The Last Chance Talks

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    Occoronian Minister for Foreign Affairs Jorge Carranza was looking outside the airplane window, when his assistant suddenly cleared her throat.

    "I'm sorry, Minister, but the Corelian Viscount just made a speech. He said Prime Minister Cameron wanted war, and added - and I quote: "We will stand down all forces and importation of nuclear weapons if David Cameron can display a commitment to peace. If he does not he surely is to be judged as a dangerous leader and tyrant". According to Corelia Today, the fleet would be ready to leave for Davishire."

    Carranza sighed and turned his head back to the window, when the tablet of his assistant started making a lot of noise.

    "I'm sorry, Minister, but Prime Minister Cameron also made a speech. He said he wanted to end this cold war and assured he is ready to talk about peace. Although he also added Davishire will defend itself with its nuclear deterrent. And he's serious, Sir, the forces of the military of Davishire have been incr...

    The tablet computer again started making noise and Carranza's assistant continued:

    "The Viscount has responded positively to the speech by Prime Minister Cameron, Sir. He cancelled the nuclear deal with Halsberg, and Ministry of Defense of Davishire said - and I quote: "In response to the reduction in stance by OS Corelia half of our nuclear deterrent will be recalled to the sandy island base. We hope other nations reduce their stances also."

    "Well, let's hope our meeting will have an equally good end. Thank you, Angelina."

    Carranza looked out of the window - again - and saw the ground coming closer very quickly. He looked up and saw that the 'seat belts on' sign was lighted. As a result of all the tension, he seemed to have completely missed the fact the airplane was landing. When he walked to the car - no police, no media, this was a low profile meeting - he was happy this meeting was scheduled in Europolis. Let's hope this neutral territory shall make it easier to have a decent talk, he thought. And a good talk, is more than necessary. In the last days, the word 'nuclear' had been used much more than good for the region, he believed. Let's hope this meeting would have a positive outcome, because - as he suddenly realized - these might be 'The Last Chance Talks'.

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    The Leader of the Opposition was unable to attend the talks due to illness.
    After issuing the statement on the aircraft the aide informs the Prime Commissioner that the navy has recalled half of our nuclear submarines.

    Nervous due to the understanding that the whole nation and region is relying on him to compromise he speaks to his foreign commissioner,

    "Let us hope this works and that we can all get back to finish the election, we shouldn't have to be doing this. There is only one question, do we compromise, or go on like this? I know which one I want."

    The foreign commissioner doesn't reply, the aircraft is coming into land at Europolis, the Prime Commissioner is admiring the view of the city which he has never visited before, he is excited about this opportunity.

    Once taxied to the stand the Prime Commissioner takes a step off the plane, he has never exprienced such quiet upon his arrival in a foreign country, not even a press officer.

    He steps into his car with only 1 police outrider to head to the conference. The car journey continues in silence with not even the usually joyful Prime Ministerial bodyguard uttering a word...

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    The anonymous convoy of cars, carrying the Occoronian Minister for Foreign Affairs and a small delegation, drove through Europolis. The phone of the Foreign Minister?s assistant started ringing, almost causing a heart attack to Carranza. A little frightened, he looked at his assistant, trying to read from her face what was going on. Please, make sure it?s not again a crisis, he begged silently.

    ?I just got confirmation that Prime Commissioner Cameron and his Foreign Affairs Commissioner are on their way to the meeting place, Sir.?

    Thank you, God, Carranza thought ? immediately realizing he was an atheist. The cars stopped at a modern but inconspicuous hotel. He had explicitly asked his assistant to limit the visibility of this meeting, so the talks could take place in a quiet and comfortable environment, and she did well. He stepped out of the car and heard another car convoy stopping in front of the hotel. The delegation from Davishire also arrived, he thought. He waited in front of the hotel and watched how the Prime Commissioner and his delegation approached. After introducing each other and exchanging of some greetings, the whole delegation walked to the conference room, accompanied by the manager of the hotel. He was a little nervous too, Carranza saw, probably not used to such important yet quiet visitors.

    ?This meeting isn?t secret, Sir, but could you make sure we have some privacy here??

    The manager nodded as a response to Carranza?s question and assured they could count on him. He left the spacious and modern equipped conference room, while the delegations from Occoron and Davishire took their seats.

    ?First of all, thank you for meeting with me on such a short notice, Prime Commissioner", Carranza said while immediately starting the meeting. "I know our countries have their differences, but I really appreciate you taking the time to have this conversation. Especially in these difficult times. I suppose you are a busy man, so I propose we immediately start. I would first of all like to know what your thoughts are on the recent developments in the European Union, from the increased military status against your nation by the Duxburian Union over the now cancelled Corelian deal with Halsberg about nuclear weapons to the agreement you seem to have reached with the Corelian Viscount. What is your nation?s position on this matter and what do you think of the position of the other nations involved? Secondly, I would like to know what exactly you expect from this meeting.?

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    The Prime Minister sits down in front of the desk, takes off his blazer and relaxes slightly. He is more comfortable when in a more private situation.

    He speaks in a tone of seriousness, "firstly may I thank you for also agreeing with us to attend. You don't know how much it is appreciated that someone is willing to speak over the issues"

    He leans forward and looks seriously ,straight at the Foreign Minister.

    "We are very concerned about the recent issue with the Duxubrian Union. That I believe was the closest that we came to having an actual war, secretly our nuclear missiles were targeted and would have been ready to fire in seconds. The whole of the Davishire government was in turmoil."

    He sits back stares out the window,

    "How would you have responded foreign secreatary? In such a situation. I feel that we remained very calm."

    The Prime Commissioner stands up and walks towards the window, surveying the road outside. 2 police cars and a couple of press. Very quiet.

    " Now the defence pact really began to worry us. Countries were planning invasions of Davishire and threatening nuclear weapons on our cities. How would we react? We just went along as normal. Higher readiness, but then who wouldn't?"

    The Foreign Commissioner speaks up, having almost been forgotten about.

    " This whole debarcle has been caused by an internal issue which some have already branded a civil war. We believe the response by European nations has been completely disproportionate."

    The Prime Minister turns from the window;

    "Foreign minister... how would you have reacted?"

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    Carranza had listened carefully to the words of the Premier Commissioner and waited a few minutes before answering his last question.

    ?My response would have been totally different than yours, since the situation would have been totally different. Occoron has no nuclear arsenal, so I suppose you understand it?s rather hard for me to imagine what it feels to have such an arsenal at your disposal.?

    The Minister leaned forward, waited a few moments and continued, weighing his words very carefully.

    ?Prime Commissioner, do you understand the concerns of the other European nations? I have to admit that also my ministry was a little concerned to hear about the situation in Davishire. In my opinion, the responses of some nations were indeed ? as you called it ? disproportionate. Although I don?t agree with their reactions, I can understand their concerns. Your nation is rather new and our information about it is very limited. As a result of that, every ? even totally internal ? development will be followed with Argus-eyes. Especially the now famous European Union Act caused a bit of concern, also in my nation. I thus fully applaud and support the measures you have taken to change that act. Especially with the upcoming elections and the resistance of the Liberal Party in your nation, I completely understand that move was far from self-evident. Although I have to say that??

    Carranza whispered something in the ear of his assistant, who immediately started typing on her tablet computer. A few seconds later, she gave the tablet to the minister, who glanced at the screen and continued:

    ?Although I have to say the Conservatives aren?t doing that bad in the polls, which will certainly help these talks?, Carranza chuckled. ?You referred to the ?internal issues? yourself, Prime Commissioner. Could you give me an update on those? What?s the latest state of affairs??

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    The Prime Commissioner speaks bluntly to his Aide. He looks back toward the foreign secretary,

    " I can confirm that the internal issues are under control, we have pretty much destroyed their main force and the Davishire Secret Intelligence Service is searching for any others"

    The foreign commissioner suddenly speaks from across the table,

    "We must remember though that the threat could have gone international, that is why we had the security alert which I think don't helped the situation, but at that time we weren't fully prepared to attack."

    Suddenly the Prime Commissioner's Aid speaks up,

    "Commissioner the latest opinion polls have been sent to us we are on 66%!"

    The Prime Minister smiles then speaks,

    "It appears that the Liberals may not get into power after all, so Foreign Secretary back to business. The European Commission and European Council Act gives numerous powers over Davishire to the EU. Considering the latest turn of events do you understand our concern over giving up our nuclear weapons? Our deterrent has been key to keeping this war cold and not hot."

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    ?I?ve already mentioned it, Prime Commissioner, but I would like to get back to it: my nation?s ? and also other nation?s ? concern regarding your European Union Act. Although I am fully aware the act has been repealed, but I still would like to ask you some questions about it. Some europoliticians found it a little strange your nation joined the European Union, while the European Union Act did not allow any European institution to interfere with the politics of Davishire. While one could claim that decisions by EU institutions have no legitimacy in a country since the decisions were not taken by an elected Parliament, the counterargument would be that the decisions by the EU indeed are democratic. First of all, every European country has a Councillor, appointed by the ? mostly ? democratically elected government, while the European Commission is also elected by the nations ? some even organize European elections in their country, Occoron for instance. You can derive from the arguments I have just given, there are many positions one could take in the European Union, based on different ideologies and visions. What exactly is your vision ? and the one of the parties in your nation - regarding the European Union, or more specifically: what do you like about the EU, what don?t you like, what would you like the EU to become and why did your nation join this union in the first place??

    Carranza paused a few moments while drinking some of the water placed in front of him

    ?I would like to stress, Prime Commissioner, that these questions are not at all a threat or an insult, and neither are they meant to question your motives. My government asked me to get an overview of the political situation in Davishire and to understand your government?s position on the EU. I just ask those questions as I believe they will help me fulfilling my assignment.?

  • "Personally foreign minister I completely agree with the concept behind the European Union, lots of nations working together for the benefit of eachother.

    However upon joining the region we were unsure of what type of region this was, therefore I was advised by the former Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs to enact such legislation through an executive act in the Imperial Parliament. With hindsight that was a mistake although others may argue that it was a good thing.

    Since then we have decided to work with the European Union and we want to improve our relationship with the countries within the region. That is what I believe will be a benefit to Davishire."

    The Prime Commissioner pauses and looks at his watch before looking up again; The Foreign Commissioner speaks;

    "That is why we are offering such huge tax reductions to the citizens of Davishire. We want to get back into government so that the Liberals don't go messing things up. We as a nation would want to work toward a European Union with less beuracracy such as the ENAA, a Europe where nations work together and understand eachother."

    The Prime Commissioner interrupts;

    "That is completely right, we are in the European Union for the long haul.We want to begin to work with the European Union and the nations within it and we look forward to doing so in the future."

  • ?I?m happy you agree the concept of the European Union is a very good one! Prime Commissioner, you have stated several times that you wanted to improve your relationship with other countries of the region, for the benefit of Davishire. Can you name some concrete measures or events you?re planning? Or something else you?re planning to do to achieve that goal, namely improving the relationship of your nation with the EU.?

    ?You also stated you support the European Union, but how far do you want to go? Are you willing ? in the long run of course - to join the European Economic Community, or even the Eurozone? Would you like Davishire to join the European University Collaboration Project? Would you like your nation to participate in joint European measures to limit the effects of climate change? Are you planning an embassy program to deepen and establish diplomatic relations? Do you have other things in mind??

  • "Well the first concrete measure is the European Commission and Parliament Act which was passed before the dissolution of the Imperial Parliament. Another thing that I would be interested in holding a European Union Heads of State Visit where several heads of state would be invited in visiting Davishire to discuss our relationship and to show that Davishire is a willing nation. We would also like to invite the Prime Commissioner of the European Commission to attend a meeting of the Imperial Cabinet. I can h..."

    The Foreign Commissioners interrupts,

    "Which would be the first time that any person who was not an MP would have done so, a great priveledge"

    The Prime Commissioner Restarts his sentence

    " I Can however state that in the medium term I cannot yet commit the Imperial Commonwealth to joining the Eurozone and the matter of the European Economic Community would be up for negotiation at a later time, provided the Conservative Party is re-elected on the 20th. I can also state that in the event that the Conservative Party wins the next election we would be looking to legislate to authorise an embassy program with members of the European Union. Would the Occoron Government be willing to support Davishire in these efforts?"

  • Carranza?s assistant suddenly stood up and left the room, with her smartphone in one hand and a whole bunch of documents in the other. Carranza followed her with his eyes, until she closed the door behind her. He then continued the meeting:

    ?It speaks for itself that the Democratic Republic of Occoron is willing to support Davishire in these efforts, whenever and wherever needed. I am very happy to see that your party is very willing to continue and even expand the efforts you already started with passing the European Commission and Parliament Act.?

    Carranza leaned forward and said on a more serious tone:

    ?I hope though you understand that my government can not officially support your party in these elections. We have to remain neutral and respect the wishes of the people of your country ? and I believe they will choose right.?

    The door opened once again and his assistant entered the room. She walked to Carranza, whispered something in his ear and took a seat next to him. Carranza chuckled and continued his speech:

    ?I just got the confirmation that the Prime Commissioner, Maleeka Liszckoszi would be very interested in meeting with your nation?s government. I can thus confirm that ? if your offer was a serious one ? she would be more than happy to attend a meeting of the Imperial Cabinet.

  • The Prime Commissioner smiled then sat back in his chair before taking a sip of water,

    "Foreign Minister the Imperial Commonwealth would be more than glad to host such a visit."

    The Prime Commissioner stands up and puts his jacket on again,

    "Foreign Secretary I am sure that we have managed to deal with many issues here over the past days. I look forward to seeing you again. I must now return back to Davishire because today is the day of the election."

    The Prime Commissioner puts shakes hands with Carranza and smiles before casually walking to the door with the Foreign Commissioner.

    They walk together to the cars, the weather had brightened and there were still no press. Both delegations then went there seperate ways to the airport.

    (Sorry for the delayed reply- had a few A level exams."

  • ?I will inform the European Premier Commissioner that you are looking forward to the visit, Prime Commissioner.?

    ?I thank you for being here, in this difficult times regarding regional security. I wish you good luck with the elections in your nation, and I would say: see you later!

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