close chance equalising as Qvist shoots and goes high!
    32 - Occoron is once again on the attsck but misses and goes wide
    39 - Close Occoron nearly went 2-0 up!
    42 - Handball and its Occorons free kick
    45 - 0 mins has been added on
    45 - Manuel Marcos attemps and GOALL text book finish by Marcos and Occoron lead 2-0 as we go in for the break
    45 - Whistle Blown Half Time
    45 - And we are back in action and Occoron is on the orattack again
    47 - Fine save made by North Europa chance to push up
    49 - Dennis Norskov attemps a powerful close range shot and its IN a GOAL 2-1
    52 - Occorons Corner
    55 - Close from North Europa and goalkeepers ball
    57 - Great save by Agusto Casillias and holds back North Europa from scoring!
    59 - Occoron corner and Nicholas Ciseros headed it wide
    60 - Juan Toca misses
    63 - Occoron cirner again and jeeoer punched it to safety
    64 - Foul! A nasty tackle by Miguel Morera and in the referees boik he goes a yellow card!
    64 - Daniel Vester takes the free kick and a Wonderful GOAL a great free kick as North Europa equalises 2-2
    66 - Occoron is offside
    69 - Occoron will not escape the assistant offside flag as Cisneros is miles offside
    72 - Occoron shoots and its a save a corner will be msde
    73 - and the Corner is a waste
    76 - Handball! Occorond free kick
    79 - Awful challenge by Jores Wolff and he will not escape the Yellow card!
    80 - Free kick taken and the keeper saves for a corner
    88 - Occoron offside Nirth Europa Ball
    90 - The 4th official indicates 4 Added minutes
    94 - Casper Skott concedes a free kick and will be let off by the referee
    94 - Referee blows for Full time Occoron 2 - 2 North Europa

  • Euro Group not easy, says coach Puigcerc?s

    user posted image

    As Northern Caesarean National Football Team has landed in Marrakechia, there is much speculation among the media and football aficionados about the possibilities of the "Violet Fury" in the brand new European Championship. To achieve further goals, the national team will have to confront Newfoundland and United Planet, two teams widely considered as inferior to the Northern Caesarean side.

    But the Violet coach, Francisco Puigcerc?s, says that the worst thing the team can do is to have too much confidence: "If I had to draw a single conclusion of the first matches of the EuroCup it would be that there are no small enemies. All teams here have an astonishing level and we will see lots of surprises, as home team Marrakechia sweating blood to overcome Bakrova or favourites Occoron fininshing their inaugural match with a tie against North Europa".

    About their first rival, Newfoundland, Puigcerc?s considers that "We cannot blind ourselves with the stereotype of a remote island populated by hostile fishermen. Football is a passion in vast areas of that country and, according to the videos I've seen, their technical skills are astonishing. I've told my players that they must prepare that match like a final playoff series one".

    Starting Team against Newfoundland

    1. SERGI Ortiz

    2. Eric TREMBLAY
    4. ADAM Smith
    5. F?lix LARA
    17. Jos? AMAT

    12. Alejandro SMITH
    8. Asier LAVOIE
    11. Alexander Moya "ALEX"
    22. Oriol ABD-El-KADER

    9. Eric GUERRERO
    23. Rub?n RAMOS

  • Northern Caesarea v Newfoundland
    Tanger Ibn Batuta
    Att. 42,000

    1 - And the match kicks off!
    3 - Very early attack from Newfoundland and Chris Taunton shoots and GOAL! Stunning finish from the striker
    5 - Felix Lara handball, Newfoundland free kick
    6 - Corner for Newfoundland and the keeper punches the ball above the post another corner for Newfoundland.
    10 - Handball! Northern Caesarea's free kick!
    14 - Mark Richards broke through the Violet defence and is 1 on 1 with the keeper with several players calling for offside but not given and he shoots and GOAL! 2-0
    21 - Foul, Newfoundlands Free kick
    23 - Save by keeper and out it goes for a Newfoundland Corner
    28 - Great save from the keeper as Northern Caesarea had their first attemp on goal
    30 - And Ruben Ramos shoots from long distance its in for a wonderful GOAL! 2-1
    33 - Free kick for Newfoundland
    34 - Eric Guerrero breaks through the defence and misses!
    37 - Ruben Ramos!!! and a fantastic save from Newfoundland! Northern Caesarea is starting to pick up from the poor start!
    38 - Free kick to Newfoundland quick restart but Ruben Ramos intercepted and once again had a shot but the keeper made a great diving save!
    40 - Newfoundland attempts and a save made by Northern Caesarea
    43 - Northern Caesarea corner and they are looking very dangerously here!
    44 - Northern Caesarea free kick and a clumsy tackle made by Terry Flaherty but escapes the Referee's book
    45 - GOALLL! Eric Guerroro scores from a fantastic pass by Ruben Ramos and Northern Caesarea is back in the game 2-2
    45 +1 - 1 Min Injury time added
    45 +1 - Guerroro looks to add a second goal to his tally but shot got kept out
    45 +1 - Referee whistles for half time 2-2
    46 - Match has been restarted
    48 - Northern Caesarea corner
    51 - Another Northern Caesarea corner
    54 - Fred Shaw Offside
    56 - Fred Shaw shoots and the Goal is disallowed due to offside! it stays 2-2
    59 - Great shot by Ian Hegarty but not enough to beat the Goalkeeper
    63 - Northern Caesarea offside
    65 - Great reactions by the Northern Caesarean keeper
    70 - Ruben Ramos strays offside Newfoundlands Ball
    74 - Awesome shot by Northern Caesarea but somehow the keeper managed to save it!
    84 - Keeper dives at Mark Richards and retrieve the ball!
    86 - Newfoundland corner and comes to nothing!
    87 - 87 Northern Caesarea's corner
    89 - Northern Caesarea corner again
    90 - 1 Min added time
    91 +1 Whistle blows Full time 2-2

    • Match Facts
      Corners 7 - 6
      Free Kicks 4 - 6
      Shots on Target 9 - 7
      Shots off Target 2 - 2
      Offside 2 - 2

  • Mr. Lyppij says he is "greatly excited about the tournament and confident in the team's capacity"
    user posted image
    Kryulandian football team arriving at Safi Arena
    user posted image
    The coach of Kryulandian football team, Marcelljo Lyppj

    The coach of the Kryulandian Football Team said at a press conference staged just outside the Safi Arena that "although we were placed in a group which is not easy, we can definitely be competitive and pass the group stage."

    But the thing to worry about most is not within the group, but all the teams that compete for the coveted title of best team in the European Union: "The next match against Monogolia we face soon will be hard but exciting : there will of course be meaningful actions by both sides, and I'm sure we'll all play in the name of brotherhood, mutual respect and teamwork."

    The team of this match will be formed by a 4-3-2-1 scheme with the following players on the field:

    GK - Gianluigi BUFFON #1

    DF - Fabj CANNAVAR #5
    DF - Andrej BARZAGLIA #15
    DF - Leonardo BONUCCI #19
    DF - Giorgio CHJELLINI #3

    MF - Claudijo MARCISIO #8
    MF - Andrea PIRLO #21
    MF - Tahjiago MOTT #6

    ST - Marj BALOTELLI #9
    ST - Anton CASS #10

    ST - Alexandr DEL PIER #7 (Captain)

  • Monogolia v Kryuland
    Safi Arena
    Att. 37,585

    0 - Whistles blows start of the match
    2 - Kryuland early corner
    3 - Kryuland calls for penalty as Amin Mehme hand as been strucked but the Referee orders a free kick outside the box!
    4 - Alexander Del Pier takes the kick and almost scored!
    8 - Emad Touma is in the referees book for a reckless challenge a yellow card and a free kick to Kryuland
    11 - Andrea Pirlo caught shirt tugging free kick to Monogolia
    16 - GOAL! Anton Cass puts Kryuland in the lead! 1-0
    19 - Corner for Kryuland which goes nowhere but out of play!
    22 - Corner for Monogolia and he puts it too wide
    24 - Free kick to Monogolia
    27 - Del Pier shoots and and wonderful save Kryulands Corner coming up
    28 - Del Pier is offside and Monogolia ball
    30 - A Great shot by Jon Adin but it comes to the keepers hand
    33 - Ballotelli blast it over the net
    40 - Monogolia Corner and the header is too high Goal Kick.
    42 - Del Pier runs with the ball past the defence and GOAL! as he beats the keeper 1 on 1 2-0
    44 - Monogolia offside
    45 - 1 Min Added Time
    45 +1 Whistle blows half time
    46 - Referee blows for second half
    52 - Monogolia takes the free kick
    56 - Kryuland Corner, and Ballotelli headed it and what a save! that was going in!
    60 - Del Pier! and impressive shot but an impressive save to by the keeper!
    64 - Yellow card shown too Leonardo Bonucci as he raised his foot!
    70 - Corner to Kryuland and Del Pier goes in for the header and GOALLL! 3-0
    75 - Jon Adin too wide and does not scares the keeper
    80 - Ballotelli was inches away of adding the 4th goal to the game but wide!
    84 - Free kick to Monogolia
    87 - Andrea Pirlo attemps a long range shot but goes in the stands!
    90 - 5 Mins Added time
    93 +3 Kryuland free kick
    90 +4 Close as the keeper catches the ball!
    90 + Whistle blown and match ends 3-0 to Kryuland

  • "Must Do Better," Says Coach Codman

    user posted image

    Newfoundland head coach Dennis Codman has expressed his disappointment at the Fishermen's 2-2 draw against Northern Caesarea, which saw Codman's men take an early two-goal lead, only to have squandered it by half-time. "I couldn't believe it," lamented Codman, "we'd done great in the first ten, fifteen minutes, and then we just took our foot off the accelerator. It was a gift." The second half was a more subdued affair, with neither side managing to win despite a slew of chances for the Newfies. "I mean, the real crime," said Codman, "is that they then took their foot off the accelerator, big time, and we made nothing of it. Fred [Shaw], Ian [Hegarty], Mark [Richards], they all had great chances but like I said, nothing came of it."

    However, Codman saw ample reason to take positives and anticipate Thursday's game against the United Planet. "I think one thing is we'll be more used to the heat of Marrakechia, we'll make some changes, and if we work on the finishing in training then we can convert what we didn't today. I won't lie, it's a game we've got to win and that's something I can't promise right now, but we're just going to have to go for it and play our hearts out for Newfoundland. When you see some of the fans who've travelled across a whole ocean and paid through the nose for this, it really inspires you to go out there and try our damnedest."

    The team for the United Planet match:

    GK - John Squires

    DF - Steve Alderdice
    DF - Alan "Alansy" Alan
    DF - Tom Fogo
    DF - Terry Flaherty

    MF - Jim Cointreau

    MF - Fred Shaw
    MF - Argentino Luciard?z
    MF - Pete Wormald

    ST - Chris Taunton
    ST - Terenziano Thesauros

  • Northern Caesarea barely saves the face against Newfoundland

    user posted image

    The Violet Squad finished its first EuroCup match with a 2-2 against Newfoundland. The Northern Caesarean side had huge lack of coordination in defence, which led to the two "Newfie" goals in the first quarter hour of the confrontation. Finally, the accuracy of Ramos and Guerrero saved the face of a team which will have to make huge changes of attitude in the definitive match against United Planet.

    "Defensive coordination is build on practice. We had very few time to work on it, as our players usually defend different sides in the League. After seeing the two Newfoundland goals, which were easily avoidable, it is clear that we haven't do enough and that we must work harder on that subject", says national coach Francisco Javier Puigcerc?s.

    Puigcerc?s considers that the defensive chaos wasn't the most worrying fact of the match, as "the midfield was unable to create game and to destroy our rivals game, we were absolutely dependent on luck and the accuracy of our strikers and it is impossible to do nothing worthy in this tournament if we continue on this path".

    On the polemic generated by his declarations before the match, which were answered bitterly by Newfoundlander Prime Minister Danny Williams, Puigcerc?s has declared that "Newfoundland must be a very lucky nation, as the top priority for its leaders is to follow sports information. The fact is that my words were fully misunderstood. What I wanted to say is that stereotypes are not necessarily real and that we cannot base our vision of other nations on them. I have nothing against Newfoundland out of sports rivalry and I would be glad to visit the island and Labrador on my next holidays or even to coach there, as their players have an excellent level!".

  • Bakrova - Inquista
    Safi Arena
    Att. 38,000

    0 - Match Start
    3 - Bakrova early kick off rewards them a corner!
    7 - Kayle Fitz is booked for persistant fouling! Bakrova Free Kick
    8 - Inquistan goalkeeper finger tips the ball over the post bar, Corner to Bakrova
    16 - Normandy picks up the ball and shoots! GOALLL! But the referee has disallowed the goal due to Normandy being offside!
    19 - Peter Bakovic makes a great shot but not good enough for the keeper!
    21 - Another fantastic strike by Normandy buyt once again its 0-0
    22 - Bakrova gets a corner
    23 - Referee caught shirt tugging outside of the penalty box free kick to Bakrova
    35 - Bakrova Free kick
    36 - Handball, Inquista kick
    40 - Peter Bakovic makes another attempt but not enough
    45 - 1 min added time
    45 +1 Half Time

    46 - Second half
    47 - Milan Makovic has been showed the yellow card for dissent
    49 - Inquista offside
    50 - Makovic is a mile offside Inquista ball
    54 - Bakrova Corner
    57 - Claudio Jackson escapes the referee book as he took down Sjoert Mahov
    60 - Peter Bakovic misses by a inch!
    61 - Makovic follows Bakovic and misses by a inch too
    65 - Close! Liam Arnold worried the goalkeeper as he was 1 on 1 but shoots it over the bar!
    77 - Bakrova's Corner and out as a goal kick
    80 - Inquista Corner
    85 - Handball Inquista free kick
    88 - Free kick for Bakroava
    88 - the free kick has been taken and its a GOAL! as Bakovic curls it onto the top right corner!
    90 - 4 Mins injury time
    94 +4 - Final chance for Inquista to equalise but the wind pushes for a goal kick!
    90 + 4 Final whistle blown 1-0

  • North Europa v Os Corelia
    Stade De Marrakech
    Att. 42.245

    0 - Match whistle blows for the first half start
    4 - Free kick! silly foul by North Europa.
    5 - Os Corelia goes in for a corner
    8 - Handball Os Corelia Free Kick
    10 - Corner to Os Corelia
    11 - Great save by the keeper keeping out the Os Corelian atrtack!
    13 - first shot attempt by North Europa and way far too wide!
    17 - GOAL! Tem Bristak headed the ball in 1-0
    20 - Free kick to Os Corelia
    22 - Ganni Bristak is 1 on 1 with the keeper, he shooots and a GOAL! 2-0
    27 - Great attack by North Europa but the goalkeeper keeps it out
    28 - Another attempt, Another Save!
    29 - Sassi Killent could save shots all day at this rate!
    30 - North Europa Corner
    31 - Corner taken and it hits Michael Qvist on the head and it ends up back in the net GOAL! 2-1
    34 - Free kick to Os Corelia
    40 - Free Kick to Os Corelia
    45 - No mins added and referee blows it for half time 2-1
    48 - Simon Boisen goes in for the challenge and is booked for a reckless foul! it should been a red for that foul but the refereee only gave a yellow!
    51 - Long range shot for Os Corelia and Tem Bristak SCORES! 3-1
    53 - Free kick to Os Corelia
    58 - GOAL! and Ganni Bristak makes it 4-1
    72 - North Europa Corner
    79 - North Europa Corner
    85 - Ball goes out of play by the defender North Europa Corner
    86 - Michael Qvist header was not good enough!
    90 - 3 mins added time
    90 +1 Qvist offside
    90 +3 It could been 5-1 with that shot from kreiff but inches away from the post
    90 + 3 Full tim!

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