Davishire Armed Forces

  • This thread details how the armed forces of Davishire are organised.

  • Armed Forces News

    The government has confirmed that it will soon be updating the formal list of Davishires military assets.

    It is expected that the military will significantly increase in size as a result of increased armed forces spending from September 2013 to March 2014 which was ignited by the former conservative government.

    It has been thought that the Liberal Party would have reduced military spending however it is now expected to keep spending at its current level. This list is expected to be updated in the coming days.

  • Armed Forces News

    It has been confirmed that the government has called all reservists to report to their bases immediately. The official note sent out said "without any delay". It is widely believed that this call up of reservists is as a result of the issues in the western Sahara.

    It has also been noted that their is a large presence at all of Davishires armed forces bases both in the Chilterns and Davishire. It is expected that should any military action take place the overseas territory would be used an an initial staging point for the armed forces. The naval dockyards are currently full to bursting and "camp cities" has been erected throughout Davishire to house all of the members of the armed forces. Many of whom were on leave or reserves.

    It is widely expected that the forces will be embarked onto ships in the coming days however this is purely speculation however.

  • Armed Forces News

    Plans to retire all diesel subs confirmed

    Today the MOD did confirm plans to retire all of Davishires Diesel Powered Submarines by the end of June once they are replaced by new Nuclear Powered Hunter Killers.

    The new subs will be smaller, quieter and more heavily armed, however the main new element is the nuclear reactors which power them.

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