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  • In Other News...

    News and reaction from within the Imperial Commonwealth

    Military Base Attacked by unknown enemy

    The remote 'Sandy Island' air force and naval base 100 miles off the coast of Davishire is used as the nations first line of defence against invaders.

    Unknown forces used warships disguised as merchant vessels to bombard the base with thousands of shells causing much damage and the death of 500 military personnel. The follow up landing force managed to breach the perimeter defences and stole a large amount of ammunition and weapons from one of the several armories on the base. During the land attack a further 40 base security personel were killed with 55 injured. Naval units managed to defeat the 5 destroyers with 3 being sunk and the other 2 escaping. Overall 300 men have been captured and are currently being interrogated.

    Billions of pounds worth of damage has been conducted on the base as a result of this raid and many service personnel have been killed and injured and hundreds of aircraft and several ships have been destroyed. It is as yes unknown who attacked the base and an internal secret inquiry is being undertaken to try and discover how our military was caught with its trousers down.

    All of the Davisire armed forces have been put on full alert until further notice and the Prime Minister has confirmed that alongside the 24hr patrol submarines a further 2 SSBNs have been deployed across the globe and silo based nuclear and conventional missiles are ready to be fired within moments. The Imperial Government has stated that it will target any and all provocateurs with conventional and nuclear missiles should they attack the Imperial Commonwealth.

    Internal Terrorist Plot Foiled

    The Imperial Security forces are today happy that they have managed to spoil a plot by 5 radicalised citizens who aimed to kill hundreds of innocent people.

    The police had reported that the bombers planned to attack next weeks huge football (soccer) match between Chelsea and Sandford football teams. The teams are currently drawing at the top of the league and next weeks match was going to be the decider on who wins the league title.

    The bombers were going to detonate 5 nails bombs in various locations around the stadium affecting both home and away fans numbering a combined 80,000 as well as the outside big screen were up to 25,000 can watch the match for free.

    The home team Chelsea have confirmed that no bags will be permitted on either the stadium or the big screen venue and there will be enhanced venue x-ray screening for all fans who are attending. Military police will also be present in and around the stadium for additional security.

    The Prime Minister called for calm stating that "security services will keep the game safe" on Friday and he has stated that he "will be attending to support my team [chelsea] and I will be confident of both my and my fellow supporters safety". Police have confirmed that the Prime Minister is planning to watch the match as he does with all Chelsea matches but they refuse to state where he will be sitting.

    Breaking News- Internal debate over the European Union

    Many of the main political parties in Davishire are beginning to support better working relationship with the European Union. This is not however the view of the Liberal Party (which is currently ahead in the election polls). The leader of the Liberal party did today state "if we go on to win the election we will be leaving the European Union". This came as a shock to all in the political world and is expected to be met with some caution within the EU.

    The Prime Minister (conservative) said that the leader of the opposition was making "dangerous" claims and that in the modern world nations should be "working together for a better future".

    We are yet to hear a response from the European Union but we are sure any response would be interesting.

    Ok that is it for todays news back again soon with more headlines from the Imperial Commonwealth

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    Sandy Island Military Base Attack-Update

    Yesterday this paper did announce that the Sandy Island Military Base, which is located on a small island 100 miles off the coast of Davishire, was attacked by unknown forces.

    The Ministry of Defence did today confirm that all those captured are going to be tried for Murder and Conspiracy to dislodge the government. The maximum sentence for such crimes is life imprisonment with a minimum term of 40 years in prison.

    The MOD has confirmed that they are no closer to finding who caused the attack but has rushed to ease concern among European nations that they will not be targeted by military attack.

    more news to follow...

    Prime Minister standing for election to Commission

    As many in the nation are aware the Commissioner for Internal affairs within the European Union has resigned. The EC (European Commission) is now seeking to elect a new commissioner. The Prime Minister is standing as an independant candidate without the backing of the UEC.

    Plans released for the repeal of the European Union Act

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    The government did today pass amendments to the European Union Region Act which gives additional powers to all organisations within the European Union. The Imperial Government now recognises that the European Commission and the European Parliament has the same status as the Imperial Government. The Minister of State for European Union did today state that "In the future safeguards will be enacted to ensure that the Imperial Parliament can remain sovereign in the event of an emergency.

    Those amendments enacted today will give additional powers and this Wednesday morning , just hours before parliament s dissolved, a timetable for its full repeal will be voted on by the house. Prime Minister David Cameron did say that this was the first step to a "better Europe", leader of the Liberal Party said that this move was "disastrous" and if elected the Liberals will re-instate the full act in its original form. Will this help the Liberals further in the opinion polls? only time will tell us.

    His Imperial Majesty in poor health

    The Imperial Palace did confirm today that His Imperial Majesty King Stenbren has been admitted to the Royal Hospital in Sandford.

    The nation has been told that His Majesty is suffering from severe sickness and has been admitted to hospital as a precaution. The Imperial Palace has confirmed that should his majesty be unable to disolve parliament personally there will be a delay in the ceremony until Friday, we will find out on Wednesday morning if the ceremony is going to take place.

    Statement from the Secretary of State for Defence to the nations of the European Union
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    "As I am sure you are aware the 'Sandy Island' Military Base was attacked by an unknown enemy and our military is currently on high alert and our nuclear weapons are on 30 seconds readiness.

    I would like to reassure all European Union governments that we will not target any EU nation unless it is discovered that they are the ones who attacked our forces. Although it is alarming to have such high tensions I wish to assure you that we will not use our nuclear warheads unless there are exceptional circumstances. Conventional forces will always be our first choice and the nuclear weapons act makes it illeagal to launch a pre-emptive strike on an aggressor.

    Once we have discovered who attacked our forces we will attack them with our full military might in order to neutralise the threat. This will be a benefit for the whole European Union and we warn our European Allies not to get involved in the issue.

    If you have any concerns please get into contact with the Imperial Government and I am sure we can relieve your concerns.


    Secretary of State for Defence
    The Rt Hon Phillip Hammond MP

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    New security alert in Davishire, Military fully mobilised!

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    The Secretary of State for Defence did today confirm that Davishires military is on full readiness. Although the Secretary of State could not confirm why for security reasons he assures the nation that the armed forces are "prepared and ready to defend our nation". The secretary of state also confirmed that the state intelligence service SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) as well as the internal security service the ISS (Internal Security Service) are working on all the "factors involved in this heightened security.

    As I write soldiers and tanks are patrolling the streets in all of Davishire's major cities and that patrols are being sent to make contact with the more remote police stations checkpoints. All flights in Davishire are cancelled as Airspace is closed by the government and our borders with non-EU countries are formally closed. There are also no ships being permitted to leave our ports and many of the main motorways are closed to the public.

    Although this paper cannot speculate what has caused the heightened security over the last few days we can admit that it is worrying even the toughest citizen and the threat must be large.

    Parliament set to dissolve

    It has been confirmed by the Minister of State without Permanent Portfolio that regardless of the security threats currently hampering Davishrie the dissolution of parliament must take place.

    Tomorrow Afternoon after the Power Act has been passed by the government His Imperial Majesty will sign the document formally dismissing Members of Parliament from Imperial Service.

    Once dismissed MPs will return to their constituencies to try and win back their seats in the Imperial Parliament on the 20th May.

    European Union Act Repealed, Replaced by the European Parliament and European Commission Act

    One of the last acts of the current government has been to pass the EPECA. This act gives sweeping powers to the European Union and has faced criticism.

    The Prime Minister said the following " This act is key to our relationship with the European Union. Thanks to my predecessor relations with our regional allies were at an all time low. We can now confirm that these relations are beginning to improve as we take a bigger role within the union. There is still much work to go however we are going to work better with our European partners.". The Leader of the Liberal Party did said that this move was "Disastrous" and the at Liberal government would "repeal this act and leave the region within weeks."

    Davishire reverses nuclear weapons reduction

    Earlier today a government spokesperson said that the recent security threat "proved we need a nuclear deterrant".

    Currently the Nuclear Weapons act states a reduction in nuclear weapons with a view to complete loss of nuclear weapons before 2030. The spokesperson that if we didn't have nuclear weapons our national sovereignty would be at risk from all corners.

    The did set in stone that the Imperial Government will ignore the ENAAs refusal to grant Davishire a nuclear licence under the terms of "National security". Will this impact on our relationship with our European partners? Only time will tell.

    Football match to go on

    The football league has confirmed that Fridays match between Chelsea and Sandford will be take place amid the security crisis and that the military will take on the additional security.

    The league final is going to have approximately 100,000 fans watching in the stadium or the large screens outside. A huge security operation.

  • In other news

    Military stands down, nuclear weapons on reduced readiness

    The Imperial Commissioner for defence can now confirm the reason for the alert readiness within the Imperial Commonwealth of Davishire. Please read his statement below.

    " I can now confirm the reason for the recent alert rating of the armed forces of the Imperial Commonwealth.

    Our intelligence services had discovered a large number of socialist rebels located within the northern mountains, we can confirm that these are the same forces whom attacked our sandy island base. The rebels were large enough in number to have threatened the stability of both Davishire and the European Union.

    The Imperial Commonwealth did recently launch an operation against the rebels in order to neutralize the threat, this mission was successful using a variety of both army, naval and air assets. Nuclear weapons were not used but were in reserve in case of an attack on our capital city.

    Despite our repeated called to the European Union to remain calm there was still concern within the region. We condemn this as we did offer the option of dialogue to concerned partners. This option was not taken.

    Three quarters of the enemy force has now been destroyed and the rebels are no longer a potent force.

    The threat is not over and the European Union should have remained calm and I can confirm that despite the lowered level of readiness the Imperial Commonwealth is prepared to defend its sovereign territory with full force although we hope that dialogue with countries concerned will commence soon. "

    -The Imperial Commissioner for Defence Rt Hon Phillip Hammond.

    Parliament dissolved

    The Imperial Parliament was dissolved a day late as a result of His Imperial Majesties illness. It was confirmed that the King had only a minor stomach upset and is now fully recovered. Despite this additional delay the election will still take place on the 20th May.

    The next opinion polls will be posted within the Davishire Election News on the 4th/5th May 2013.

  • In Other News, Weekend Special

    Concern in Europe

    Other nations within the European Union are getting concerned about the level of "rhetoric" coming from the Imperial Commission.

    The Imperial Commonwealth has been accused of trying to destabilise the region and nations have formed defence pacts against the commonwealth stating that it is a threat. The Imperial Commission does completely disagree to this rhetoric from our European Allies threatening further escalation of the situation. The Prime Minister did say,

    "Although I believe this whole issue is getting out of hand I can confirm that threats from nations mean that the military of the Imperial Commonwealth is now at increased readiness.

    The military is prepared to use full force , up to and including nuclear weapons, to defend the Imperial Commonwealth if it is attacked. Although we hope and doubt such a dangerous situation does develop I would like to warn all would be agressors that no violence will be tolerated.

    I do hope that dialogue will start soon and this whole mini-cold war can be over quicker than it began"

    The Imperial Ministry for Defence have stated that the military is at alert level 3 which states that the army can be mobilised at a notice of 36 hours, this makes no difference to Davishire's nuclear readiness which regardless of international situations is patrolling the oceans 24/7.

    A source from the foreign and commonwealth department has told us that the government is currently in discussion with European nations to end this crisis. Lets hope it can be stopped.

    Final rebel force destroyed

    The final forces of the socialist rebels are now believed to have been destroyed in an ambush at their mountain encampment. The Ministry for Defence has issued the following statement.

    "Our forces are now believed to have destroyed the final scraps of the enemy forces. Our intelligence services are now searching for any other locations, especially naval facilities, that could harbour these rebels."

    Despite claims from European Union members that there could be a civil war the Imperial Commission has stated that there is definantly no civil war in Davishire and that our "nuclear weapons are 110% secure",

    Davishire set to go nuclear... power

    The Imperial Commonwealths first nuclear reactor is set to begin construction at the end of the month. The first nuclear plant will be constructed near to the mountain city of Weymouth. The plant will replace the 3 coal generators operating in the area from 2016.

    Before the dissolution of parliament the secretary of state for energy stated that this was "a move in the right direction for Davishire."

    A further 3 plants are planned across Davishire with a further one inside the capital city of Sandford.

    Chelsea win the Davishire Premier League!

    Chelsea did yesterday win the Davishire Premier League 3-1 to the Sandford AFC. Next season, which begins in September the league winners will play a special charity match with a military team in order to raise money for military veterans.

  • **In Other News... Special **

    The Imperial Commission calls for calm

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    Earlier today the Duxburian Union declared that the Imperial Commonwealth of Davishire was the greatest threat to its national security and that there was an "EXTREME RISK OF WAR". The Prime Commissioner said that this was "the most dangerous possible way of stating the opinion of a government. This declaration has definanantly increased regional tensions, tensions which shouldn't exist, tensions which were caused by an internal conflict."

    More recently we have heard from the Imperial Commissioner for Defence. "Any credible government would take action when faced with such threats. I am therefore ordering all troops onto increased readiness to defend the Imperial Commonwealth against the threat of attack."

    The Imperial Commission has still not confirmed nor denied that it is talks with European Partners and has stated that the general election will "go on as planned, unless something big happens".

    Imperial Fleet, Annual Excercises

    This years annual exercise has been cancelled amid the recent high tensions within the region. Usually during mid-May the Imperial Fleet practices sea battles and land invasions off the coast of Davishire.

    A Naval spokesperson said " The exercises have been cancelled to try and reduce the possibility of pre-emptive attack from nations which feel threatened"

    The Imperial Air Force has not stated whether or not its annual exercises next month will be cancelled but has stated that its commanders are "discussing all possible options".

    Missile Defences on Standby
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    Recent events in OS Corelia mean that the Imperial Commonwealths air defences are now on the highest alert rating possible. The Air Defence Missiles are not ready within the launchers across the Imperial Commonwealth.

    The Reaper Surface to Air missile system is able to fire missiles to intercept and destroy any incoming missiles or aircraft automatically and can be used to attack ground targets.

    This alongside our interceptor aircraft means that any air or ground attack by foreign forces will be completely destroyed.

  • In Other News... Special

    **Full Statement from the Prime Commissioner, David Cameron
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    "Over the past few weeks the European Union has been in turmoil. Recent events within the Imperial Commonwealth have caused other nations to increase military readiness threatening us with invasion and nuclear attack. Grossly disproportionate threats.

    We have on several occasions offered verbal dialogue with our European Partners and there is a peace conference planned for the coming days in the European Capital. I, the foreign commissioner and the leader of the opposition will be vising the European Capital, Europolis, for the first time in order to try and stop further escalation to the point of war.

    The Imperial Commonwealth has declared its interest to work with the European Union, we have removed legislative barriers with the European Commission and the European Council, we are also prepared to reduce the size of our nuclear deterrent however I am not prepared to release the numbers of nuclear weapons nor completely destroy our nuclear arsenal.

    Despite escalations from other nations including OS Corelia the Imperial Armed forces have not once threatened attack on an overseas nation for no reason. However I will confirm that should the Imperial Commonwealth be attacked by any power, European or Otherwise, our nuclear deterrent will be on the cards to defend ourselves. All of our nuclear weapons submarines are currently patrolling across the world ready to fire hundreds of nuclear missiles on an agressor, our fleets are prepared to defend our coastline and our land forces are prepared to defend our land to the death.

    We hope that these tensions will soon be eased but I can assure all that believe an attack on our nation will be easy, you will come off very bad.

    I hope soon to have ended this mini-cold war and I hope that overseas nations will be prepared to work with us. Now lets lead our focus on the upcoming election and look to see that our country is governed by a reasonable party in the future. I hope this issue is solved before then."
    Prime Commissioner
    Rt Hon David Cameron**

  • In Other News... Other

    An additional statement from the Ministry of Defence

    "In response to the reduction in stance by OS Corelia half of our nuclear deterrent will be recalled to the sandy island base. We hope other nations reduce their stances also. "

  • In Other News...

    Prime Commissioner David Cameron in Europolis

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    The Imperial Government did today confirm to the nation that the Prime Commissioner (former Prime Minister) David Cameron is in Europolis to discuss tensions over the Imperial Commonwealths membership of the European Union.

    He is expected to discuss factors regarding why the Imperial Commonwealth joined the EU, what the Imperial Commonwealths future is expected to be in addition to information about the Internal Affairs within Davishire after the issues regarding the socialist rebels last week.

    The Liberal Party spokesperson did today say "the Prime Commissioner is wasting his time". It is expected that once the conference finished there will be an official statement issued by the Imperial Commission and the Foreign Minister of Occoron.

    Imperial Commission sends sympathies

    The Imperial Commission has formally expressed it sympathies to Imnicus upon hearing of the death of Emperor Willhem I.

    Tax breaks increase tory lead significantly

    The Conservatives jumped suddenly to a poll rating of 66% when they announced the huge tax breaks earlier last week. This is however expected to be short lived rise as the polling was conducted in a mainly conservative areas of Davishire.

    Imperial Commission expecting to announce a second application to the ENAA

    Sources have said that the Imperial Commission is planning to make a second request to the ENAA for permission to possess nuclear weapons.

    Our sources have stated that the Ministry of Defence is planning to ask the ENAA for a conditional licence to possess 100 nuclear warheads, 50 before 31st December 2013 and an additional 50 before 1st June 2014.

    It is unknown whether the ENAA will accept Davishires decision however we do believe that since the introduction of the European Commission and European Parliament Act it will be more likely to be accepted than our last application.

  • In Other News...

    Prime Minister David Cameron's Victory Speech

    Earlier today the Prime Minister stood in front of the Prime Ministerial House and gave the following speech to the gathered press. This is the Prime Minister's first speech of his new term in office, this sets out the Prime Ministers agenda for the year.

    _"It is a great priveledge to have been re-elected by the voters in my constituency. It is a great honour to be elected for a 4th successive time. My aim this parliament is to represent them in the best possible way.

    Now another job to which I am holding is leader of the Conservative Party as well as the Prime Minister of this country. This is not a job I expected to continue in after the election however due to the defeat of Steve Baker in his constituency I have no choice but to continue in the position of both party leader and Prime Minister for at least a further year. Although I cannot confirm what I shall be doing in terms of this role next year I can confirm that in the meantime my government will do the best for this country. This is my agenda for the year ahead,

    My Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth affairs will be given the role of further improving our relationship with the European Union. It is key that this country works with our regional partners to benefit both ourselves and the rest of the region. We will consider the feasability of setting up an embassy programme to help improve these relations as well as inviting Heads of States and Government of European Union nations to visit Davishire for summits. Our government will also be passing a bill through parliament which allows migrants from European Union countries access to our state healthcare and welfare system.

    My Secretary of State for Defence will continue to pursue all options within the European Union which will enable our country to possess a small arsenal of nuclear weapons, in the meantime we will be increasing the size of ouor military by increasing our military size by a further 10 divisions, our secretary of state will also be commissioning the construction of 3 new aircraft carriers with the appropriate increase in aircraft numbers. The Secretary of State will also be co-operating with the foreign and commonwealth ministry in order to consider the possibility of negotiating defence agreements with our colleagues in the European Union.

    The Secretary of State responsible for Justice will also be writing and passing a bill which gives those who commit crimes longer prison sentences to punish them for there crimes as well as a longer time working with the probation services after release from imprisonment in order to reduce re-offending rates. The Secretary of State for Justice will also be working with the European Union to attempt to make agreements where those citizens from European Union can be deported back to there home countries to serve jail terms.

    The Secretary of State for the Treasury will be working to ensure our economy remains strong, tax subsidies will be given to business who open an employ staff in areas where unemployment is higher, and corporation tax will be reduced for businesses who register themselves as a Davishire National Company. The Secretary of State will also be continuing the privatisation process for organisations currently under state possession. The Secretary of State will also be constructing and passing a bill which requires that our nations currency remains the Imperial Pound by law and that the currency cannot be changed without a referendum, the bill will also allow banks in Davishire to excahnge foreign currency for Imperial Pounds and Imperial Pounds for foreign currency.

    The Minister of State for the European Union will also be working hard to plan a bill which requires the Imperial Government to hold a referendum every year as to whether the Imperial Commonwealth should remain in the European Union. The government is confident that the nation will vote to remain in the crucial union and in order to remain democratically responsible we will enable toe population to have a vote on our membership. We hope that the Region Referendum Bill will be passed through the parliament by the end of July.

    This is only a snapshot of what my government is planning to do and I look forward to the support of our regional partners and our national citizens. Thank you for your time"_

    So a reasonably long speech for the Prime Minister today, but how will his agenda for the year be received both at home and abroad?

  • In Other News...

    Terror Alert in Sandford

    There has been another internal security alert in the capital city today only a month after the attacks on the Sandy Island Base and the attack in the rural regions which was quickly defeated by the Imperial Armed Forces.

    This new threat has stated that they key targets which are the target of any attack would be the Imperial Royal Family, alongside the Prime Minister and other high level politicians alongside government offices and property. The head of the Sandford Police has given the following statement,

    "Whilst we believe that this threat of attack is real and dangerous there is no need for the public to be alarmed to the threat at this time." A police source also confirmed that His Imperial Majesty was rushed from an outside event at a local school within moments of the threat being made known the the police alongside other members of the royal family in a mile long convoy of Police vehicles to the Kings royal palace at Weymouth which is not in a 1 mile exclusion zone.

    user posted image
    The Police Convoy Leaving Sandford

    Police have confirmed that the Prime Minister and other cabinet ministers are under protection and that the main government areas of the capital city Sandford are under secure lockdown as a precaution.

    The Cheif Police Constable also stated that the public should call the emergency services immediately should any suspicious activity be spotted both within the capital city and the rest of the Imperial Commonwealth. Sources have also been informed that the Imperial Armed forces are on there highest readiness to respond to any attack on the nation.

    From what the title believes that this is a real and genuine threat, especially with the precautions made by the authorities and urges the public to be vigilant.

  • In Other News...

    Constitutional Reform on the books for the Imperial Government

    It was announced this morning that the Imperial Government is to hold a referendum on the 2nd of July over a variety of different subjects.

    The first question that will be asked to the population of the UK is whether or not the Imperial Commonwealth should sign the European Economic Communities treaty by enacting an act of the same name. This would mean that the Imperial Government would be handing over additional sovereignty to the European Union in terms of migration and other issues relating to trade. This referendum is legally binding.

    The second question is required as per an amendment of the European Parliament and European Commission Act. This is a non-legally binding question which is asked to the population every July. The question asks if the Imperial Commonwealth should remain a member of the European Union Region. The Prime Ministers stated that this would help the European Union Region maintain its democratic legitimacy in the modern Davishire allowing the people to have a say on whether we should remain in the region. It is expected that the population will vote to remain within the region as the last opinion poll showed the region had a 75% approval rate.

    The Third Question is the most shocking question which was not expected. It is a legally binding question as to whether the Imperial Commonwealth should remain a monarchy or whether the nation should have a democratically elected head of state. This accompanies the New Era Act which was written by the Deputy Prime Minister himself and is believed to have been put to a referendum in return for the liberals not fighting the conservative party in 5 key seats across the nation, 5 seats which could have cost the conservative party their parliamentry majority.

    This referendum although expected has a bigger remit than expected and government critics are shocked that the issue of marriage equality has not been bought up considering its recent appearance within the European Council. The referendum is open to all except those whom are not citizens of the Imperial Commonwealth.

    Links to all the legislation can be found at the bottom of this news bulletin.

    Security Alert Continues

    Military sources have confirmed to us today that the Armed Forces and the Police are still on extremely high alert after a terrorist organisations threat to attack both His Majesty the King and other government peoples as well as key government buildings.

    The government area of Sandford is still cordoned off to all except government staff and His Imperial Majesty is still being kept safe in his residence in Weymouth alongside other members of the royal family. It has been stated that His Imperial Majesty will be making an address to the nation tomorrow afternoon and the transcript will be presented on here after the event. His Imperial Majesty has only ever addressed the nation 3 times in his reign as Imperial King.

    The response by the authorities to this threat on our government clearly shows that this threat was real and that members of the public need to be vigilant.

    Links to the relevant government legislation

    European Parliament and European Commission Act

    Referendum (July) Order

    The New Era Act

  • In Other News...

    Divisions in Europe caused by the Equal Marriage Act

    It has been noted that divisions are forming within the European Union after the failure of the Equal Marriage Act. The Prime Minister today gave a short statement about why he instructed t Councillor Hughs to vote against the act.

    "The European Union should be states working together, the Equal Marriage Act would have had huge affects in many nations whom are against equal marriage. Whilst the conservative party has no issues with equal marriage we will not be legislating this into law at the present time."

    In Os Corelia Davishire has been accused of stirring up more trouble. The Foreign Secretary had the following to say, "what we have been doing to stir things up I am not sure, we have said time and time again we want to work with our European Partnetrs, If we have done anything wrong then I ask nations to speak with us, only then can we sort things out." We then asked the Foreign Secretary if he thought that the Conservatives would be leaving the Union of European Conservatives Europarty, "Defiantly not, we will not be leaving the UEC we wan to work with members of the UEC to help us integrate into the European Union. I reject all calls for us to leave the UEC and I condem those who are calling for us to do so as scarmongerers who want to cause divisions to grow further.

    Attack on the King

    Earlier today terrorists targeted His Imperial Majesties convoy whilst it was en-route to the Imperial Palace in Sandford from his mansion in Sandford.

    Military and Police managed to fend off the attackers with no casualties and it has been reported that at least 2 attackers were killed during the attack.

    The police have confirmed that His Imperial Majesty and other government ministers are perfectly safe and that the military have everything in hand.

  • In Other News...

    Security Alert Decreased

    The Imperial Armed forces have been stepped down into normal peacetime readiness as the security services claim that the threat is over from a terrorist group who only weeks ago attacked His Imperial Majesty.

    The Commander of the Secret Security Services did today give the following statement; "for reasons of national security I cannot give further information other than that the threat is over and now Davishire can relax after a tough few weeks. It is possible that if suitable further information will be released in the future"

    Large areas of the capital Sandford have been under virtual lockdown since the alert started and His Imperial Majesty has been forced to cancel his annual opening of parliament, this ceremony will now be cancelled this year and the formal opening of parliament will take place in a secure parliament building.

    Anger at the ENAA

    Members of parliament have once again expressed anger at the ENAA. The ENAA, which regulates the EUs neclear weapons, has once again refused to even reply to the request by the Ministry of Defence and our European Councillor.

    The Leader of the Opposition made the following statement "This is completely obsurd, not wven a rely from this unaccountable organisation", the Minister of State for Europe stated that "although this is another hurdle the Conservative Government of Davishire will continue to work with Europe to try and integrate further" he then went on to say "we don't want this to be hard but it is becoming so, the Imperial Commonwealth at least deserves recognition of the request."

  • In Other News...

    Referendum Opinion Polls

    1,000,000 people asked over 7 days before the 17th June 2013. Referendum to be held on the 2nd July.

    1- Do you believe that the government should implement European Economic Communities Act across the Imperial Commonwealth? (legally binding question)

    Yes- 51%
    No- 45%
    Unsure/Don't Know- 4%


    2-Do you believe that the Imperial Commonwealth should remain a member of the region of the European Union? (non-legally binding as per European Parliament and European Commission Act)

    Yes- 75%
    Unsure/Don't Know- 5%


    3- Do you believe that the Imperial Commonwealth should become a republic with a democratically elected president instead of a hereditory king? (legally binding)

    Agree (rebublic) - 20%
    Disagree- 75%
    Unsure/Don't Know- 5%

    Government planning summit?

    It has been reported, and as yet un-confirmed, that the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth affairs is planning a meeting of regional foreign ministers in the Imperial Commonwealth.

    It is expected that any such event would be held within the first 2 weeks of July but this is again unconfirmed. The Foreign Ministry refused to confirm nor deny.

    Prime Minister facing cabinet rebellion

    There are reports from sources that the cabinet is going against the Prime Ministers plan for constitutional reform in removing the monarchy. It is expected that the vote will fail epically and that the cabinet is beginning to think against supporting this proposal.

  • In Other News...

    Referendum Approaching

    Campaigning teams are currently crossing the Imperial Commonwealth trying to get support for their cause. In just over a weeks time the peoples of the Imperial Commonwealth will be going to the polling station to vote for 3 questions which have been put to vote by the government.

    2 of the questions are legally binding and are asking about constitutional reform and also on whether Davishire should join the European Economic Community by passing. the European Economic Community Act. The third question is non-legally binding on the government and is a vote to find out what the population think about our membership of the European Union Region.

    It is likely that the government is going to get the answers that it wants but if the government fails then it is likely that the Prime Minister will be forced out of the position and another minister may take his place. Below are the opinion polls.

    Referendum Opinion Polls
    1- Do you believe that the government should implement European Economic Communities Act across the Imperial Commonwealth? (legally binding question)

    No- 47%
    Unsure/Don't Know- 4%


    2-Do you believe that the Imperial Commonwealth should remain a member of the region of the European Union? (non-legally binding as per European Parliament and European Commission Act)

    Yes- 70%
    Unsure/Don't Know- 5%


    3- Do you believe that the Imperial Commonwealth should become a republic with a democratically elected president instead of a hereditory king? (legally binding)

    Agree - 10%
    Disagree- 85%
    Unsure/Don't Know- 5%

    ENAA angers MPs

    Ministers are beginning to get further annoyed at the ENAA.

    At the end of last month the Imperial commonwealth lodged a request to the ENAA for the country to be issued a nuclear weapons licence.

    The Imperial Government are still waiting for a reply from the ENAA which says that it is still considering its decision. The Imperial Government has stated that it will give the ENAA a further week before formally complaining to the European Commission.

  • In Other News...

    Gay Marriage in Davishire?

    At the beginning of this month there was uproar within the European Union over the issue of gay marriage. A bill was presented before the council before being completely destroyed by the UEC. It is strange that this act is being presented at this moment considering Councillor Hughs, Davishires' representative within the EU voted against the measure last month.

    The Prime Minister made the following comment earlier-
    "It is with great honour that I am able to announce the publication of this bill later. It is a step in the right direction toward total equality"

    When asked why Cllr Hughs voted against the measure within the European Council the Prime Minister replied-
    "The councillor voted in line with previous government policy"

    The new act is due to be revealed later this evening and will be passed through parliament this week.

    Terrorist Sentenced

    A terrorist whom attacked His Imperial Majesty several weeks ago was sentenced today to 25 years imprisonment with a minimum sentence of 15 years.

    The terrorist, named as one Geoffrey Goodjen is expected to appeal the sentence in the High Imperial Court next month.

  • In Other News...

    Results in for the first 2 of the 3 questions

    Earlier this evening the result was announced for the first 2 of the 3 questions asked during Mondays referendum.

    The question asked if people believed that the Imperial Commonwealth should join the European Economic Community.

    Yes- 48%
    Spoiled Ballot Papers- 5%

    The proposal failed to gain a 50% majority vote in order to require the government to pass the act and that was by only 2%. It is suspected that had less ballot papers been purposely spolied then both sudes would have had a bigger chance. It is likely that the government will now go away to find out why the population refused this proposal and will possibly rework the situation.

    The second question asked was a non-legally binding question as to whether the Imperial Parliament should remain a member of the European Union.

    Yes- 60%
    Spoiled Ballot Papers-2%

    This is a sure sign to the government that their regional policy is working and that it should continue. This is good progress for the government but what will the referendum results show next time?

    THe results for the final question on constitutional reform are expected before 23:00 on Friday 5th July 2013

  • In Other News...

    Final Referendum Results In!

    The results of the final referendum question are now in. The question and results are below.

    Do you believe that the Imperial Commonwealth should become a republic with a democratically elected president instead of a hereditory king?

    Spoiled Ballot Papers 3%

    The result is unsurprising to the government with opinion polls suggesting this results since the question was announced. It is highly likely that the minister responsible, who has remained anonymous will now resign.

    The Prime Minister is due to release a press statement within the coming days.

    Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary will try harder on the EEC

    The Foreign Secretary commented earlier that it is "highly likely" that the government will try again to get Davishire into the EEC. There will be another referendum on the issue within the next 6 months once the government has had "more time to inform the people of the benefits". That is of course if the current government which is falling in the opinion polls survives.

  • In Other News...

    Prime Minister pledges support for European partners

    Late last night the Cllr. Marshall of Rhine Ruhr asked the Council of Europe to release the ERF to assist with the response in relation to the storm named "Athena". The Prime Minister did convene an additional session of parliament in the early hours of this morning and made the following statement.

    "It is of great concern that the colonies of Pax Aurea and Rhine Ruhr are faced with this threat and feel the need to request support from the council of Europe.

    Although Davishire does not often have to face such threats it is important that we support those who have to overcome them. Both as a sign of friendship but also to show regional unity.

    It will take days for the Council of Europe to utilise its assets therefore I have instructed His Imperial Majesty to issue an Imperial Decree. The decree will instruct 3 frigates to set sail with 2 engineer companies and 2 medical companies to sail to the Pax Aurean colonies. There will be an additional 2 frigates to send to the Islands possessed by Rhine Ruhr.

    I can also confirm that the Imperial Treasury will be paying for this significant operation. If additional assets are required the Imperial Commonwealth will be fully prepared to assist."

    It has been reported that the frigates are already in port and ready to sail however the Imperial Commonwealth is still awaiting confirmation from Rhine Ruhr and Pax Aurea

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