Commission Special Election, April 2013

  • Following the Commission elections earlier this year, myself and many other prominent Party officials have concluded that it would be best to have a formal candidate selection process within the UEC. This will promote clarity and unity within our great Party, and put to rest claims that we are no more than a disorganised rabble! Now, how will this work, you ask? Well, any prospective candidate may put their name forward to become our candidate. After a certain period of time, the Party will vote, democratically choosing our representative. Simple? Good.

    I hate to say it, but we did have a few problems during the last election campaign. Political commentators throughout the region have claimed that our electoral chances were reduced thanks to the rather high number of candidates standing, so we've decided on measures to prevent these problems in the future. With regards to this Special Election, should a member wish to stand as a candidate for the Commission, and he has not been democratically chosen by the Party, he must stand independently. Also, the continuing Party membership of the independent candidate's national party will be put under consideration.

    Now, I hate to end on doom and gloom, so I'd like to formally open the nomination procedure! I wish everyone luck, and hope the best man wins!

    Christopher Brown
    UEC Party President


    Photograph (Optional):
    Name of Candidate:
    National Party Affiliation:
    A Short Biography of the Candidate:

    The nominations period ends at 21:25 GMT on 26/4/13.
    Voting ends at 21:25 GMT on 28/4/13.

  • Photograph (Optional):

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    Name of Candidate: Nicholas Benfield
    National Party Affiliation: Party of National Pride
    A Short Biography of the Candidate: Benfield is the Minister for European Affairs for Inimicus. He is a respected member of the Cabinet, and has recieved many preference votes in the last elections. He is a strong climate change sceptic and never budges. This is a point for which he is praised, but also critisised. He ran for Commision in March, but got almost no votes. He also participated in the Ocean Protection Act debate, providing a sceptic view.

  • Admin

    Photograph (Optional):

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    Name of Candidate: Peter Montfort
    National Party Affiliation: Democratic Party of Angleter
    A Short Biography of the Candidate: Montfort co-founded and was Managing Director of Villiers, a leading chain of Angleteric department store, until he entered Parliament in the 2003 elections. Since then he has been a committed and prolific Parliamentarian, serving on the European Affairs and Administration committees, but resigned his seat to run - unsuccessfully - for Commission XIII. Since then he has hosted an Angleteric news talk show. In his election campaign he stressed, and continues to stress, reorganising the Commission's committees in order to spur them into action, and he believes that the Commission should focus on governing efficiently, rather than legislating.

  • I, Vladimir Buckley, vote on behalf of the Barony of Rimroth for
    Nicholas Benfield.

  • I, Nicholas Benfield, vote for MYSELF to be Candidate for the Commission.

  • Admin

    The Democratic Party of Angleter votes for Peter Montfort.

  • The Unionist and Conservative Party votes for Peter Montfort.

  • On behalf of the conservative government of Davishire I, Rt Hon Steve Baker MP, do vote for Peter Montfort

  • I, Aleksandra Zadar. on behalf of Absolutist Monarchy of Red Croatia,
    Hand our Monarchies' vote to Peter Montfort.

  • I, Bent Jerrik Christiansen, on behalf of the Republic of North Europa vote Peter Monfort as UEC candidate.

  • Mod

    The Old Dominion Party (out of power) votes for Peter Montfort if allowed.

  • At the end of the voting phase, the results for the UEC Candidate Selection of April 2013 are as follows:

    Benfield, Nicholas: TWO votes.
    Montfort, Peter: FIVE votes.

    Unfortunately, the Old Dominion Party's vote doesn't count, thanks to their out-of-power status.

    Therefore, I do announce that Peter Montfort has been chosen as the UEC candidate for the Special Election! Congratulations to him, and commiserations to Mr. Benfield.

    I wish Mr. Montfort the best of luck, and I know I speak for everyone when I say, knock 'em dead Peter!

  • I would like to congratulate Peter Montfort with his victory! Pity I didn't win, but best of luck to him, and let's hope he wins in the next Commission Elections!

  • Admin

    Thank you very much for your support, and I hope to do the party proud in the election and, if elected, in the Commission. I'd also like to commiserate Mr. Benfield, a worthy rival and a staunch conservative, and wish him all the best.

  • The deadline for Internal Commissioner elections is less than 24 hours away and there is only one candidate. As a result I have decided to run as an independant candidate. ((OOC- I know I have already lost but hey)).

    I do apologise to my fellow European Conservatives for not standing for election within the UEC and I will accept the responsibilities for my actions. In the unlikely event that I am elected I will represent the UEC to the best of my abilities.

    Kind Regards,

    Rt Hon David Cameron MP
    Prime Minister

  • Admin

    ((OOC: Ahem...))

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