Davishire - Factbook

  • The National Factbook of the United Kingdom of Davishire & Bucks

    Welcome to the national factbook of The Commonwealth of Davishire.

    The House of Commons of Davishire

    The Parliament of Davishire is made up of 400 MPs which are elected from 400 constituencies from all across Davishire. A party needs 201 seats to secure a majority in the parliament and thus be asked to form a government by His Majesty.

    The current parliament is listed below, the Conservative Party won the elections which were held on the 7th May 2015 and as a result His Majesty has asked the leader of that party to form a government.

    Current Makeup of Parliament

    Conservative Party- 219

    Liberal Party- 150

    Labour Workers Party- 20

    Alternative Party- 5

    Green Party- 3

    Independence For Bucks Party-2

    Speaker (Independent)-1


    Makeup of the House of Commons Diagram

    National Map

    **Capital City-**London<=<=<=<-<-

  • The Davishirian Cabinet

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