Regional Security Council

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    These are the members of the Regional Security Council:

    *President of the European Union (Belarum)

    *Minister of Foreign Affairs (Derbyshire and Fife)
    **EU Director of Intelligence (Triera)

    *Minister of Interior Affairs (Dim Quai)

    Here's the scoop-

    All nations given a password to this sub forum are part of the new special Regional Security Council. All three of you are my main consultants for matters of regional significance in matters of defense, and perhaps occasionally pre-emptive action. I'm not going to dance around it: we may from time to time take a "hands on" approach to diplomatic relations with other regions, which could mean regime change if a nation is considered a significant threat.

    But that's a bit melodramatic for now. tongue.gif

    So, that's about it. If there's a regional emergency, discuss it here. Otherwise, try to check in here every other day.

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