Invitation to Coalition of the Willing

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    Open Letter

    Dear Heads of State for "The Coalition of the Willing",

    I wondered if it may be useful if we met to discuss how the EU can facilitate the aid process and the ending of the conflict in the region. We of course remain as an institution impartial to the cause of the war and wish to merely only see what we can do to help everyone effected.

    As you know I have been on a research visit to Camp Elysium, Dromund Kaas. The visit was undertaken by three commissioners to inform ourselves of the situation and to experience first hand what the war has done. I asked Commissioner Callaghan to come with me to be informed about the potential defence and peace keeping impacts and before her resignation the Internal Affairs commissioner was invited to assess regional impact. We felt as an impartial body that research was needed to remain balanced and objective. We are aware of the criticisms for not involving you in the trip, but we must stress the importance of impartiality the Commission must hold. If you had joined us our views could have been skewed by unintentional bias.

    I ask the leaders if they would meet with the Commission in Europolis to see how we can be of assistance to ending the war.

    Countessa Maleeka Liszckoszi
    Premier Commissioner of the European Union

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