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  • This is the official embassy of Region Inc to the European Union. Keep us here up to date on events in your region, and once again, welcome to the European Union!

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    Region Inc Press Release XXIII

    Nations: 202, 58th overall
    Regional Influence: Very High

    Term 18 Board

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    CEO: Jairo
    COO: Chasmania
    CTO: Vince
    CFO: Clover

    Chairman: Tzepam
    Management: Termy
    Security: Prussian Blue
    Human Resources: Shadowtech
    Public Relations: Robert Hawkins

    Term 18 Elections

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    We recently held elections to determine the makeup of the Board to see Region Inc through Term 18, which began on April 7 and lasts for 8 weeks. Turnout was poor, however with the arrival of 2 of our biggest shareholders there were fears that the elections would be altered by the sudden appearance of over 500 shares between 2 members. However, the Board was left pretty much as it was in Term 17; however Termy was only elected late on in Term 17, which will be detailed below.

    Term 17 Emergency Election for Director of Management

    During Term 17, we had to hold emergency elections to name a new Director of Management as the person elected to the job failed to perform his duties. A subsequent vote of no confidence resulted in the Director being removed from his job and Termy being elected in his place as the new Director of Management.

    Region Inc withdraws from a treaty

    After a lengthy debate, it was decided via a majority vote that Region Inc would withdraw from their treaty with the NSR, as it was felt that the treaty wasn?t working for the Region. Region Inc would like to thank the NSR for the time we spent in treaty with each other and would also like to wish them the best of luck in the future.

    Rebranding news

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    It looked like after a vote that we had settled on a new name for a Currency that would be used throughout the Region. That was Credit. However, after intervention from the CEO we are now debating this matter again. We will keep you informed should we ever decide on a name. also, our recruitment telegram was given a fresh look and has been in use for the last week or two.

    April Fools on Region Inc Forums

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    Our Forum was changed from the usual subtle colourings to an awful pink colour. This was all part of the April Fools phenomenon, and as soon as April 1 was over the Forum returned to our usual colourings.

    Run for your lives! The zombies are coming! But don't point at me, Max Barry caused it!

    The great leaders of nations all around NationStates, even the tycoons in Region Inc., have been shaken to receive reports their citizens are rapidly becoming zombies. But do not worry; the genius Max Barry actually affirmed your leadership - by giving you a little bit of control and oversight over the situation. There is a stat called "Zombie Control" where it shows the number of alive, zombies, and dead people of your country. Each nation has been given three options: flex the military muscle and kill the flesh-eaters, research a cure for the flesh-eating syndrome, or simply export the flesh eaters to your neighbours in the region. If you choose to use your military to quench the thirst of zombies for bloodlust, you will surely have lesser zombies but you will have more dead people. If you try to research, the outcome would depend if your neighbouring nations in the region are also researching the cure. If not, then you would simply lose your citizens to zombies. If you choose to export them, you will have a decrease in zombies but you will be labelled as the region's "selfish pompous jackass" because it will make the research of other nations futile.

    It's funny to think that a lot of Region Inc. shareholders have already lost their citizens to zombies, with some of them having either more zombies or dead people than alive. Region Inc reported 71.6% infection rate, having 65.68 billion infected, leaving us with only 26.09 billion survivors. 419 billion citizens and employees are reported to be dead. Region Inc?s business moguls are now trying to come up with a solution to make money out of the situation.

    Thank goodness this is all just a part of April Fool's joke! Once again, Max Barry didn't fail to amaze us with his bright ideas to make the game more fun. Last year's joke was the IPO share where I thought I was already going to be a co-owner of NationStates so I can start deleting nations. Each year, April Fool just gets better and better.

    And one more thing to thank Max Barry is that he kept the "Zombie NationStates" and actually made it a feature. You can switch to and from the Zombie NationStates and the Normal NationStates whenever you like it, which can be done by clicking the link in your nation page. Imagine having to worry about your citizens when you've switched to Zombie NationStates, thus giving you a sense of leadership which is the whole point of NationStates. And for that, we salute you, Sir Max Barry!

    Rebuilding RP on Forum

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    A new RP was started following the Zombie Apocalypse, where Nations posted how their Nations would rebuild following the zombie takeover. Come on over and have a look at the RP?s showing how Nations in Region Inc are getting back to normal. Or as near as to normal as they can.

    New CFO

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    Deyan made it clear before the Term 18 elections that he would not be continuing as our CFO, so the CEO Jairo had to appoint a new CFO. After interest was declared by several people, Jairo made the decision to bring back Clover to the executive. As Clover is highly regarded throughout Region Inc, this appointment was very popular. We hope that she can find a good balance with juggling motherhood and being CFO in Region Inc.

    Region Inc museum launched again

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    The Region Inc museum has been relaunched, and the curator of it has asked me to put in this release a request for any artefacts relating to the history of Region Inc that other Regions or users may have on their Forums. Please get in touch with Shadowtech, who is our curator. Also our HR Director at the moment.

    Plans for reaching out to other Regions

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    We are currently working on a plan where we will invite all our Embassies to come and join in with a big event on our Forums. We will be in touch with more details as and when they become available. Hopefully by the end of this Term or at the start of next Term.

    We thank you for reading this Press Release.

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