Special Election April 2013

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    As you will be aware Commisisoner Kligenberg has resigned form her post due to personal reasons. The constitution, in these circumstances, calls for election as the appropriate method for appointing her predecessor. I now call on Europe to bring forward candidates for an election of the role of Internal Affairs Commisioner who will serve in this post until the current commission disolves.

    Premier Commissioner Maleeka Liszkoszi


    [Candidate photograph or image]
    Candidate Name:
    Home Nation:
    Political Party Affiliation:

    Nominations close at 8:00pm GMT on 29/04/13

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    Candidate Name: Peter Montfort
    Home Nation: Angleter
    Incumbent?: No
    Political Party Affiliation: UEC

  • (( OOC-I suspect I already know the result but in the interest of competition))

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    Candidate Name- Rt Hon David Cameron
    Home Nation- The Imperial Commonwealth of Davishire
    Incumbant- No
    Political Party Affiliation- Independant

    _I have been advised to stand by my Minister of State on the basis that within the coming weeks the whole European Union Region Act is going to be replead.

    The beginning of a better relationship between the Imperial Commonwealth and the EU!
    David Cameron _

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    Candidate Name: Marie Rivas
    Home Nation:Northern Caesarea
    Incumbent: No
    Political Party Affiliation: S&D

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