Notable People of the Duxburian Union

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    Notable People of the Duxburian Union

    [OOC: Information in this post overrides previously posted info if there are inconsistencies]

    Avoldran Dehn am Nevian
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    Primary Occupation: Aelir (73rd) of the Duxburian Union
    Rank(s): Head of State, Commander-in-Chief, Ex-Captain (4th Saboteurs, Duxburian Special Forces)
    Age: 45
    Hometown: Dairghazbury
    Education: Master of IR, BA Political Science (University of Verington)

    Dossier: Avoldran Dehn is a highly popular, 2nd term Aelir. His peak approval rating of 87% in 821 ranks 3rd highest in Duxburian history for an Aelir. His approval rating has never fallen below 60%, despite taking the nation to war against Dromund Kaas in 820 and using nuclear weapons in a surprise HEMP attack. Dehn is a stronger, more serious Aelir than his recent predecessors. He is reputed to be a Lathamist realpolitker and is a hands-on commander-in-chief.

    For those with high level security clearance: Dehn's experience in the Saboteurs prompted him to invest heavily in the nascent Cyber Warfare division and other high tech, black budget programs. He participated directly in the raid that captured Colonel Soren in Dromund Kaas. Dehn is extremely popular with the military and closely trusts his generals. He has a new command system for the military, allowing for unprecedented Aelirian control over coordination and deployment. Dehn has survived an assassination attempt by agents of Dromund Kaas and reportedly carries a D45 pistol for defense.

    Acwellan Devoy am Harrison
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    Primary Occupation: European Councillor of the Duxburian Union
    Rank(s): Speaker of the European Council, Grandmaster Marksman (Unofficial)
    Age: 44
    Hometown: Kedallt
    Education: None

    Dossier: Acwellan Devoy is the most senior, active representative in the European Council. He was originally appointed in 816 to serve in the European Parliament. He has been a member of the EPP-ED, EPP, and ECL. Acwellan generally has a center-right voting record and a reputation for being a tough vote regardless of where a proposal's support base lies on the political spectrum. He is known to have perfectionist tendencies and to heavily amend flaws/loopholes out of Council proposals. He often serves as a host and greeter for foreign dignitaries back home.

    For those with high level security clearance: Acwellan Devoy is regarded by many gun enthusiasts to be one of, if not the greatest, shooter in modern Duxburian history. His current national ranking in the Duxburian Shootout Tour is #1. He is known to carry a modified D45 pistol almost everywhere and has used it to wound a would-be assassin in Europolis. Like much of the Devoy family, he is strongly associated with the DIO (now the Office of Intelligence), having been born in, and educated by, the office. He has a strong likeness to his slightly older brother, Brandon Devoy.

    Brandon Devoy am Harrison
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    Primary Occupation: Cyber Warrior, Office of War
    Rank(s): Grandmaster Cyber Destroyer
    Age: 47
    Hometown: Dairghazbury
    Education: None

    Dossier: Error - This person does not exist.

    For those with high level security clearance: Brandon Devoy is the eldest of the three Devoy brothers and bears a strong likeness to Acwellan. The ability to pass as Acwellan is known to have saved his life at least twice. Brandon is the first cyber warrior in the Duxburian Union to attain the rank of Grandmaster. He has gained international notoriety in cyber warfare circles and is wanted dead in at least Monogolia and Dromund Kaas. His multi-faceted, expert knowledge of IT is unrivaled in the Duxburian Union. He is known to have written or collaborated on many advanced projects including the Terminator Virus, D series kernel, Checkmate OS, Velocity OS, Valkyrie C&C, IPvX, and Thunderbolt FiOS. Brandon Devoy is both the wealthiest and poorest Duxburian. He is known to access an "unlimited" bank account underwritten by the government, but is unable to ever own anything in his own, non-existent name.

    Tristan Devoy am Harrison
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    Primary Occupation: Grad student
    Rank(s): None
    Age: 28
    Hometown: Hasilthec
    Education: Masters candidate, BA in Linguistics (University of Hasilthec)

    Dossier: Error - This person is deceased. Tristan Devoy was killed on Ianuan 15th, 816 in a car accident at Fellbury Pass.

    For those with high level security clearance: Tristan Devoy is the youngest and most obscure of the Devoy brothers. He has not been observed to possess aptitude for the usual fields expected of Devoys. However, a notebook confiscated by a professor for not paying attention in class in 812 led to the discovery of the TDC cryptographic algorithm. This incredibly complex and abstract work is still not fully understood, as it creates hashes using nonsensical math. There are only 5 known masters of the cypher: Himself, Adam Densby, Brandon Devoy, and Erin Lesley of the Duxburian Union and Yusif Guillaumus of Pax Aurea. A TDC "Improved" version is rumored to exist. Tristan Devoy is the most troubled of the Devoy brothers, having renounced a career in cryptography for a "normal" life. The government begrudgingly faked his death and gave him a new identity. His current relationship with the government is rocky at best.

    Still to come:

    Acennan Aelir
    Tychroneus Dehn
    Kay Dio
    Ine Kelander
    Alec Kondaerin
    Robert Kligenberg
    Damien Lamington
    William Reid
    Anthony Scalin

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